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Dear friends ! In this video we are going
to discuss about Shankha Prakshalana along with physiological explanation. Basically, Shankha Prakshalana is a yogic
cleaning practice for gastro intestinal tract. It means cleansing from mouth to anus. This
practice purifies gastro intestinal tract within merely 1 to 1 and half hour completely.
Which provides amazing experience and result to any practitioner within limited time span. Now the question; what is Shankha Prakshalana
? Indeed Maharshi Gheranda explained about this practice in Gheranda Samhita. Literal
meaning of shankha is “conch”; the word shankha is intended to represent and describe the
intestines with their cavernous and coiled shape. And prakshalana means “to wash completely”.
Means Completely washing the intestines. For this purpose; we use lukewarm saline water
and five asanas. Finally we can say that this is a wholesome
purging technique for Gastrointestinal Tract with the help of lukewarm saline water and
a precise series of Asana. And one more thing; without using any kind of medication & without
any side effects. For this practice; first of all a practitioner
has to drink lukewarm saline water up to 250 ml and then practice tadasana, tiryak tadasana,
katichakrasana, tiryak bhujangasana and udarakarshan respectively and each practice 8-8 times.
This will be single round. Like this series practitioner has to repeat till 5 to 6 rounds
for shankha prakshalana. Now the questions; why lukewarm saline water
? You know; due to salt, intestines does not absorb water rapidly. And water streams onwards
smoothly. And due to lukewarm; stagnant stool, mucus and foodstuffs used to soak properly
as well as remove frequently. Now the question is why tadasana first ? Because
tadasana opens the pyloric sphincter muscle which is a valve of stomach that used to control
the flow between stomach and small intestine. As it opens due to tadasana at that moment
water enters into the small intestine. After tadasana we do tiryaktadasana because
our intestine configuration is like cavernous; like coiled shape. Hence for passing water
onwards tiryaktadasana contracts both sides of intestinal layers repeatedly, then water
enters into the intestinal layers easily. Third asana is katichakrasana. It twists whole
smooth muscles of intestine. Due to pressure induced by twisting in katichakrasana water
passes downward readily. Fourth asana of shankh prakshalana is tiryakbhujangasana.
It opens the ileocecal sphincter muscle that is a valve which separates the small intestine
and large intestine. It limits the backflow of large intestine contents into small intestine
also. By tiryakbhujangasana, that ileocecal valve opens and saline water enters into large
intestine. Fifth and last asana of shankha prakshalana
series is udarakarshana. It squeezes intestine; due to that effect contraction & relaxation
occurs. And finally stagnant stool and mucus are eliminated
along with saline water from gastrointestinal tract. Now we will discuss about mode of action of
Shankha Prakshalana. Our first point is how does it encourages
good bowel movement? Since this practice washes whole intestinal tract completely. Hence peristalsis
movement becomes normal. Actually peristalsis movement is a progressive wavelike contractions
in intestinal tract which helps to pass food stuffs forwards. Thereby it encourages good
bowel movement. Now we will come to the second point. i.e.
reduces bile pool and cholesterol. By this practice, Duodenum which is the first part
of small intestine where bile comes from gallbladder and mix with food for digestion. Due to good
bowel movement; duodenum digests food properly. And digested food passes forward easily from
duodenum. Thereby no any obstruction occurs in duodenum. So bile acid pool used to be
empty from gallbladder as per need easily. Therefore bile acid pool reduces. Since cholesterol
is the main ingredient for bile. Therefore Cholesterol used to consume for bile formation
frequently. Thus level of cholesterol reduces also. Third point; since it eliminates the stagnant
mucous. Sometimes stagnant mucous prohibits absorption of ferrous ion and works as ferritin
curtain. In that state iron quantity often reduces in the body. By this practice ferritin
curtain removes and absorption of ferrous ion increases in the body and By this way
level of iron increases in body and formation of hemoglobin increases. Due to complete evacuation; our gastro intestinal
tract state becomes like a new born baby gastro intestinal tract. In that state multifarious
hormonal balance takes place for homeostasis. Thereby it gives the balancing effect on hormones
and induces parasympathetic dominance also. Since it purifies gastro intestinal tract
naturally. As we know that digestive system is the foundation of physical body. If physical
body eventually get easiness then mental body also becomes normal. By this way practitioner
repose and relax at physical and mental level; whole body is rejuvenated at holistic level.
Thus it provides metamorphosis means transformation which used to promote holistic health in life. Thank you so much for watching this video.
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23 thoughts on “Shankha Prakshalana with Physiological Explanation

  1. Thanks for the information any advice on what to eat following Shank Prakshalana I've read a specific diet needs to be followed for a week?

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  3. sir please tell at what time it should be done.
    can it be done in the evening Empty stomach or only in the morning?

  4. Excellent instructional video with clear illustrations. Thank you!! Looking forward to my salt water flushes!

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  8. I have practiced Shankha Prakshalana, it is very effective. Gas and bowl related issues would cure in same day itself.

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