Taking Charge of Your Health

[Tin Can Brothers Intro] Brian: Uhhm, Types of nuts. I’ll go first. Joey: Okay. Brian: Chestnuts. Joey: Peanuts. Brian: Pistachios. Joey: Cashews Brian: uhh, Brazil nuts. Joey: Water chestnut mMMm that’s not a nut. Okay. (Race to finish the phrase first) Brian: Damn it Joey: Yess yes yes yes yes yes yes. Joey: Whoa WHOA dude, Clark just landed. I- I gotta, I gotta go. Brian: He’s here already? Joey: Yeah, I gotta go pick him up. His flight was early. Uhm, I should probably pick up some snacks on the way home, would you mind staying to- Brian: No problem dude! One step ahead of you. Joey: Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Brian: Oh yeah. Joey: Alriiight! Sounds good. I’ll be back in 30/40 minutes depending on traffic. Brian:Okay. | Joey: Right. Brian: Great | Joey: Cool Brian: See ya! Joey: So, yeah man, this is uh, this is our place! Clark: Yeah, I’m stoked to be in LA man, see what it’s like. Joey: It’s gonna be good, It’s going to be a real fun trip. We’re going to make sure we have a lot of stuff plan- Brian: Well! Brian: I do declare! Clark Baxtresser in the flesh. Oh, come here, you old thing and let me take a look at you. Well aren’t you just ripe as a peach in June! *Gasp* Put your bag down and rest your weary gams awhile I’ve got a cobbler in the oven, and some ice cold lemonade for you boys to refresh yourselves after your weary travels. Clark: What the- what the fuck dude…? Joey: “What the fuck”, is right, Clark. *In accent* I thought we agreed upon Iced TeA *Brian yelps* [Tin Can Brothers outro]

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