Taking Charge of Your Health

– The really simple,
like everyday practices in Ayurveda are incredibly effective. And Ayurveda teaches
that the more complicated the disorder is in the body,
the more simple we begin. So I’ve found working with people kind of of all ages and all different sorts of lifestyles and jobs and, there are things I keep coming back to. For instance, a lot of people have too much screen time at night, which disturbs the mind, it disturbs the eyes, it
disturbs the nervous system, so people are having trouble sleeping. So I’ll encourage people
to just power down two hours before bedtime, and I often recommend
getting to bed by 10. It’s a simple thing, and
it doesn’t seem that crazy, but some people have
kind of strayed so far from a natural rhythm that 10
o’clock is a really big deal. So I’ll have them sort of like scale back by 15 minutes at a time
over the course of time. And the other thing I kept
coming back to that’s, it’s very simple but
it can be overwhelming is to prepare one’s own food. No matter what restaurant you go to it’s never gonna be as pure as
the food you prepare at home. And the energy that we put into the preparation of the food. And I try to encourage
people’s palettes to shift towards simple foods, simple taste, so we don’t need a gourmet spread. I wanted to just reinvent the
idea of cooking for people from an Ayurvedic perspective which is all about simplicity. So it’s like, can we make something with like four ingredients? One can see like this
wisdom tradition from India, and think, oh my goodness, you know, this is Hindu and this, so I have to do yoga, and there’s all of these
philosophical aspects, but even without
understanding any of that, the very simple, and practical daily life, and dietary changes, just
very gentle and simple things they bring people back
into states of balance. (gentle music)

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