Taking Charge of Your Health

naturopathic medicine is a form of
health care that stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal through the use
of natural therapies so naturopathic doctors do that utilizing a set of two
systems the first system is the six principles of natural so those
principles include first do no harm and that means that we’re going to use the
absolute least invasive procedures and therapies possible and utilize the
healing power of nature to the utmost extent before going up the ladder and
using more invasive procedures the second principle is treating the whole
person utilizing all the aspects of the person to include what they do for work
what their social life is like what are their genes thing what is their diet
like what is their sleep like what is their exercise like if all of these
things are extremely important to understand what is going on in their
body physiologically and biochemically so that we can treat accordingly and get
the best results possible another principle is the power of nature the
healing power of nature because we believe that the body has an inherent
ability to heal itself using nature to stimulate this power of healing is the
best way of supporting the body in the process another principle that we use is
dr. as teacher when one is involved in their health care we see that the
results are that much better so educating the patient having them
understand what is going on in their body what the biochemical processes are
what the physiology is how we’re gonna correct that and then also talking with
them about how we’re going to go about that what are their options what makes
sense to them what do they want to do because if the patient isn’t on board
it’s just not going to work I can tell you to go to ABCDE
but if that’s something that’s not going to work with your lifestyle or your
schedule it’s going to make it very difficult for you to follow those
recommendations so establishing a true partnership with the patient is of the
utmost importance and the next principle would be identify
and treat the cause this is where naturopathic doctors are truly unique
insofar as we really want to treat the cause what this can look like
theoretically is if a patient is coming in with chest pain most of the time
we’re gonna go straight to a cardiovascular event meaning that we are
going to definitely rule out if the patient is having a heart attack right
so that’s treating the symptoms we’re going to treat the symptoms get rid of
the chest pain but what’s causing the chest pain is it indeed cardiovascular
is it something else could it be that they’re having a reaction from food we
don’t know so we need to systematically go through and determine what is the
cause of that symptom when we actually reveal what the cause is that’s when we
see true healing and then the last principle of that we follow but could
possibly be the most important principle is emphasizing prevention so one of the
phrases that I really like and appreciate is incomes of prevention is
worth a pound of cure so if you were to come to me and say dr.
Lucy Miller I have a history of heart disease in my family I had a history of
diabetes in my family I don’t want to follow down that road well I think I
don’t want you to follow down the bone either let’s see what we can do to make
sure that that doesn’t happen so I would utilize a lot of my tools
diet exercise possibly some supplementation to support your
cardiovascular system and your endocrine system to make sure that that didn’t go
down that road of diabetes and heart disease preventative medicine is really
the most cost effective of health care because if you can avoid a double bypass
surgery that’s great so that’s the first system that we follow you

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