Taking Charge of Your Health

*New glitchy boi* SMG4 Presents….. SUPAH EDGY [Maniac Luigi Laughter] Oh yeh! *sexy sound effects* Luigi! *Italian crying* Waddup BIATCH (My thoughts exactly) YEAH! HAHAHAAA! ooooo Very scary! YAA! Oho, hahaha! Hmm… *Italian gibberish* *Luigi sobs :(* *Owl language cannot be translated* DING DONG Ya! Hmm? Oh… Luigi and SMG4: Trick or treat! Mario: GIMMIE DAT SHET Peach: Oh yeah! Woohoo! Peach: Oh yes! Aaahaa! Yeh! haha! How nice! No, oh… can i hav sum moni now? Aha! NOM (uh oh) GIVE ME MOOOOOOORE *peach has no idea what the hell her boyfriend is doing and proceeds to have a strange look in her face* Woohoo! Weehee! (i swear peach is just giving them candy to piss off mario) Thernk u! Peach: NOW PISS OFF!>:( *Door slam* [TRIGGERED MERIO] dafuq? *Laughing at Mario’s misery* (oh shit it’s going down) You… stupid.. bitch! No! (im not going to be translating gibberish) SMG4: Oh it’s on, asshole!!! *a lot of competetive screaming* Luigi: Mama mia…. YEEAAAHHH BITCH *epic tackle* FAK-A YUUU *Ding dong* ding fries are done ding fries are done (Mayrio punch) *Please contact us if you want to donate 1 dollar to prevent Toad Abuse* Waht? Who’s dere? Jerry? Trick or treat! MUTHAFUCKAH *grandpa grunt* You freaking jackass… *Mumbling* *CHOMP!* (Mario does his best impression of Pennywise) AAAAA! JESUS CHRIST! OH FUK FUK, GET IT OFF! *Property damage* Gah, dammit! WEEHEEHEE! *1,000$ in property damage* Shroomy: Raaah, I’m ‘ere to suck ya blood! Hahaha! Oh hey Mario, what’s up? HELLOOOOOO Oh. If you’re here for candy then sorry, I don’t have any… …but I DO have something much better than that! Oh yeah! *BOOM* GIMME DAT BUTT! (aka candy, but whatever) Ah, here we go! Oh SMG4, you want some of our treats too? Alrighty, HERE YOU GO HAVE SOME BROCKOLI YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Wait, WHAT?! I don’t want that crap! B-BUT BROCKOLI IS SO DELICOUS AND NUTRITIOUS, AND ITS V- I DON’T GIVE A SHIIIIIIIIIT!! Eh, oh well back to my Halloween party! Oh yeeeah! SHAKE IT EVERYONE! WOO OH YEAH! *Why is Ethan Klein in this party* *bingle* Boopkins: Trick or treat! Bob: GiVe mE sOMe CanDY BitCHes *Door slam* HeY oPeN uP yOu LiTtLe sHiT I KnOW WhErE u LiVE I’lL kIcK yOuR bAlLs AnD– Boopkins: Oh man, Bob we aren’t getting any candy… this isn’t working… Bob: It’S oKaY bOoPkInS wE’rE gOnNa GeT sO MuCh CaNdY aLl ThE bItChEs WiLl Be AlL oVeR uS oH JeSuS cHriST *Retards still competing for candy* dafuq? R.I.P Headphone users (and the guy getting beaten up lol) Boopkins: Oh no! the poor man! Bob! Do something! Bob: WaY aHeAd Of YoU bOoPkInS oH ThIs ViDeO iS gOnNa GeT sO mAnY vIeWs YeAh BoI Boopkins: Ah man.. What are they doing? Luigi: Mama Mia… [GIBBERISH] Bob: DiD yOu JuSt SaY cOmPeTiTiOn Oh HeLl YeAh I’m GoNnA kIcK tHiEr AsSeS i’M gOnNa GeT sO mUcH cAnDy Boopkins: Ah wait wait wait for me Bob! Oh Luigi! Nice trash bag costume by the way πŸ™‚ Mario: *laughing* SMG4: Uh, no! MAMA F***ER [WHAT IS IT?] [I’M JELLY OF YOU SMG4] (#squadgoals) Shy Guy: YEAH TOAST! [DINGDONG] [Brain damage] TOOOAAASSSTTT Steve: How ya doin’? 4:20 aylmao AAAAAAAAAAAAAA Yaay! Yaayyy! why did steve take the child smh… [Mission Accomplished!] yeeaahhh Mario: Sunavabitch… MMMFF! [Moar Italian gibberish lol] *am i the only one that gets this reference* *actually nah your not* [Sexeh Mexican car horn] YEEEAAAAAH HE IS BACK! Mario: [Still gibberish] Oh yeah! *Evil laughter Slend: *Satanic voice* It’s time to go to Heaven, my child… No… No! Boo! AHH Ha Ha Ha… Scaredy cat! FUCK OFF *PAIN* AAAAAAA GET REKT BITCH! victory.mp4 Boopkins: Uh, Bob, I don’t think this is working… We haven’t gotten any candy yet. Bob: WhAt ArE yOu TaLkInG aBoUt? iM a GeNiUs SoMe DuMbAsS iS gOnNa FaLl FoR tHiS aNd I’lL tAkE tHeiR CaNdY *whisper* cOmE oN tAkE iT yOu DuMb ShIt oH CHriSt MaH OVaRIes was he even breaking the law?? Boopkins: Ugghhh… This isn’t working out… Bob: oH WeLl TiMe FoR pLaN b! Fishy: Bob, no! Trick or treating in Halloween should be about friendship and family and going to places together- Bob: gIVe mE yoUR CaNDy BiTChes bOb iS HeRE tO RoB yOU AAAAHHHHH Mario: *Retarded laughter* Mario: Haha! Oh yeah! *Vacuum sucky sucky noises*
