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Today, We have come to Anuradhapura to meet Renown Ayurvedic Dr.Gunawardane who has cured more than 3.5 M people Let’s begin this discussion with your History , how did you start Ayurvedic treatments ? My name is Dr.S.S Gunawardane , I come from the Jothina Ayurvedic family who lived in Yatagala village (near Elpitiya ), I have been doing Ayurvedic treatments over 40 years now in Anuradhapura , also I’m supporting to bring the messeage to the world about our Ayurvedic medicine treatements methods ,,People from all over the world are aware about my Ayurvedic treatement methods What is Nadi Vingnanaya (Pulse diagnosis) ? Pulse diagnosis is an ancient ayurvedic technique of diagnosis through the pulse. It can accurately diagnose physical, mental and emotional imbalances as well as diseases. It is a non- invasive science that enables to reach the root cause of health issues and not just address the symptoms.this is one of the most important diagnosis techniques in Ayurveda ,everyone in the Ayurvedic industry should aware of this method What is the correlation between Pulse diagnosis and Sinhala Ayurveda medicine ? Nadi Vingnanaya means identifying different sounds in human body In Sinhala Ayurveda medicine, this method was used by the ancient people , there are many popular ancient tales in Srilanka about how they used this method in Sinhala Ayurveda medicine in the past How do you cure heart patients using Nadi Vingnanaya (Pulse diagnosis) ? a patient’s pulse plays an important role because it is a valuable indicator of their well-being , using pulse we can determine the heart health of a patient. Heart diseases can be diagnosed accurately using (Pulse diagnosis method.(all type of heart diseases ) what are the other diseases that can be diagnosed using (Pulse diagnosis method)? Fertility diseases / Cancers/ Hormones imbalances/all kinds of diseases in our human body can be diagnosed using Pulse diagnosis method What’s the specialty about your Ayurvedic treatment methods ? This was inherited to me from our Jothina Ayurvedic family , My Grandmother was Ayurvedic doctor, there are many specialties about our Ayurvedic treatment methods ,Especially we have treatments for all kind of Heart diseases not only that we do have treatments for conditions like , Fertility diseases / Cancers/ Hormones imbalances. and all other kinds of diseases as well. in our current society majority of the people are suffering from different diseases compare to the people who lived in the past . what could be the reason for that ? in the past We had healthy people lived our country but now most of the people are unhealthy ,incorrect eating patterns / mental stress / Air pollution are the The main reasons for this .we didn’t have these problems in the past , we had a really good living environment how do you find the necessary things that are required to make Ayurvedic medicines ? I have an Ayurvdic herbal garden and a place to manufacture all Ayurvedic medicines for my patients also medicines are made with out using any artificial products I request all of you to support me to build this Ayurvedic research hospital so that we can continue this service ( treatments and Research facilities )for the benefits of everyone People from all over the world have been taking treatments from this place (India /Australia /…) i really appreciate if they could support me to improve and continue these services to more people in future . You are a world renown doctor and you have been awarded many times and well recognized by the society , do you have any one in your family to continue these treatment methods in future ? My Son (Prabahth Gunawardane) who has studied at Gujarat Ayurvedic hospital currently working with me at this place and he will provide these treatments methods continuously to the people What’s the message to the people? In order to stay healthy you must avoid taking unhealthy foods (Especially artificial foods), and you have to live without mental stress Will see you again in another Subenetha Video …!

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  4. මෙතුමා බබාලා නැති අයට බෙහෙත් කරනවද?

  5. මෙතුමා අපේ රටේ පිනට පහලවූ උතුමෙක් ජාතික සම්පතක්

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