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Despite the vagaries of the summer with rich rainfall and oscillating temperature, mercury of the thermometers rises above all with the effect of thermal discomfort of the whole body. Some plants combined by an Indian Ayurvedic recipe restore to the human body the necessary balance and protection from heat attack. With details, dr. Carla Fabian, competence in Ayurveda and Api-Phytotherapy. AYURVEDA COMBATS THE HEAT OF THE SUMMER One of the main features is the high temperature in summer. From Ayurvedic point of view, this means that the quality of hot occurs in the external environment. Of course when the temperature exceeds a certain limit, we are faced with excess hot and this quality can affect us in all these structures. In the physical structure we can deal with inflammation, in the dynamic structure the rhythms, instruments and systems at psychomental level can be disrupted, due to excess hot conditions we can have emotional and behavioral undue irritation, nervousness, very intense emotions. Such events occur with different intensities varied according to the type of person who is subject to excess heat. One important means of protection is to choose a light diet during the summer. You must choose a type of food that is not very spicy, which is not fat, so not eat more fatty and consistent foods. In summer, there are many vegetables and fruits that come in aid to compensate for excess heat. Adequate hydration fluids, especially fruit juices are slightly sweet and refreshing, because, in ayurvedic terms, it helps us a lot because the quality cold is circulated generally by bitter, sweet and astringent tastes. These tastes are found in fruits, vegetables and herbs. Another way we can combat this excess heat which leads to inflammation in the body, is the bitter plants, medicinal plants with predominantly bitter taste. Some plants are known in Romanian phytotherapy with properties like combating the excess heat in the body that cause inflammation. These include nettle, dandelion, chicory, artichoke and wormwood. In the Indian herbal medicine, the most representative herb with such an effect is the Neem tree. It has a general anti-inflammatory effect in the body and in particular in the blood. When we chill the blood, it manages to properly manage the excess heat that they do not accumulate in the body and not manifest as inflammatory conditions organs, skin, since that many people suffer from skin rashes in summer, or as disharmonious mental states, like I was talking about earlier, anger, irritability, even violence in people who are prone to it. For a full effect, Margusa must be completed with licorice. Quality effects of hot, if this quality is accumulated excessive in the body will manifest mainly in late summer because it is made a plurality of hot. A harmoniously remedy combining these two plants namely Neem and licorice, named MARGUSA, if taken preventively during the summer, both by adults and by children in different doses, will help us to overcome the effects of excess heat which will occur in late summer to autumn.

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