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Skin peels are excellent for many different indications. They’re good for acne, acne scarring, reducing fine lines and actually eradicating some of those. They’re good for improving skin texture. That’s a very important factor for many people. “I’ve still got a good figure and got nice hair. But I think I’ve got a few, few wrinkles. Last time I had some photos I was quite shocked at how old I actually looked. You know it is one
thing being middle-aged, it’s another looking
middle-aged.” The beauty of the skin peel is we can take
away a huge chunk of that skin all the horrible skin and regenerate a
new, more perfected and brighter skin. What you
have got coming through in your skin is the fine lines. You know you’ve got really great features,
but I think your skin would really benefit from a peel
for some resurfacing and to tighten it up and also
brighten it as well because your complexion will also benefit from your peel too.
Okay? “That would be amazing.” People with pockmarks, ice pick or box-type scarring that
comes from acne that leaves pits in the skin which
could be somebody in their early 20s or late teens, the sort of 18 or 19 years old right through to somebody in their fifties.
All these people can benefit from having a skin peel. But first
things first, I need to clean your skin really thoroughly, okay, just to remove any
oils so that the peel can penetrate really well into your skin. There are many
different types of peels some of which are very easy to deliver and you can go off and
face people straight after you’ve had them. Other peels, however, there is downtime because we are penetrating the skin and
there will be visible signs you have had a peel. You can expect
to peel for anything between 4 to seven days maybe longer if we do the deepest peel. However that is rare so most of
the time you’re looking at probably about a week off of work. “It’s not like I’m trying to
pretend to be younger. “I just don’t want to look like you’re wearing all the things you’ve been through on your face. “I want to look younger, I want to look fresh but still be within my age group.” Yes. “Just look nice.” If you’re thinking of
having a peel do come and see me. We can look at your skin and see what your skin’s needs are and discuss what type of peel would be best
for you and what you need to perhaps due to prepare for that peel so
give botonics a call and we’ll arrange a consultation for you.

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