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Usually after delivery we all have stretch marks in abdomen,thighs,buttocks ,breast etc
Today we will discuss about the home remedies to remove such stretch marks permanently. We are discusding about two effective home
remedies today. 1.Take one tablespoon of almond oil and one
tablespoon of castor oil Add one pinch of organic turmeric powder too
Mix these mixtures very well Heat it
Method 2 Mix one tablespoon olive oil and add two vit
E tablet to it.Vit E tablet is very effective to remove
stretch marks. Almond oil contains vit E ,thats the reason
we didn’t add vit E tablet in first method Both of these methods are very effective to
remove stretch marks. The things that we should care at the time
of oil application Donot apply oil in downward direction,it cause
sagging of our abdomen. Apply oil in clockwise direction only
Because our elimentary cannal is situating in clockwise direction
Apply oil like this for upto 10 minutes continously. Allow it it absorb for 30 minutes
After that we can do steaming For that we can use a towel dipped in luke
warm water. Press the towel over the abdomen with some
pressure in clockwise direction When we do this steaming process ,it helps
to open the pores and thus helps the oil to absorb into the skin very fastly and deeply
For best result ,we can add ripened jackfruit tree’s leaves,vettiver etc into the water
before boiling If we are taking one part of water boil it
till the water becomes 3/4 Then the water will get the complete medicinal
essence of these leaves The remaining water can be used for bath later. One more important thing we should keep in
mind is , We have to do All these
treatment after delivery with In 6 months of delivery for the best results. We can do this steaming in thighs buttocks
etc But should not apply hot towel on the breast
Thats is about today’s video. Hope you all enjoyed
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