Taking Charge of Your Health

So if someone’s like, you
meet someone you wanna be in a relationship with and
they’re in opposite HIV status. How do you treat that? With a conversation,
like you would any other relationship issue. Communication is the key because
if I can’t live in my truth and if I can’t be
honest with myself, I can’t be honest
with anybody else. Yeah but also talking
about things like treatment as prevention, you know like
if your partner is HIV positive and he’s undetectable, or
he or she is undetectable, understanding that that can
reduce your HIV transmission, you know. But there’s other STDs. Yo tuve un novio en
colegio que es positivo, y fue una relación muy
bonita y aprendí mucho. Fuimos juntos, verdad,
al doctor. Actually some of the
education that I got was from someone I was
about to have sex with, who told me that they
were undetectable positive and I just asked them like,
well what does that mean? When an HIV positive individual
takes their medications as prescribed it basically
reduces the infections that’s in their blood to a point where it’s really
almost near impossible to infect their partner If you
are living with this disease, this condition, it
does not define you. You just have another
thing to take care of. I got HIV from making
really human choices, by being a human being
in the human world. Because of science, we can
live as HIV positive people as undetectable, as
uninfectious members of society. Being undetectable isn’t a
place, it’s not one place. It’s something that
you continuously are. It’s something that you
continuously work at. Cuando te empoderas, te educas, y buscas la información
correcta y la información clara, te das cuenta de que es
algo super fácil de trabajar. In that one day of feeling
horrible about myself, my whole life and
attitude changed because of being told this from
my friend about medications and realizing that my whole life
could change and it didn’t have to be what I thought
it was going to be. Join the conversation about
testing, your status, condoms, PreP, and medicines
that treat HIV. Learn more at

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