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Hi. I’m Doctor Chaudhry.
I’m going to talk about the double jeopardy of high cholesterol and the side effects of
cholesterol drugs. The cholesterol drugs which are being used
to lower cholesterol are called statins. This group includes Lipitor, which is probably
the most popular drug all over the world. By the way, it produces approximately 12 to
14 billion dollars for Pfizer every year. The next popular statin is Crestor. There
is the Zocor, Prevachol, and the very first statin called Mevacor which was developed
approximately 25 or 30 year ago. So these drugs work by interfering with the
synthesis or the production of cholesterol by the liver.
And when they do that they do it threw a mechanism which interferes with the production of some
essential proteins which we need. And because of that they cause side effects.
The major side effects include myalgias, which is defined as muscle soreness, muscle weakness,
pains, sometimes joint pains. They cause headache, constipation and other
GI disorders. Some of which can be quite serious. And according to the recently published Jupiter
Study, now they are known to cause mental confusion, type 2 diabetes. And the GI disorders
actually are reported to cause even death. And we know from the previous experience the
statins can cause muscle damage which can lead to kidney failure which can also be fatal.
So, the number of people who are experiencing significant side effects is increasing because
the number of people who are using these statin drugs is also increasing gradually.
Approximately 104 million of the American adult population is known to have high cholesterol.
So you can think that even if 50% of them are on drug therapy about 10-15% of them are
experiencing side effects. So what do we do? So you’re not alone frankly,
if you are having side effects. Having high cholesterol is bad enough so why
put up with the side effects? Fortunately there are natural alternatives
available now which are effective to lower cholesterol.
They are Tocotrienols, which are natural, quite effective.
Red Yeast Rice, which is also natural and very effective, can lower cholesterol anywhere
from 30-45%. Then the other natural alternatives are plant
based and the most effective among them is Beta Sitosterol which works through the absorption
mechanism of cholesterol. And the last one is the group of probiotics
discovered to lower cholesterol. So these agents can be combined with each
other and the first two actually their combination is as effective as any statin to lower cholesterol.
So because these ingredients are available, they are based on research and scientific
studies. So when you go to see your doctor, ask him
if he would like to use one of these natural remedies to help you get to your cholesterol

41 thoughts on “Side Effects of Cholesterol Drugs (Lipitor) & Safe Natural Alternatives

  1. Lipitor f'd up my life. Do not take any statins.
    Aches, pain, memory loss, gastric issues. It made me feel like a rickety old man at age 30!!!!!

  2. BTW, red yeast rice does the same exact thing as a statin!!!!!!!
    Niaspan is the way to go if you can handle the flushing. DYR! do your research

  3. Dr Chaudhry..Is there any possibility of reversing side effects of Crestor after having taken this medication for several years? I am speaking primarily of elevated creatinine levels in the urine, ED/low libido, and low testosterone ?

  4. Do you have any suggestings for bad bowl movements and can burp please help me what will help don't want to take nexium that what they gave me but haven't taken it ,I feel full all the time can only eat a small meal and I feel like a huge meal and can't burp this is messed up

  5. I'm 52, and have slight carotid artery plaque diagnosed last week with ultrasound. My cardiologist told me that it's not too advanced yet. I lost 20 pounds since August (was 231 lbs, now 211), am now eating very healthy, and plan on dropping to 180 pounds by Spring. Most of my cholesterol bloodwork (taken in July when I was not eating right) looks good, except the APO-B, which is 87. I'm sure that now they would be better. He prescribed 5mg Crestor last week, but am deathly afraid of taking it!

  6. Red yeast rice is a statin – Lovastatin – which Mevacor is made from.
    "In rare cases, lovastatin can cause rhabdomyolysis, a condition that results in the breakdown of skeletal muscle tissue and which can lead to kidney failure."
    Just so we all know…
    liked and thanks for this video!!!

  7. some docs say high cholesterol isnt really a bad thing. your body produces it to repair arteries & doesnt clog arteries. Inflammation is the real culprit, so cut down on sugar & bread etc… & try to raise good cholestrol in body, reduce stress

  8. Statin Lipitor totally poisoned me. "Doctors" made me ill with that poison. Multiple side effects slowly diminished after tossing them a year ago.

  9. Dont ask your doc if he will alllow you to go on natural ways to reduce cholesterol, he is making money on the drugs….of coarse he will tell you to stay on statin drugs, mine did

  10. I started taking Lipitor and I started having severe Muscle pain and soreness everywhere my body, my knees, and makes me dizzy…
    Should I stop taking this… my body aches all the time…
    I feel weak and when my legs cramps so bad…

  11. I was diagnose with Aura Migraines And I had a stroke code… but it was cuz by severe Aura Migraine is the main cuz of me to have low blood sugar down to 70… and i was admitted on 31 of aug..

  12. I took Lipitor for 1 year and it  all most racked my liver .I stoped taking it and in 3 months my liver went back to normal

  13. Kudos for the Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you heard about – Riddleagan Surviving Death Remedy (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for reducing your cholesterol level without the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my best friend Jordan got excellent results with it.

  14. sorry doctor, but pretty much every study out there says the opposite. Statin's damaging somebody's liver is extremely rare. The benefits of statins have been proven to far outweigh the negatives.

  15. Fuck taking Lipitor I took that shit for 2 years straight cause severe memory loss I locked my keys in my car 3 times in one month I kept forgetting to set my alarm on my home complete confusion

  16. Ever since I started taking ATORVASTSTIN 20MG causes me headaches.
    To be honest I rather deal with the chances of high cholesterol then headache.

  17. High cholesterol is bullshit doc, you need to find out more facts. The REAL cause of blocked arteries is CALCIUM and SUGAR. Cholesterol is NEEDED by EVERY CELL in your body including your liver and brain. GOOGLE THAT if you do not believe me:: VEGETABLE OIL IS THE REAL DANGER to health.

  18. I just took my last atorvastatin 40 mg last night. My kidneys were killing, muscle weakness, brain fog. I was put on it Oct 2018 after a heart attack. The pain in my kidneys radiated to my back. Today I feel so much better.

  19. Lipitor in Britain s called Atorvastatin which my uncle has been taking for at least a year n a half and he has several of the side effects – his family are too lazy to look at the info I give them and continually allow the doctors to prescribe these death drugs.

    Folk should also take a look at the lectures/interviews of Dr R E Tent in Novi Michigan and Clive De Carle in the UK.

  20. My doctor challenged me to have my cholesterol dropped to 200 by taking statin. But I went to another medication to take. And attempted using this particular cholesterol tutorial “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) . To my surprise, it really is effective. It’s down to 200. I have avoided the taste of tablets which are undesirable. .

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