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If you like this episode. Subscribe to and click on the bell icon to never miss out of any fun tutorial. On fashion and beauty. Stay pretty. see you beautiful Hey! welcome back to my channel. This is the video that you have been waiting for so long. Very badly. “Nadia tell me how was the treatment?” “Now you have got our attention by telling us there’s a wonderful treatment” or a procedure which has became a substitute for filler and Botox” It will also produce Collagen.. and face tightening. “This Procedure that you have tried Nadia…” “Nadia.. what was the result?” and I am sure you are dying to know. In today’s video. Don’t miss it for even a second. Don’t don’t have to forward it.. Make sure Make sure that you listen to.. Each and every word. Because it is a very important video. And I have to talk about it very carefully because there’s so much to say… and everything comes down to responsibility. You guys have been asking for so long.. Saying things like “Nadia please recommend a good doctor. For Botox and filler in Pakistan. Or in some other countries. I am afraid of recommending something. Because I have seen so many doctors. They make it as a money making machine. People now become addicted to it. For the effect of Botox Yet.. they keep on giving botox again and again. You won’t find any honest doctor’s opinion. Doctor who gave honest opinion.. It is very rare opinion. I have yet to meet him or her. That’s why.. I am afraid to recommend someone. That’s why I wasn’t saying something. Sometimes.. it goes horribly wrong. When I got to know about this treatment. That- 3-D lifestyle are claiming.. that they have technology. They can do your face tightening.. though they also do whole body tightening. But for face tightening. there’s something special. There is special Hifu treatment. With it.. the area around your eyes. cheeks jaw and this double chin. neck… Such areas are very effective. that’s what I had heard. After that. I talked to Dr.Mahreen Mujtaba. She is a very famous Dermatologist. and an anesthetic physician in Islamabad. I have known her for quite some time. I asked her “what is this?” Should I try it? Can I come? But first you decide. because I am going to be really honest in my vlog. She was like “Come ” Come and try it yourself. So we met in Karachi. She comes from Islamabad. I was in Karachi. and the treatment took place there. I went with this in my mind.. that I have done so many treatments. and I have been disappointed. many many times. I was not so happy about it. Most of them are useless. They don’t do anything. Made such a big claims They put so much texts in the advertisements. But it does absolutely nothing.. though if you do 7-8 treatments that you’ll see some results. But Dr. Mehreen told me this is only one treatment. Only one treatment. One procedure is enough and you are good for 2-3 years. How is our conversation goes that you listen yourself what Dr. Mehreen have to say. I got a call of Nadia Khan from Dubai. She was saying ” Mehreen, I have heard a lot about Hifu Tell me little bit about it. Because I have heard it can replace both the Botox and filler. and it can give skin tightening. and removes the wrinkles. Give eyebrows a lift. Nadia wasn’t a bit convinced about it. High-intensity focused ultrasound beams I told little about it to her. Did you notice.. it wasn’t a little thing. This was the challenge. and the doctor was so sured about it. I felt like I should try it. At first I was like maybe During our conversation. I might find something like she is just saying it. I don’t know.. Maybe there are selling something. But at first- it was her name .. secondly, she seems so convinced. She was like “Nadia , you have to do this and see the result yourself” I thought to myself ” No consequences. As there is no injection”. No chemical. I should try it to see. Procedure require 1 and half to 2 hrs. I selected that I want the chiseled look. in the jaw line. I also wanted to have my eyes done. But I didn’t have the time. Start with small then hope for the best. and this procedure carries on. What Dr. Mahreen told me about this Hifu treatment. Hifu stands for High-intensity focused ultrasound The cartridges there are , machines is fitted and they do something like this softly here. I went inside the prep room. I was bit scared. Because every time I see laser. Something happen inside me. If there might be “hitting of rubber band” feeling that you get from the laser I have gone through all of those lasers and treatments. I was like ” what is expect” What will I feel. there must be some pain. But surprisingly it was very slow procedure. There was no pain. it starts from level 3 ..4…5 it was till 50 % above that.. I felt bit uncomfortable. and it was decided that this much is all I can able to tolerate. Then Dr. Mahreen did my half chin area first. Because she was saying.. then you will notice the difference in first half. I mean.. look at her confidence. Actually whenever a treatment is done on the half face.. it is best to compare the result. and I was also hoping that. We will do the half so if I don’t see any result. I can stop the treatment there. or there and then I can say No.. it would be easy for the video. To tell you guys “look there is no