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Ten plants combined by Indian Ayurvedic methods have beneficial effects on children’s body. The syrup made from the combination of 10 plants combat food poisoning, stimulates brain function and heal tonsillitis. Moreover, strengthens the immune system and heals cold and flu. About the qualities of these plants and the benefits for childrens body, speaks dr. Carla Fabian, specialist in apiphytotherapy and Ayurveda. AYURVEDA IN CHILD’S HEALTH Childhood is one of the happiest times of our lives. In addition to its wonderful aspects of childhood it also has small drawbacks arising from lower or higher susceptibility of children to get sick. It is known that a child’s immune system is weakened and it predisposes easier to certain illness which may affect growth and both physical and psychomental development of the child. Prepared by Ayurvedic methods and enriched with honey, the Indian herbal syrup helps in a good physical and psychomental development of the child. Treated with this syrup, children are protected from seasonal infections and their body is ready to meet all requests. The plants used in the preparation of the syrup have a great effect in a wide range of diseases such as hay fever, whooping cough, chronic bronchial asthma. This syrup acts on the main physical structures such as: respiratory tract, increasing its immunity and have preventive and curative effects on bacterial or viral respiratory diseases that may occur in childhood. We know that children are extremely sensitive, easily make colds, viral infections, bronchitis and for this reason, a big part of the the syrup components addresses to the respiratory diseases. Also, the combination of these 10 plants have beneficial actions on bloating, diarrhea or constipation cases, suppresses vomiting, intestinal parasites. In the digestive system may appear different diseases namely bowel disorders, child predisposition to diarrhea or constipation, well known and frequent intestinal parasites that cause such an defficitary transit and assimilation of nutrients from food, which leads to poor growth and development of children. The immune system of children receives a substantial contribution from these Indian plants from which the syrup its made. Child’s immune system is extremely vulnerable during the childhood. The syrup contains herbs that have a stimulating effect on immunity and thereby is ensuring harmonious development and general protection against all infectious diseases, whether bacterial or viral, which may occur during this period. And last but not least, the preparation is useful in combating memory disorders in children, anxiety, depression and speech difficulties. Good development of the nervous system its also important in childhood. All of us are wishing that our children have better school performance, to be professionally accomplished. So the good development of the nervous system is supported with plants with cerebral tonic that helps in a gentle manner supporting this harmonious development of the nervous system. In childhood we cannot use exciting or stimulating plants with effects on the nervous system but tonic plants to help the proper development of the child. The syrup is well tolerated by children and with the addition of honey, has a pleasant taste, slightly sweet, beeing accepted with pleasure also by the young children. This syrup can be given to children of all ages, from very young to aged 12, 13, 14 going to the years when already we can help children development with specific immunity supplements. HAPPY KID syrup, Ayurmed brand, is distributed by the company STAR INTERNATIONAL MED and is an excelent tonic to child’s development. It helps to increase children’s physical and psychomental smooth and harmonious development. It also helps to boost immunity, prevent and treat respiratory diseases, digestive system, helps in proper development of the nervous system. Use with trust this syrup for your children!

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