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100 thoughts on “Sleepy ASMR Body Treatment ? Scrub, Massage, Humming

  1. Hello ?? How are you? I hope really good! But if not then here is a great big hug (((((((((?))))))))) from me to you and everyone here. "When April showers may come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in May" ✨ This video is uploaded with Love XX Sweet Dreams XX Emma

  2. I’ve recently started watching your videos as my anxiety has become a little out of control, and they have been amazing to say the least. Thank you for sharing your videos ❤️

  3. I'm having an illness that is causing severe pain and I cant sleep. This video is helping me so much to relax and fall asleep. Relaxing helps with the pain. Thank you Emma

  4. You are so beautiful…I don't know your age, not that it matters, but I bet you look years younger than you are. I think you really look after yourself (I'm married not gay). I got into ASMR by chance, one day I was watching BonJovi and ended up in one of your session. I wasn't sure what I was watching at first but soon got the idea. My Husband died of cancer 18 months ago and if it wasn't for my 9 year old daughter, I would probably followed him. I can't sleep and been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 38. You videos have helped me so much Emma. I've only been back at work as a Midwife, for 6 weeks and work night shifts every other week. I don't know what I'd do without you-I only watch/listen to you, Whispers Red. I really look forward to the next video. I think you've amazing, and seem like a really nice person. Btw, my friends from the hospital used to take the micky out of me as I'd take my tablet to work, my earphones and have a relaxing 20 minutes on my break. I've now got about 6 friends into ASMR and 3 are hooked and subscribe to Whispers Red. They say you're better than a sleeping tablets any day! Please keep going, every video you've posted I seem to have watched numerous times. Thanks again for your amazing work and please keep them coming. Any chance you could do something related to bereavement or loss? Love you Emma-I know you'll never read this but I felt that I was taking a lot, and giving nothing back. Looking forward to the next one. Lots of love, Allie xx ? ? ? ? ? xx

  5. please put this on your next spotify album! i listen to it every single night and would love to be able to download it to listen wherever ❤️

  6. 12:03 «On lavait les chats battus» ?? Si jamais 2/3 français passaient par là… Magnifique hallucination auditive, mais pas aussi belle qu'Emma !!! ?❤

  7. I love your videos, they make me feel safe and calm. My Mom died last Sunday, and other than my wife and little daughter she was the woman I loved most. You are so comforting. Your voice is beautiful………especially when you sing, it’s so pure and so reminiscent of my mom. I feel like I am 5 years old again and mom is taking care of me. Thanks for this.

  8. Your voice is so beautiful and soothing <3 pleeeaaaase can you make a video with your lovely and angelic humming? You're beautiful thank you for all your love and kindness <3 <3 <3

  9. omg i skipped to a random section of u "cooking" and i honestly thought i was watching Coraline with the evil 'other mother' no lie ??

  10. I love your videos, but notice you said décollage (a type of art) but you meant décolletage (your neckline), just for future ref
    This video was lovely though xxx

  11. Her: Knock, Knock. Are you ready for me?

    Me: Not yet

    Her: (Comes In) Good. ?

    Me: ?

  12. You are my YouTube mom ? that humming and singing could put anyone to sleep! Reminded me of watching Disney movies ?

  13. Best ASMR video ever and love that you know Evergreen! Beautiful voice and humming! Thank you! You are gorgeous and relaxing!

  14. Wow the humming reminds me of old princess movies like Snow White when she'd sing❤
    Not many asmrtist do this, it is quite lovely

  15. Miss Emma, whispersRed, you do my FAVORITE asmr with my all time fav voice on all of YouTube asmr. You and itsblitzz have changed my world for falling asleep. I am VERY BLESSED BY YOUR EFFORTS. And Bo is sooooo precious in the videos too, btw. You are appreciated, miss Emma ?

  16. Wow!! When you started applying the scrub!!! Geez! Talk about tingles from my head to my toes. Had goose bumps all over.

  17. You are the sole reason I fall asleep on time most nights and when I have anxiety I watch your videos and I instantly feel relaxed

  18. Was fast asleep then the annoying squishing sound woke me up over all the tucking in videos my least favorite so far

  19. Omg your humming literally sounds like a Disney princess ??❤️ I love your videos, you’re wonderful

  20. When you smile at the camera, I smile back. Watching you channel tingles my heart too, not just my ears. I am so grateful that I found here. ❤️

  21. WhispersRed ASMR I have autism and have a hard time with anxiety and depression. You have helped me a lot with my anxiety and my depression and also my sleeping patterns love you Emma.

  22. You are the definition of an Angel so beautiful. and a bit seductive. I bet she would charge about $300 an hour to do this in person very nice

  23. I’m sorry Emma I’ve had enough one minute its lord zetland next it’s Billy no mates I’m utterly sick of it!!!

  24. You are amazing!!! I am so happy to have found you! Nothing has ever relaxed me as much as your videos. Your so caring and say all the comforting things. I get so sleepy n relaxed. I even find myself being more calm thru out my day and having more patience with things. I even am so aware of sounds!!! Its just amazes me! Thank you? your so soft and comforting. Very good at what you do. Thank you ?

  25. I have a love-hate relationship with her humming it's so pretty and relaxing but got creep out at the same time when I just ad the sound no light and no video light I felt weird xD

  26. After reading some comments in here I was inspired to give my daughters (9, 6) a spa day, I gave them both a foot, hand, face, scalp massage. They’re so happy, and so was I. We promised we’ll do it again at least once a month. ❤️

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