difference”. But I was in for a surprise. When the half treatment got done. Meaning in just one hour- half of it was done. this was the result. Although there’s isn’t a lot of fat beneath my skin. But there’s a little obviously. When you goes in your thirties you feel little bit of shagginess. There was little sagging. Although.. I have good skin and elasticity. But still it needed improvement. and I saw the difference. I was surprised by it. and it felt like half of my jaw has swelling. and half of it don’t. Suddenly I felt that the other jaw was swelled up. From there I Started to get worried. I was like ” what had happen to me” this was very strange as I was seeing the difference in front of me. Half of my jawline was very chiseled you called this effect chiseled when you have a very tight skin and after that.. we did the remaining area. again there was no pain. Thank God. But I felt it took bit long a lot of time is spent on this. After that I got whole face equal. Then she told me. That after two months you will see even better result. For it to have full effect. it usually take around 7, 8 or 9 weeks. and it varies something like that. and I waited for eight weeks. and now I am making a video and I am making the video eight weeks after this procedure. As you can see and I am telling you with all honesty that all of sudden.. I felt my skin so chiseled up that is incredible I usually do my Botox maximum two times with the very best doctor. From very fine and expensive doctor. I have my Botox done. Because I frown a lot. So in order to reduced the frown lines. and little on my jaw. I never had any effect like it. Actually it been 7-8 months since I have my Botox. I was not having time. My face was looking fine. I find it so painful. I don’t do filler nor I recommend them But I feel like after this.. there’s no need for it. I feel like doing this treatment around my eyes too. I have to tell you this.. the normal contouring that I usually do. Before the video.. I haven’t done it I feel there’s tightening. I feel the tightening. You can’t watch it.. the way I feel. and for two days I am eating carbs I have O+ blood and whenever I eat carbs my face swell up and by chance.. I had two burgers for two days. and have rice. and there’s no swelling here. There’s some swelling on my belly. and swelling on legs is bound to happen. this is my problem, I shouldn’t have carbs. but there’s isn’t any swelling on my lower face. so I am loving it. With no needle, nor chemicals. no pain nor there is this fear.. which you get every time after Botox that what if my eyes became droopy. or something bad happen. Lip become out of shape up and down. your eyes can be damage. Sometime you get bruising . At one time.. Doctor prick it here.. and it was all swell up whole area become blue. there was a bruised. That’s why I am scared . Every time there’s a fear.. that this time it won’t happen again. Why take that risk. I love the treatment and I am definitely going for another treatment around the eyes. and my face because So many treatment I have done.. face tightening and most of them have up to 12 sessions. I have enough of these treatments. and most of their results is only visible to technician or the doctor. you can’t see anything But which this.. I get such a clear result. The money that I have wasted doing so many treatments. Wouldn’t it be much better if you do this every two years. you can have full face treatment from 3-D LIFESTYLE. The price of it starts from It is a very expensive technology Expensive machine it 80000 and upwards The thing is I love my subscribers so much and I requested so much from 3-D lifestyle to do some special packages for my followers.. as this is little expensive. This is quiet expensive. If it was for few thousands.. it would have been reasonable to ask for the discount but when it comes to lacs I might give this to 10 or 12 But here.. it was the matte of lacs. so lets see there’s is a little surprise for you because after such a long time. I am so happy with any treatment. and my heart feel so good There was no pain, and all the wait was worth it. I have been waiting for painless lasers for many years. All my friends got it.. some got burnt. Some went through so much pain.. Some of them -money got wasted. But I waited for best machine-Soprano Ice and I did my hair reduction from painless laser. I waited. there was no pain. I loved it. and Now I am glad this is a new technology that has come now that we no longer need to go for Botox Fillers again and again. or to take the risk with the pain and spend so much again and again. Thank god.. just got rid of that viscous cycle. Now it order to prove my claim my face is well chiseled now..more chiseled. looking slimmer. and I think in my photo shoot my face going to be slimmer. and I don’t need to do any Photoshop. for any of my pictures. and in dramas, hopefully I am going to get a very good result. and this is the real beauty mole. I am just loving this Hifu treatment. You must do it.. do check it out. Do full face without any fear. But maybe in some cases you might not be the suitable candidate for this treatment.. for that you need to consult your doctor and what is that special surprise? Stay tune.. few moments.. 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