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>And we actually have some more risk
factors that may put you at risk for stomach cancer. So let’s walk through
them and let’s see if we could take the first one which is the H pylori
infection.>Right. So, so this is huge because the the development or the
learning about the role of exploring gastritis and and gastric cancer has
changed the way we treat peptic ulcer disease. It was discovered in 1980s that
patients with gastric cancer and patient with ulcers also had a high incidence of
infections related to H pylori and we found that by treating that infection we
can prevent that gastritis prevent the ulcer disease and also you know prevent
uh the the risk of gastric cancer.>And how do you know if you suffer from this
H pylori infection.>So if someone has symptoms at the time of endoscopy the
gastroenterologist can actually buy out to the stomach and culture it, there’s
also stool tests and blood tests that will show whether or not your your
carrier if you have an infection.>Excellent. All right. Stomach inflammation
is one male gender, you can mention more prevalent in males diet includes many
salted smoked and pickled foods… really??!!>Yeah. So gastric cancer actually decrease
over time as we’ve changed the way that we that we save our meats now with
refrigeration rather than salting process the risk of gastric cancer. The
incidence has gone down countries where there’s a prevalence of
the smoked meat consumption have a higher instance of gastric cancer so
definitely there’s a strong link between what we eat and the risk for for a
gastric cancer and the American Cancer Society usually recommends you have at
least two and a half cups of vegetables and and fruit a day which they believe
helps mitigate some of the inflammatory process that can lead to to gastric
cancer and other GI tumors.>Fantastic all right of course smoker that’s always
un the list — is always on the list — and family history of stomach cancer not obviously
genetics where you come from.>Right. Exactly. I mean if your mother had
gastric cancer if your father had a gastric cancer if they had a gastric
cancer at an early age right then these are all
indicators that you may be a higher risk and you may need screening.

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