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Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet, in our opinion of course Successful spondylus Spondylolisthesis Spondylolisthesis treatment. Live active and pain-free without surgery or pain meds That’s the title of our program today And we have our expert here at my side, because Brad is living with it. Spondylolisthesis diagnosis grade 2 diagnosed approximately ten years ago I know I had it longer than that, but that’s when I had the x-rays taken to confirm it, although I know when I was in my early 20s. I did not have it and I think I know the accident I had that got it moving. It was a water skiing accident. A knee boarding Yeah, I jumped the wake, the knee when the board went into the water, which really hyper-extended my back, and it was a painful little accident Grade two is fairly progressed, right but it’s not severe, well, it’s fairly severe wouldn’t you say? Yeah, we’ll get into it here, so Bob there’s 2700 people out there, way too big numbers, so of course in case you are new to our Channel Please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos on how to stay healthy and fit and pain-free and we upload every day also If you get a chance to get over to the Facebook and “like” us because Brad and I as children were not liked and we are trying to turn things around. Well we were liked a little bit. Well. Maybe you were, I wasn’t. I can believe that, okay spondylolisthesis If you have been diagnosed with it, and you hear this big name and it may just completely scare you much more than it should, 5-10% of the population in the U.S. study shows have it to some degree, there are people who do not even know they have it, and they don’t have symptoms What happens is your vertebra literally slip, and that’s what the term means if you break the term up its Greek Spondyl means vertebra, listhesis means slippage, so your vertebra actually slip on each other usually at S1 and L5 or L4 and L5. Mine are L4 and L5 So the whole thing is, is you want it to stabilize and avoid it from slipping in further there in the future and that’s what I’m gonna give you, so the primary objectives here are to live without pain Continue to be active Avoid surgery, live your life, right, be able to do the things you want to do. You may have to modify things a little bit right But you still can move on, Brad’s a good example, very active Still running and typically if you have a flare-up of this or you maybe you’ve had an accident like I did it which created it This is something that is not going to cure within a week You can control the pain but to get to the point where you’re really active, if you happen to be an active person it’s gonna take some time. How much time? I don’t know, I can give you some idea on mine, but But you’re very dedicated and very I mean you stuck with it as far as an exercise program, right I follow these simple rules that we’re gonna get to, so common symptoms if you have spondylolisthesis It’s very common for these people to say if I’m standing in one spot for a long time and it may be 5, 10 20 minutes for sure You start to have back pain, oftentimes you get pain numbness, tingling down one or both of the legs Typically when you sit down, feels much better, ok so there’s a little component of stenosis But we just need to know the symptoms Other thing, extension, let’s say you’re washing or painting an overhead ceiling typically bothers a back when you get into it. I remember I was doing a project once with my brother working on drywall overhead, just by the end of the day even sitting down, it didn’t feel so good, it was so fired up Yeah, yeah So extension activities that go backwards, you need to avoid that. So how are you going to stabilize that spine and keep it from shifting or irritating so you don’t have to live with chronic back pain or symptoms down your leg, that’s what we’re gonna go through. So number one avoid painful activities, it’s as simple as that. Anything that fires it up is not good. I mean If you take a hammer and you start hitting your thumb and it hurts, stop hitting your thumb. Right the concept is exactly that so The nice thing about it Brad by the way is this gets you out of some shopping trips right? It does. You can only shop so long I’d be like, I gotta get this thing, because when I’m with my wife you know my spawny’s acting up And it’s truthful, it is true Okay, the other one walk as tolerated. Bob talks a lot about it and he emphasizes more than I do But I clearly agree with him. Walking is a great exercise for back problems, as long as your bag tolerates it, in my situation Three to four years ago for a period of one to two years I could not walk no more than 3/4 of a mile and my right leg would start to get tingly and numb down to the foot So I would never walk that far, just a half mile, actually now I just walked three and a half miles the other day No problems at all. You ran it you said. Well I can walk and run. I walked with my wife yesterday, I ran it. The day before I walked, nice Yeah So walk as tolerated and here’s the big thing: you really need to do some core strengthening and focus. Core strengthening refers to the whole core when we’re thinking from a therapist or trainer point of view But you need to focus on the abdominals Okay, not so much back here, but really think about getting these muscles