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when the skin darkens or tans due to the effects of the ultraviolet radiation of the Sun it’s referred to as tanning in some regions tanning is often done intentionally by sunbathing or other artificial methods a little sun exposure is good since it facilitates the production of vitamin D however excessive exposure can be very harmful and lead to various health problems like sunburn skin cancer and a weak immune system when the skin gets exposed to the Sun the melanin which protects the skin gets burned thus leading to brief skin darker home remedies are a safe option to handle tanning since they don’t have any side effects let’s look at what our weather has to offer take a bowl of tomato puree add four tablespoons of lemon juice mix it well apply this on the tank skin and leave it for 20 minutes after which wash it off with cold water do this for 15 days regularly take six tablespoons of lemon juice add two teaspoons of turmeric powder also known as healthy mix it well apply this on the tank skin and leave it for thirty minutes after which wash it off with normal water rub a potato slice on the tank skin and leave it as it is for five minutes before washing it off for more such natural home remedies visit

99 thoughts on “Skin Care – Removing Skin Tan – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

  1. hi……there is black spots on ma hands n face…can i apply skin care-removing skin tan video

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  3. hi, does applying tamarind pulp on the skin also help in tan removal? i was advised by someone but i am not sure if tamarind will be too kind to the skin. please advice

  4. Melanine doesn't get burnt -___-
    Melanine is produced when there is a lot of contact with the sun..

  5. Guys for sensitive skin DO NOT USE THE SECOND REMEDY it gets darker but for hard skin u can use trust I am talking from experience never use turmeric if u have sensitive skin it gets darker thr biggest mistake I made is use turmeric on my face:/

  6. When you say lemon juice can i use the ones we get in bottles at say stores like walmart? or do u suggest we make our own lemon juice

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  8. Hi…I have dry skin,,, it shows a peeled effect on my skin if I apply lemon,,, can I use lemon or not,,, pls suggest me madam

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  11. Hi my skin is like a dull n full of dust n have pimples n have a spots of pimples so wt to do can u tell me???????

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  13. Hi Homeveda ( ps LOVE your videos!) Any who, for the tomato puree solution, you said to do it for 15 days- can you still apply it after 15 days? If not why???

  14. if you had natural fairness then not going into the sun will make them fair again if they dont become fair again that means your natural skin is not fair

  15. Thanks a lot for your movie.
    I thought i would never bleach my skin but contrary to my doctor's prediction, i whitened my skin pigmentations in a natural way, without any pills & just in a few days, after years of trying another treatments. you can too! here's how..

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  17. I thought i would never lighten my skin but as opposed to my doctor's prediction, i whitened my skin pigmentations in a natural way, without having drug treatments & just in a few weeks, after years of trying some other treatments. you can too!

  18. i applied turmeric remedy….i washed it after 30 min…but my face looks yellow in colour…its totally different with my..body skin.what i have to do…

  19. Should i take concentrated lemon or diluted one? Please reply and how will the turmeric stains go away? Please reply!!!

  20. Hi, The remedy of potato which u mentioned in this video, or hw much time we should rub it on the skin?

  21. hi…  first of all i dont know ur name… and secondly… can i have ur contact details … so tht i can ask few questions regarding my daughter…

  22. my skin is very sensitive. i had a sun burn 2 yrs ago and i hav done every possible solutions but it wont go away.what do i do to remove it faster

  23. I have really pale skin right now but it's going to go away because I have camp next week and I don't want to be tan ugh :'(

  24. Is it good for swimming tan too? i go swimming once a week. and I have full on tan on my body and face. or is there any other remedies for it?

  25. hi i can use each remedies but it does not efect me …. my skin is very oily senstive  …my face arm and mu neck is full of tan… how i remove it.plz plz plz tell me .

  26. hi
     say me beauty tips to lighten the my skin………and my skin is oily senstive.
    except lemon,it darkens my skin.

  27. I m 18 n my face and hand skin is much time will it take to cure it completely n will it get cured by itself?

  28. Hi, I am going for swimming from last 15 days and that have lead to huge tan on my body..Can u plz plz tell me remedy to remove heavy tan from body..ur suggestion plz…

  29. Hi.. pls help me too.. I have dry sensitive skin. And living in KSA now. Here chlorine water only avail… its make my skin darken :(.. can I use dis remedy for my skin or anyone els der… pls let me know. . Hope u ll response me 🙂

  30. after applying lemon tumeric powder remedy, tumeric powder leaves a yellow tinge on our skin, yellowish tinge is still there even after washing it off with water. Can we wash it soap???

  31. hey….. my friend applied lemon juice on his face and unfortunately his beard hairs started becoming white ……..what to do ??

    how affective is the the tomatoe just rubbing on the skin? Will all remedies consists of 15days of consistent routine then the skin lightens?

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  34. Im so confuse why do some people don't like tan skin while others like it. For me i like tan skin, which is better tan or not?

  35. Hi! I'm having very Very oily face so….Can I use these remedies for face or you Please Suggest me which Remedy Should I Use….Please..

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