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Hi, I am Dr. Manaan Gandhi and I am going to give ayurvedic home remedies for Hiccups Many people suffer from chronic hiccups and they do not subside on their own So how do you tackle this chronic hiccups problem? Ayurveda has very good and very magical remedy for this. There are 2 remedies 1. Make water saline. Add lot of salt into water until it gets saturated This water if you put 3 drops in each nostril during the day time within a matter of 30 seconds, the hiccup will be permanently cured within a matter of 30 seconds the hiccup will be gone Another home remedy for this is that if you add onion juice If you smash the onion and remove the juice out of it and you put that into water and concentrate it Again if you put the drops into the nostrils (3 drops each) the chronic hiccups will also be cured Thank you this is Dr. Manaan Gandhi and my contact details are given

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