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shiny white teeth ensure a confidence smile however with age teeth tend to lose their shine and start yellowing the main reasons for this could be excessive intake of tea and coffee alcohol and smoking and neglect of oral hygiene make a semi thick paste with baking soda and water now apply this on to your teeth leave it on for about two minutes and then gargle well and make this a every nightly ritual common salt along with toothpaste is a great way of fighting yellowing teeth however caution needs to be taken as the rough use of salt can harm the gums and even erode enamel applying the juice of
lime two teeth every night for about one or two minutes is a great way of tackling yellowing teeth make sure to gargle your mouth after having tea or coffee to avoid staining of your teeth when in season take few fresh strawberries and grind them into a paste like this and you can apply this paste daily twice on your teeth for about few weeks and you will see the yellow tinge vanish away these are simple measures you can use to restore the white gleam back to your teeth so go ahead do these simple tips
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5 thoughts on “Shiny White Teeth – Ayurvedic Home Remedies To Whiten Teeth At Home – Remove Yellow Stains

  1. Don't use backing soda cox it's not good for your teeth
    It's very harmful
    I used it and my teeth were white but I had very pain 👍

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