(wait SMG4 is stealing from Mario, not the other way around??) Bob: bOO i’M a SpOoKY GHost aND i’M HerE tO mUG YoU sO dOn’T moVE oR ELsE aH CrAP yOUlL nEVeR cATch mE wATcH tHIs PARkoUr sHIt HaHA! Owwhh, shit! *Ding* Who won! SMG4? Or Mario? *Another ding* *Another ding lol* i think boopkins won *POLICE, BETCH* Mario: No! [MOAR GIBBERISH] Boopkins: Oh, how about me? I think I got a decent amount of candy! Bob: i HAvE a PriSOn seNteNCe dO i GeT aNYtHinG fOR tHAt WAR OF THE FAT ITALIANS 2017: HALLOWEEN EDITION Luigi: [cri und gepperish] Mama mia! Oh yeah! EGGSCELLENT (LUIGI YOU IDIOT!) Nice costume, Toad. Caaaandy! :>(Cue Running in the 90’s) SCREEEEEEAAAAM Aw, MAN! TOAD, YOU FAT! πŸ™ Mushroom:All right! [ded] MARIO AND SMG4 TRIGGER MODE ACTIVATED Sanity: 0%, Insanity: 99%-100% RIP You fat, but cute mushroom. πŸ™
(again call 5464 and donate a dollar to stop Toad-abuse) [Another spooke music] Trashcan:[GIBBERISH] Blue Mario: What the f*** is this s***? WHAT THE–?! BOWSER WEARING A TUTU!! :O
yes my fellow captioneer. THIS is a once in a lifetime sighting. please take your time to admire this beauty. Mario: OKIII DOOKIII…….>:( The one whomst has the spaghetti fetish and or addiction: EY! COME BACK HERE! How many times WEEGEE said Mama Mia? Write down in the comments![In this video like 2 times -Stingy] [In The Party….] BWAHAHAHA HA UHOHOHOH [Why am I even doing this] [boring background music] BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA RAAAWR [Other bowser noises THIS IS AMAZING WHAHAHAHAA,YAAAAA Goomba:Yeah, what? Oh I thought somebody said something RWAAAAAAA Expand dong levels:20
(WHOEVER WROTE THIS CAPTION NEEDS A RAISE – Lanky) Expand dong levels:50 Expand dong levels:80 *D O N G F U L L Y E X P A N D E D* [vomit] Wraaaaaauyyyrah… *Waluigis taco stand in the background*
Waaaaaaluiiiiigiiiiiii TIME :DDD WAAA GOOOOUHHH Internet Bowser:GET OUTTA HERE [how does internet explored have anything to do with this video] Noooo i luv waluigi… (ME TOO!) HRWAAAAA,OOUHH,WRAAA [glass break] *Mario’s fat ass enters the scene* *Italian gibberish that could not be translated* HMMMMMMM GRAWWWWW *SMG4’s fat ass enters the scene* GAWDAMMIT [BEST ANIME FIGHT EVER] GRAAAWWWW REST IN PISS SPAGETTI AND MR.MEME Both: Oh Shit! IT BUUURNNS *Mario,Smg4 and bowser use their remaining neurons to solve this problem*
(Lanky: in that case the castle is doomed.) *Boulevard of broken screams* RAWWWR *Bowser kicks:1* *Bowser kicks:2* *Bowser kicks:too many can’t keep up* *Part of wall falls* WAAAH,OH NO [MANIAC LAUGHTER] Oh yeah! Let’s-a Go!
(ACHULLY IS TRASHBAG) Trashbag – Defender of the innocent… and mario: Okidoki! WOAH! Is it a bird, is it a plane? no its a f*cking trash bag dumbsh1ts Here’s the words, so you can join in too:TRASH BAG! TRASH BAG!!!! TRASH BAG!! TRASH BAG,TRASH BAG,TRASH BAG,TRASH BAG Oh yeh o yeh (Trash bag song) [Spoiled kid is crying because he didn’t get GTA V] guess the castle… went to trash… GET IT??? CUZ TRASHBAG?????? IM SO FUNNY PLS ADD ME ON ROBLOX!!!!!!!!!111 …who tf is luigi? this is trashbag Trash bag: Oh Yeah! Seriously, you’re taking your costume thing a bit too far. Discount Batman signal. NOOOO! top 10 anime deaths Well,in other news… Does no one even give a crap that LUIGI IS DEAD?!
(nah) Subtitles by: Lanky Kong ,Sp00pySponge,hamed alzarooni and some stingy on the internet anyway.. Subscribe to SMG4, suckers! WAIT NO DON’T SUBSCRIBE TO SMG4 HE’S A CHEATER shhh,or he’ll remove the add subtitles feature… Eat your cereal kids, and don’t forget to brush your teeth before crossing the street! – Lanky Kong

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