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59 thoughts on “Should you be taking Vitex for fertility?

  1. I clicked so fast!! I'm currently taking the with my metformin. My Dr told me to. But I've been curious if it even works.

    I'm also curious if you could help me with this. Is it possible to ovulate and not to have a lh surge? I took femara this cycle and yesterday I was having some cramping in my ovaries area like I would if I was ovulating but I'm only at CD 9 today. So I'm confused.

  2. Hi lovely! Hope u are good,loved all ur videos they are really hubby is have low live count so could he take it to boost his fertility?

  3. i would love to see more content for the ladies that are not triing to get pregnant, but want to regulate or have a healthy cycle….only focusing on precnancy is getting annoing but yeah it does really help a few of us, so thank you for that!

  4. Is inositol a good thing to take I'm taking it with metformin and coq10 a prenatal and n-acetylcysteine and fish oil

  5. Have you ever had clients who have had jpouches due to Ulcerative colitis? I’m coming up on a year of ttc and was told by my surgeon that scar tissue may be an issue when ttc. Any tips?

  6. Could you do a similar video on Alchemilla? It would be interesting if taking that should be considered as carefully as Vitex! I love your videos, although I’m not trying to get pregnant and am just interested in how to regulate my cycle in a natural way.

  7. How do ads work on videos? Like if we skip the ad, do you get anything? As annoying as ads can be, I would like to support creators for providing content.

  8. I tried a supplement that had vitex and it constantly made me spot between periods. I have pcos so I think it did not work out for me. Love your channel by the way. Very informative ❣️

  9. Hi, Fleur!! I’ve loved your content so much. I had blood work done, and my doctor said I do not have PCOS (though I thought I did) after my sonogram and blood work. However, my prolactin is slightly high. All my other levels are normal. Should I try Vitex? My cycle is irregular (anywhere from 24-36 days). I never miss a period, just some cycles are so long and I don’t think I’m ovulating regularly.

  10. My periods was missed for two months and then the period came for 2-4wks. This happen for the second time. I was considering taking vitex. Yes? No?

  11. I want to make sure I understand so I can talk to my doctor. So vitex is bad if progesterone is low because of dopamine levels being off?

  12. So me and my spouse had intercourse on may 30th which was my ovulating day after on the 14th of this month I saw pinkish blood with discharge and next day I saw dark brown blood saw that for 5 days could the bleeding be implantation or period ??? Because I really want to have a baby

  13. I have endometriosis. Had surgery 2 years ago. And all seems ok now. Since then my periods are now from 24 to 26 days. Is that ok? Or do I need to use vitex? Awhile back I used it and my period got shorter. Shoukd I try again?

  14. Mine fertil Acupuncturist told me to take vitex liquid from CD 7 to af. Now I don't know what to do!?! How can I know if is right for me?

  15. Great video, I almost started taking vitex for low progesterone. I bought some, took two pills…then started reading about prolactin. My prolactin isn't even high so…I just have estrogen dominance

  16. What a coincidence. I have been looking for a video like this for the last few days. I got off birth control in early May and had an early miscarriage a week ago. I started using vitex after because I thought my hormones were off from being on birth control. I felt AWFUL!! I tried to stick it out because I wanted it to be good for me but I had to stop. I was having hot flashes, back aches, and bleeding in the middle of my cycle. I feel completely normal now. What does that mean about my body? I have always had a perfect cycle and conceived my daughter on my first try as well.

  17. Hi there.
    I ve started Vitex on this cycle after 2 months research.
    The reason I jump on it, is because ,6 months ago I had my first pregnancy wich ended up with miscarriage.
    Since then I have my PMS right after ovulation. Everyday, for two weeks I was bloading, had cramps, headache etc.
    Because I m TTC, I started BBT from last cycle, I want to mention that my temperature was roller coaster for that month. (I guess the last 4 month as well)
    My folical phase was between
    34 c-35 c and the luteal phase was between 36c -36.6 with all strong symptom I mentioned above right after ovulatiion .
    Also I added first time OPK in cycle 1.
    By taking vitex this cycle (My second N 2)… Just 4 days before it started I did not feel any pain, any cramps on my period. And the flow was so nice, I was impressed.
    I m still the same cycle on folical phase.
    What am worriyng about is that in the previous cycle my OPK for 10 days in a raw had show me a faith line right after my period ended wich graduality was increasing ,but everyday I saw a LH line there .
    This cycle 6 days in a row -Absolutely NOTHING .
    Is that how must work.??? Is this right or caused by Vitex?

  18. thanx for the information, I've learn alot from your video.
    i have a question-> i have a 18yr old son and now im trying to conceive, im a lil scared of the age gap on my body and my chances of conceiving with out issues, should i be worried? im now 36 and in my 2 weeks wait for the 2nd time, last month was a negative.

  19. I been taking this with no luck. It's been over a year ttc and still nothing. My uterus is a bit enlarged but my doctor tells me it's nothing to be concerned about. He tells me to just keep trying. If not, he's going to prescribe me a medication to produce more eggs. I haven't produce egg whites since I lost my baby Dec 2017. I don't know what to do anymore! What do you recommend me to do? My lost. Thank you for the videos.

