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In this video I am going to tell you about spinal injury and its treatment. I will discuss in detail about what is spinal injury and the kind of treatment we provide at Sai Sanjivani. In the end of this video I will introduce you with some of our patients who suffered from spinal injury who were not able to walk,move their hands but those patients are recovering Those patients will share their story themselves that how did they get injured what was their condition that time and their present condition they will be sharing themselves Due to spinal injury it is seen that patient loses strength of legs & hand patient is not able to walk and move his hands patient loses his/her bowel & urine control, loses power of gripping,there is difficulty in breathing All of the above mentioned problems are faced by spinal injury patients Now lets talk about what is spinal injury when injury is caused to the spinal cord due to any kind of trauma ,road traffic accident, fall from height,hit by rod injury caused while palying We have seen that the portion below the injury loses its sensation as well as its movements Suppose if you have any injury in cervical region then it leads to sensation loss below the neck or chest similarly if there is injury in brain then also it leads to damage of the nervous tissue and the kind of symptoms which the patient will face, depends upon the extent of injury caused to the brain due to stroke.The extent of injury decides that whether the hand will be affected ,leg would be affected or both whether there would be urine,bowel control or there would be difficulty in breathing It all depends upon the site of injury,extent of damage caused due to injury It is difficult to predict before sometimes there is mild fracture & there is no problem to the patient and sometimes minor fracture can lead to complete sensation loss and causes whole body paralysis So this was all about spinal injury and its treatment Whenever the patient is injured,is taken to the hospital for treatment the first line of treatment which is given is spinal correction. Surgery is done to repair the injury Patient is kept in the hospital for sometime and then is discharged The main problem which starts after that is disability.There is complete sensation and movement loss Patient is not able to move his/her hands,not able to walk Patient totally becomes helpless and dependent upon his/her family members Their family also suffers along with them.Family just wants that their patient atleast become independent, so that patient can do his/her own work.But when this does not happen their family get depressed. Patient is then advised to get rehab. Rehab means patient’s occupational therapy is done Patient is made to walk,their physiotherapy is done. But at this point treatment get finished for a spinal injury patient. But as you all know that Sai Sanjivani has been working in the field of Paralysis from a long time We started our work from treating paralysis occuring due to brain stroke But when patients with spinal injury started consulting us then we also started providing treatment to them. We started giving them medicines. The kind of results which were seen in spinal injury patient’s recovery were miraculous. We also did not have the idea of such miraculous recovery. that patient could show such good response in their recovery Because spinal injury is such a condition where the damage occurs to the spinal cord either in the form of compression or oedema When any such condition occurs it is very difficult to recover from it. As a doctor we have studied that spinal injury cannot be treated. There are very less chances of recovery very difficult to achieve Whether we get the phsyiotherapy done,put so much efforts but to achieve recovery in such patients is not less then a miracle But the kind of results we have seen in such kind of spinal injury patients since the past 3-4 years they are worth appreciation. These are the results which personally I could not also expect to be achieved in such a short time span Because we are also helpless due to our type of education and studies we are taught and we have seen that such type of patients cannot be recovered. Patient try a lot,get their rehab done but fails to recover. So today I will be introducing you with Anurag Anurag is our patient who is taking Sai Sanjivani medicines from the last 7 months. He suffered from quadriplegia from january 2017 He started our treatment from March 2017. Starting from April till November near about he is taking treatment from 8 -9 months. The kind of recovery which he was able to achieve that was not possible according to our theoretical knowledge given to us in our medical college Because when we saw his reports we were also not very sure about his speedy recovery As a doctor we knew that gaining recovery in this case could be very difficult Because we had always studied that spinal injury cannot be treated and we start believing it. But being a doctor it becomes our duty that if any such patient comes to us,we must always try our best to help him these efforts helped in recovering our patient Anurag This patient suffered from Quadriplegia.He was not able to move his hand,legs, could not even move and hold his neck. He did not have any sensation below his neck He did not have any movement below that portion. He could just only breathe and speak little bit. Patient was totally bedridden He had no movement and sensation in his body Now you can see the progress in patient within 7 months of Sai Sanjivani treatment So tell me Anurag how did you get injured? It took place on 23rd january 2017 in the morning.I was walking alone at 8am I was walking alone inside a narrow street I was going but I don’t remember much people told afterwards that a drainage pipe fell on my head Due to that drainage pipe which fell down I had suffered head injury I had faced 23 stitches and there was a fracture in my cervical bone which led to spinal cord injury The people took me to the nearby hospital The doctors applied stitches , did the bandaging and sent me home. But till the evening I came to know that I had spinal cord injury because I was not able to control my body Then what was your condition after that? After that I did not have any control and sensation below my neck Did you have little bit sensation ? No sensation