Tightened up and strong because they’re going to help support that Minimize or prevent that slippage of the vertebrae on each other, now remember if you have a little slippage You’ve got some scar tissue that has to heal and that’s not a quick process So we’re gonna build muscles up around to support those vertebra And you let that scar tissue build up on each other and we’ve got a whole video on strengthening with the ball right. Oh I love the ball Bob, yeah, if you go to our playlist and on two or three of them I call if my famous four. There’s four exercises that I do and they only take about three minutes Depends on how many you do and how fast you do them, but they’re pain-free They really help the core, and that’s been part of my success for sure Now the other thing is you want to continue to maintain range of motion. You just don’t want to only do flexion exercises So I will do extension exercises, but I will not overextend, and I won’t do it a lot, and part of my exercise program on the ball is a little bit of extension. Yep. I do some extension. You do that one where you do some you could show real quick. I’ll just show, you’re gonna use the ball and I’m gonna extend and work these muscles this much, yeah some people might say you’re not extending your back, but you are, yes you are, as a therapist you look at the biomechanics, and we have some extension there We have strengthening going on. I put my hands here, and then I’ll do a little bit of extension, but I won’t go real high. I’m not trying to arch real high and now also put I think this is critical you add some rotation So that your back Maintains some mobility and rotation. Again I’m not trying to twist really far and definitely a pain would be your guide here These are completely pain-free for me And it works well so maintain some range of motion as much as you can Now I’m going to show you some other things some gadgets that help ya get through the day Brad and I was talking about it, when somebody’s in pain we like to give them tools right and some of the tools will work for you and some may not but these are the ones that have been working for you right, in a couple of weeks I’ve got a project going on we got some trees they got to get done, I’m calling over some friends We’re gonna do some brush pile and cut some trees. I’m gonna be wearing this right here This is a back belt that works really nice. It pulls up really tight and so I’m gonna wear this not all day long But when I’m out doing the lifting and stuff because even that I got to watch myself But I can still do it, this gives me a lot of support, this one was from Brace Ability. Yep and They’ve got a lot of nice braces, but what’s cool about It is that’s how it tightens up, and it’s very rigid and it works well, easy to tighten up and loosen up I’ve worn a lot of braces, and I like a lot of them, but this one is by far my favorite Okay, next thing cold packs, man get your cold pack out if you got a sore back, lay down and I’ve done this many times I use my leg wedge, which I love and then I put a cold pack right under here You’re gonna give me a pillow Bob? I’m being a nice guy, he does care about me, and Bob and I talk about this position, not for back pain and for spondi it’s really wonderful, as a matter of fact when I’ve been flared up because I’ve done silly things This is how I go to bed. I’ll they like this I’ll fall asleep and eventually I take it out then, but for a good half hour to an hour I’m in that really comfortable position, and it’s a good way to, we’ve got this listed down below in our Amazon Products. I’ll try to get some of these other ones in there, too. I’m sure we don’t have them all in there And then ibuprofen Whatever you like, just don’t overdo that, calm the inflammation down. I only use that very rarely. Pain meds from the doctor? I’ve never used any pain meds, I just don’t need to, I’ve been able to easily control it this way. Oh hot pack, I will use a hot pack now Only if it’s not flared up. If it’s flared up, and it’s sore I will not, otherwise hot pack I’ll use this. You actually use a little more than hot pack, that’s infrared which goes deep Because I want that scar tissue to heal So that’s Thermotext infrared That’s gonna Go over two inches deep, normal heat only goes very minimal, a couple millimeters Right just a hot pack, but you need something like that to get in and Bob You know this has been one of my favorite things is This memory foam lumbar support, we’ve got that listed below I’ve used a lot of lumbar supports over the years, and this clearly is the best one I’ve ever used for my back Let’s make sure we also say I don’t like it. He doesn’t like it, I don’t like it for my car, right I like it for my office chair So I don’t know if this is going to work for everybody, it certainly works for me. Yeah, you you’ve really gone on and on about it. It’s really been a lifesaver. When I first put in my car, I was like this is too big There’s no way I’m gonna like this, and then you settle into it after a few minutes, and then it’s like oh I forgot it was there. Ah so that is the recipe right there. The exercises are the biggest thing: avoid doing silly things, and then use your tools I think that was kind of a day in the life of Brad Heineck. Say no more Bob, they’re really bored now They’re probably all off the channel. I’m sleeping. Thanks for watching

