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Good Afternoon friends, I’am Dr. Rita Savla, Consulting Homeopath Today i took a specifically a topic what are the four steps which helps you to cure completely by homeopathy Specifically this the invention which i have done with the years of practice Medicine, of-course you need a constitution medicine Which i derive after taking a long case history of knowing patience’s problem Why it is happening, how it is happening, what is associated problem with that and origin of that, when it started, what was the cause for starting it What is the constitution of the medicine, what is the lifestyle of the patient, so all this helps me to derive, what is the dream, slim pattern, what is environment of the patient social, family, workplace, this all helps me to understand, the person as a person so it helps me to derive the constitution medicine, but only constitition medicine doent give help to give the cure, which i claim with my 80% of the patient They have been cured completely with diseases like diabetes, blood pressure any big diseases or asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, infertility fibroid, many many more diseases, children diseases so 1 step which i was telling the medicine, after having the proper constitution medicine The second step which i said the diet The diet is very important, because we say diet is also an a medicine because a wrong diet can give a disease, same right diet can improve the patient’s health Many people go to the dietitian and come back to me were i don’t do this, because as a doctor i understand the constitution of the patient I also understand what type of diet the patient needs So then one doctor doing the diet part also is equally instead of handling of two doctor Third Counselling Its very very important part of third step conselling because there are some diseases, some problems which needs to have a proper counselling and giving the steps for that and again we are going to the third for that also does not help the patient because he is seeing the 3 doctors, 3 doctors are at the different understanding and again the problem for that so again i went for counselling education so all the 3 steps i do The fourth step Lifestyle change, i.e exercise, daily routine, work process Is very important, because every patient cannot be given the same type of exercise It has to be as per his constitution, so which he can pursue it and it helps into cure a wrong anything which is given by some another fitness person Probably he does not understand in depth of the patient and when it is being prescribed probably it gives another aggrevation to the patient, so that is very important After arriving the whole constitution medicine, i understood what was the daily problem which was affecting the patient’s lifestyle, so change in that also helps an work process The mind set of the person how is working in that what was the causing effect to that patient Understanding everything all the 4 steps about the medicine part, about the diet part, about the exercise part, about the counselling part All these when done by 1 doctor, helps the patient to get permanent cure to the disease Probably many patient comes with multiple problem, but 1 constitution medicine helps in all multiple problems so i request you please if you try to ride on a multiple vehicle There is always a possiblity to meet with an accident, or there is a possiblity you don’t reach to your destination So it is important 1 doctor treats you and gives you all the solutions which needed for your cure and he has a authority of knowing what is happening with you so its my humble request, whichever the doctor you go, for whatever the chronic diseases or acute diseases ensure that he is giving you all the solution, he is not asking you to go to multiple doctors having consultation is a different thing then he should be giving you the, what you should be doing after that consultation Thank you

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