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Our Fans always request for Skin Whitening Remedies So today I am here with 7 days skin Whitening Treatment But before I start I just want to remind you to subscribe my channel . Because you don’t want to miss amazing videos by Simple Beauty Secrets so lets start Making now this Amazing Remedy Ok guys the first thing you need is Plain Flour Then we will add rice flour you can get the rice Flour from any nearby store We will add milk in these two dry ingredients and mix it Mix it until its not like a paste Now our Mixture is ready to apply You dont have to scrub it . You are going to apply a thick film on your skin And you are going to leave it as such Our Next step is very different one so see it carefully take a tissue or cotton pack and dip it in goat milk We have chosen goat milk because the skin whitening properties of goat milk are more Cover the hand proeprly Basically we are putting Milk cloth on our Skin You Have to use this remedy for seven days after seven days continuously After 7 days you will notice that your skin has Whiten This is my Favorite remedy whenever my skin is tanned I use this remedy It has outstanding results So Freinds do try this remedy if you want fair and glowing skin I will be back with another amazing video IF you like this remedy so Please please please Subscribe to my channel Because I dont want you to miss amazing videos by Simple beauty secrets Till then Bye Bye

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