and movement at all. So what did the doctors told you about your recovery? Doctors told us that there is not much hope of recovery 95% such type of cases do not show much recovery So from how much time you have been taking treatment from Sai Sanjivani? We are taking medicine from the very beginning from around 7 months we started the treatment from April. So from April till November from around 7 months What kind of recovery do you feel in his condition? Now his appetite is good there is movement in his hands and has better strength in his body In starting he was not able to sleep at night not even for a while he could sleep Now he can stand with support.First there was shivering in his legs. I used to feel giddy while standing.Body used to become very stiff even my eyes started to roll that time Now try to raise both of your hands I will be able to raise my left hand Sometime back there was no movement in his hands could not even hold his neck His neck used to swing Now I can hold my neck & raise my hand There is more progress in my left hand I can even rub my eye with this hand now Now again try raising your hand Please hold me Please hold me Now raise your hands with the support of other hand One hand has full movement I feel pain in my shoulder That is good you feel pain.This means you have regained your sensations Don’t worry we have treatment for pain Now show us combing your hair Before he could not do this there was no such movement present So you are his mother? You come in front of the camera So after the accident and till now what changes do you feel in his condition? I feel he is very much better now.How much recovery do you feel in his condition? The kind of accident and injury he had suffered then after that the kind of changes you could observe So from January till March how much progress do you feel in his condition? Firstly the condition was that his hands did not have any movement There was no sensation in his feet too no movement at all Now he can raise his hands We had to keep his neck with support because there was no neck holding and movement Now he can move his neck,rotate it towards left and right Now he has full strength I can just move my wrist a bit The progress has started atleast. There is movement in wrist When I stand my father and uncle make me walk so when I finished walking, after sometime I experienced giddiness I felt increased blood circulation and was able to feel better sensation in my feet As a doctor we really feel happy when we are able to see such good progress in our spinal injury patients Patient feels happy as well as his family because of his such good recovery We also feel proud that we are able to help such patients and help them in becoming independent again by bringing hope in their lives This is not only the single case of spinal injury with Sai Sanjivani We are having many more such cases with us.We will show you such another case of spinal injury and will be showing you that how did recovery took place in their condition you will be able to hear from the patient himself what is your name? Myself Arvind So now tell me Arvind ji that how did your problem start? I had a road accident in the year 2016 So you had an accident in 2016.Then after that what problem did you face? After that I lost all the sensations below the chest region You lost total sensations from chest to toes I became totally bedridden It required 4 people to change my side Then slowly I started regaining strength I took plenty of treatment visited many hospitals Every doctor told me that I would recover slowly with time Then I started to sit for a while So from how much time you have been taking treatment from Sai Sanjivani? I am taking treatment from 1 month. So how much recovery do you feel in your condition? I feel a lot of change than before Firstly I could not walk much without support I could only take few steps and then I used to fall But now I can walk with support, feel better strength Are you able to walk better than before? Yes I can walk better now Was there any trouble in your hands also? I faced more trouble below the chest till my toes There was no sensation and movement in my legs Now can you do your work independently? Now I don’t need any kind of help from others I can walk with the support of my stick So any message do you want to convey to other patients suffering from paralysis? I just want to convey that they should consult Sai Sanjivani doctors without any delay so that they can also recover soon. So are you satisfied with your treatment which you are taking for 1 month? Yes I am very much satisfied. Now do you feel better strength in body ? So in how much time do you think you will totally recover? I feel that I will recover within 1-2 months You just now saw that how spinal injury patient got recovered within such short time span.Now he can walk All you need is just faith and patience because in such cases of spinal injury patient has to keep faith in his treatment because in such disorders where there is compression, trauma or if damage is more then in that case it takes sometime for the medicine to show it’s result Recovery varies from patient to patient.In some cases recovery is fast whereas in some patients it may take sometime Our motive at Sai Sanjivani is that whether the patient is of spinal injury or paralysis caused due to brain stroke we want our patient to get independent soon so that our patient can do his/her day to day work easily He should not be dependent upon anyone so that the patient can lead a healthy life Whether the patient is Kushal Singh ,Anurag or Arvind when these patients get recovered we really feel happy because these are those cases where medical science also says that there is no treatment for it the patient cannot be recovered because once the nervous tissue gets damaged,it cannot be recovered But when at Sai Sanjivani we provide treatment to the patient and when patient follows doctor’s instructions completely then recovery in patient’s condition starts Patient’s life becomes better and patient becomes independent If you have any kind of doubt then you can call on the no.given below and you can consult our doctors You can also take appointment and visit our hospital I hope this video will help you in understanding about spinal injury and its treatment So now allow me say goodbye

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