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The combination of an Indian plant and an algae used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, purifies the body and gives all the substances it needs. Mother nature gave us a superfood which is able to nourish the body and combat the diseases, explains dr. Carla Fabian. THE SUPERFOOD IN AYURVEDA In Ayurveda, besides the purification therapy, regenerative therapy is extremely important because it completes the cleansing effects. When the body is purified, it assimilates better the effects of the remedies that come to restore the energy potential of the human body. One of the most used plants for this purpose is Spirulina, the famous Spirulina Platensis, a blue algae that is used for a long time for its tonic and nutritive exceptional properties. In Ayurvedic Medicine, Spirulina Platensis is combined with an Indian plant. Spirulina is not a specific plant of Indian phytotherapy, but combined with a highly efficient plant, of which I spoke earlier, named Ashwagandha or Indian ginseng, the effects of the two plants are aggregated and then the combination of Spirulina and Ashwagandha has a tonic and regenerating highly effective on the body at any age. So it can be used in both children and adults. The tonic and nutritive qualities of spirulina platensis are extremely rich in essential substances for the proper functioning of the body. This is due to its extremely complex composition. It contains 65% protein in very good quality, a concentration much higher than from meat. It also contains essential amino acids which are essential and nonessential proper to the functioning of the nervous system in particular. It contains a lot of mineral elements and trace elements mainly antioxidant,multiple vitamins, including vitamin A, which is found in a concentration more than 10 times higher than in carrots and also vitamin B12 which is found in a high concentration in Spirulina and this is extremely important because it is a vegetable source of vitamin B12, which is very important for people who maintain a vegetarian diet. It also contains polyunsaturated acids wich are also extremely important for the proper functioning of the nervous system and regulate the body’s lipid balance. One gram of spirulina may equate with a nutritionally balanced and healthy meal, so it is called the superfood. Contains 5% fat and only 0.8% cholesterol. Because it reduces hunger, its recommended as a dietary supplement in any diet. As well , it can be used for cancer prevention. Since it is a blue alga, Spirulina contains two important pigment phycocyanin and chlorophyll, these pigments are extremely important for their binding and for removing toxins from the body, toxins that are generating tumor diseases, especially diseases like malignant tumor or cancer. Also, these pigments have a major role to detoxify the liver. So when we consume Spirulina, we are feeding ourselfs and also we support liver in his good functioning. Also, consuming spirulina, we can prevent antitumor therapy. Antiviral activity of the algae is proven by scientific studies. One action of spirulina which is probably less known is on both antiviral herpes and the HIV virus that causes AIDS. There are important studies made in this regard which show that it is extremely effective. Indications administration of spirulina don’t have age restrictions. Spirulina is indicated for all age groups due to its exceptional nutritive tonic effect. Spirulina contributes to correct deficiencies power supply richness of principles it contains. It is given to persons who have low in calories diets and to persons who care diet. Also for children and the elderly, for people who deploy large, and for athletes. High content of vitamin B12 is very useful for children. For those who keep their vegetarian regimes. Spirulina algae is very important in the proper functioning of the nervous system and red blood cell synthesis, also to prevent a certain type of anemia that is installed by the deficiency of this vitamin. The regenerative effects of this superfood are recognized. However, the excess of nucleic acids from its content, may increase uric acid levels in the body thus causing calcium loss, the occurrence of kidney stones and gout. This is why the administration of the combination of blue algae Indian plant must not be excessive.

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