  20. I have high prolactin. I hate it. My dr saying this May causing not producing mature egg and making difficult to fall pregent. I m on dostinex. What is FSH, and LH in gud measure.

  21. I have high prolactin and subclinical hypothyroidism.Should I take Vitex. Don't know about my FSH and LH levels.

  22. i take vitex, but only 360mg, I started last month, because well my child is already 6 years and sometimes when my husband squeeses a certain way I still have drops of milk, also a certain time of the month my breast feel like when it is feeding time and burn

  23. I took vitex for 4-5ms because my luteal phase was 9-10days and by the 3rd month my luteal became 12-13days.. And I was able to conceive by the 5th month with my son. I didn't go to my doctor.. I did the BBT and tracking my cycle and realized my period came to soon.. And also had a few miscarriages. I do tell everyone to do their research..

  24. Thank you for the video! Very helpful! Can you also make video on Clomid and similar products. Have estrogen problems due to clomid specific to bundle with it. Advantages and disadvantages of it compare to other products. Thank u

  25. Very informative video can you please advise what to do to restore my periods which have stopped due to taking Vitex as I thought it would help with my low progesterone but now my periods are seriously delayed by months. Help please?

  26. Hi! It would be interesting if you did a video about ovaractive immune system and autoimmune disease and fertility! 🙂

  27. I had a horrible experience with Vitex. It caused a terrible hormonal imbalance that made things so much worse. I was so convinced that I needed to ‘power through’ the bad in order for Vitex to work. I was glamoured into continuing to take it after reading so many amazing reviews and stories online. Go with your gut and stop it if you feel a bit off. For me it got worse and worse each month.

  28. I have done a little experiment and found that every month I take vitex I got pregnant however had chemical pregnancy or missed miscarriage and so far 4 in total. If I dont take vitex (have actually not taken vitex for some cycles) I dont get pregnant so I think its time to stop it now. Thank you for this video. Now I need some help 😫😫

  29. Hi, good morning! Hey I was just looking for advice this morning on something I have been torn about since February this year. I saw where some women got pregnant taking Geritol Energy Support, so I ran out & bought the pill form for nutrition support…just didn’t take them yet. I was on a prenatal everyday already and had gotten in a groove having cycle, then it stopped being on time and I was also finished with prescriptions of false hormones from a obgyn. I took the Geritol during that very long cycle & my system started back up. Now I’m torn between do I take my prenatal (been taking for 3 yrs straight every day +Dha & Folic Acid)or the Geritol(+fish oil omega 3, Iron, Zinc, Calc fluor6x, magnesium) Any guidance on what to do here?

  30. Hi! Great information! Could you please do a video to my condition. I have high prolactin levels due to a small benign tumor pressing against the pituitary gland. I want to know what I could do to get rid of it

  31. Not producing enough progesterone because of stress what to do?
    Could also be a dopamine issue as well due to lack of sleep.

  32. Thanks for the video on this – I was actually considering this somewhat. TTC for 1-2 months over here. What's your opinion on maca powder? I started taking red maca powder about 4-5 times a week 1 tsp and got my husband some black maca powder (that he's not taking as regularly even with my badgering him).

  33. Started period day I turned 16 , always super hot like sweat easily, get migraines frequently, have had a cyst on ovary before , always irregular never knowing when it was going to come but always 7 days when I did have it, dr said hormone imbalance and almost infertile and regular irregular periods, miscarried blight ovum .. 5 years later had a baby girl whose now 18m . Only had one period since than.. now new dr took more blood after that one n only period said that everything looks normal just not ovulating . Started provera and clomid a month n half ago dr say I didnt ovulate, now on cycle day 24 and waiting to start next cycle of clomid what's wrong with me???

  34. I have pcos and tried this and it made my liver enzymes sky rocket.
    I wish i would have seen this before.
    I started taking coq10 , myo inositol D-chiro 40:1,prenatal with folate, b12, probiotics with 30 million ,d3,fish oil and secretd of tea get pregnant fertility tea….ive been trying for 8 yrs and this is the 1st time ive every ovulated im really hoping these all work.

  35. Hi, I am Ashraf and I have PCOS and high prolactin as well. Do you think it’s a good idea to use vitex in my case? Please let me know.

  36. Hi there. I just had a natural miscarriage at 6 weeks :(. Would Vitex be a good supplement to take to help get my hormones and period back in line? Also I’ve heard it can increase progestorone which is good to help minimize miscarriage?

  37. I have a cycle with 26 days and a period with 3 days. It made me think that I have a thin uterine lining. So I heard about vitex. Thank you for this video and please, do a video about thin endometrial lining.

  38. Hi Inge, thank you for all your informative videos. I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks at the beginning of July and have been taking vitex since then to balance hormones (I think I might have low progesterone levels). In this time (~6 weeks) I have gained 10 lbs even though I am exercising and eating very well as usual (I am a nutritionist). Could vitex cause weight gain if taken for the wrong reasons? I'm feeling like my body is so out of control. I have never ever struggled with weight gain in my whole life and have always been naturally thin. Could vitex be the cause? Thanks so much xo

  39. I read in your blog post that after you become pregnant there is no need to continue taking Vitex to increase progesterone because your body will do that on its own…is it recommended to just stop or to slowly wean off?

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