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Hi, it’s Mark from Top Local Lead Generation. We’re here with Dr. John Pidutti of Springs
Eternal Naturopathic Clinic in Vancouver. How are you doing today John?
John: Great Mark. Thanks for having me. Mark: So we’re going to talk about something
that’s become a pretty common thing unfortunately which is fibromyalgia; a lot of confusion
about what it is perhaps. What are the key points about fibromyalgia?
John: You’re right, fibromyalgia is something that there is a ton of confusion around and
it’s something that’s complex and your average GP is going to tell people there’s
just not too many option for it. So the key points around fibromyalgia are basically,
you need to be with somebody who has got experience. I’ve been in practice since 2004 and we’ve
had some great experience helping people get out of the pain of fibromyalgia and really
you need somebody who can help you figure out what’s at the root cause. You know,
everybody’s a little bit different and so when you hear of fibromyalgia there’s a
lot of good intention products out there or supplements and with that you really need
to have, what’s your problem, what’s at the root cause and that’ going hone in and
tell us what to do for treatment because there’s probability and some of these treatments they’re
very low probability, it will work for a specific individual and others there’s high probability
and so the experience is really how you can figure out what’s going to work for that
and the other key thing I would tell you about fibromyalgia is it’s something that you
need the whole person to deal with that. It’s something that there’s no one thing that
if you just do this treatment it will magically disappear. It’s something that you need
to have the whole person assessed and figure out the root and then treat that and over
time it’s amazing what can happen with that. So actually that’s just you know, a quick
summary of the key points for fibromyalgia. Mark: So we’ve done a few of these now and
I think maybe the common theme is that this body, everyone’s body is this really complex
chemical factory, emotional factory, physical exercise levels etc., etc., what’s your
diet and so looking at all of it becomes incredibly important for you to really get to the root
cause, if that fair? John: Exactly, that really is the key point
with health, is learning about all the factors, you know, looking at like you mentioned the
biochemistry and with the focus so much of it being on disease for the last century or
longer we’ve missed function and so that’s where this whole idea of naturopathic medicine
is all around function and then combining the philosophies and in the end you get the
best of all medicine but for the individual it’s really just balancing all, ok, what
are all the little factors of my life and being very conscious about choosing how you
balance those. Mark: So given that this is a really complex
living system is there one little known cause that’s a big trigger for fibromyalgia symptoms?
John: You know, one of the interesting correlations we find with fibromyalgia is something that
people aren’t often thinking about, they’re thinking about the pain in the body, the arms,
the legs, the back, the neck, the head, all these pain and one of the things we see a
correlation is most people with severe fibromyalgia often have severe inflammation in the digestive
tract and so we can’t say its causative but we see the correlation so much and we
when we treat it we actually see the fibromyalgia symptoms improve. That’s one thing I’m
always looking for when we look at root causes and then as a bonus you know, throwing in
another root cause almost always there’s some sleep challenges, often there’s hormonal
problems and then another thing is often it’s a sign of you’re in burn out, you know often
people are go, go, go and one of their early signs is wow they start to get pain and achiness
everywhere. Mark: So are there even tho you sort of disabused
the notion, are there any magic bullet techniques? John: That is the question most people come
in and they’re like can I just do one thing to make this go away and unfortunately with
fibromyalgia there is no one thing but it truly is the thing about figuring out what
are the root causes whether that’s with the diet, you know that’s always just the
small component but there always is some dietary change. A lot of people are afraid about the
dietary changes, it’s something we can help you figure out what are those root causes,
walk you through it, it’s not a big deal as you may feel or seem but there’s so many
other root causes with imbalances in microorganisms but in the end it’s one of these conditions
that a magic bullet is really in just figuring out for your body why did you get it, what
are the triggers, remove those obstacles and your body will repair.
Mark: Awesome, so if you want some help with your fibromyalgia these are the guys to call.
Check out their website at You’ll see reviews, testimonials from happy
clients there who’ve had help with their fibromyalgia and you can give him a call to
book your appointment 604-737-0012. Thanks Dr. John.
John: You’re welcome, thank you.

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