Taking Charge of Your Health

You know, I know we all struggle in these
different areas. I struggle with sleep. I mean, there’s just too many things to do
in a given day, right? But I just want to take the opportunity, since we’re talking
about things that promote health, to really focus on sleep. We really do need seven to
nine hours of sleep a night. Back in the day, we all got nine hours of sleep typically.
We have a very artificial lifestyle these days, and we have a lot of work to get done,
and we’re up at the crack of dawn half the time. But there are a lot of really great
sleep studies out now that just show how important sleep is. Number one: You will have an improved
immune system if you sleep, and this makes sense. All of our anabolic, so processes that
are building regenerative in the body take place during sleep. When you look at aging,
slowly, you’ll start to see the elasticity of the skin changes, and you’ll see a little
bit more dragging here, and the eyelids will slowly start to come down, and all of these
things happen. This is reflected by a lack of growth hormone. Growth hormone slowly declines
with age. Sleep and exercise are the two times that we make more growth hormone, so just
sleeping more, seriously, can keep us younger because we’re just doing the repair processes
at night. Sleeping more, you will actually keep weight off more easily. Our hormone profiles
change when we don’t sleep enough so that we’re constantly craving more starches,
more fats, and we overall eat more when we don’t sleep. So sleep’s a really important
one for lots and lots of reasons.

4 thoughts on “Sleep Promotes Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Immune Function & Health Says Dr. Angela Agrios, ND

  1. dont know what you think about the dry brushing your skin but i have been investigating dry brushing the lymph system- and doing that in a hot shower with the skin tool called le edge REALLY WORKS- helps one sleep so much better! something i wont do with out- and YOUR SO RIGHT about sleep the world would be much better place if we all got more ZZZZzzzz…… x shelly b well

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