38 thoughts on “Successful Spondylolisthesis Treatment Without Surgery-Live Active & Pain-Free

  1. LOVE Bob and Brad, the most famous physical therapists – on the internet ! Superheros for those of us living with back pain. 💓 Thanks fellas !

  2. Thanks fellas! Grade 1 Spondy L4-5 here
    You have helped me live with this condition without fear and my pain is down to about 2 from 9. It's taken about 6months I am so grateful.
    Love the wedge!

  3. I have this too (Spondylolisthesis grade 2 just like Brad). I just found out a few months back so this video was very helpful. Thanks.
    As a side note, I saw you struggling with the pronunciation again so I thought I'd tell you my new trick in remembering it. The word "LIST" is in the middle of the word. I did add another "T" but, that's so I could emphasize the word "list". Here's how it looks:

  4. I really enjoy watching your videos. You guys give good, practical advice. I got my PT degree from UW-Madison (many years ago) and live on the East Coast, so your accents bring back great memories of Madison.

  5. This is the craziest thing. I had a skiing accident when I was 14 and fractured 3 lower vertebrae. When I was 17 I was diagnosed with spondylolesthesis while going to follow up doctors for pain. Didn't get the surgery and life went on. A week ago I injured my lower back enough to go to urgent care. They said it was a sprain just gave me meds and sent me along. yesterday I told my bf that I had been diagnosed with this and I wondered if it had flared up if possible. I check you YouTube this morning and saw this and almost spot out my coffee. I couldn't believe y'all were talking about it! Thank you so much and thanks to God

  6. I shanked a plastic football off the side of my foot when I tried to punt it. I was 12 when it happened. That was over 40 years ago.

  7. Would a chiro drop table maneuver work to reposition the vertebrae so it’s aligned with the bottom one then object prolo or prp stuff in there to make sure the ligs heal in that position?

  8. Thanks Bob & Brad, I arrived with Scoliosis all my life and the Back adjustment & Stretching videos have been a life saver. My pain level is now managed without any meds. Thank you both very much!!!

  9. My Spondy and I thank you both for bringing this condition to the forefront. When I was diagnosed with Grade 1 many years ago, I cried all the way home because the Neurosurgeon told me a fusion was the only answer? A second opinion from an Orthopedic surgeon gave me the nerve pain relief I needed. Couldn’t stand for more than 2 minutes without left leg going numb all the way to the foot and excruciating pain. Because the slippage narrowed the opening for the nerve was the problem along with stenosis. It’s an unending condition to live with but I won’t give up. Still very active but unable to walk or stand for too long, like Bob. The back gets tired and hurts. I hope this helps someone else reading this because the slippage causes a narrowing for the nerve to flow thru. Thanks again for all your tips! 💕Annmarie

  10. My pt and my chiro had no idea what this condition was when I told them I had it. Side note, is it true press ups are not good for this ?

  11. I have recently been diagnosed with this condition same L4 on L5 like you. What about sitting all day long for work. Can you give suggestions for how to sit properly to support this condition and not make it worse. Thx !

  12. Thank u for the video. I have a recent diagnosis of spondy plus congenital missing fusion on the other side. I am in so much pain and wish for surgery instead. Is it a better option?

  13. "stabilise the spine to prevent it slipping further" but can we push the vertebral back in the original position?

  14. I have this condition. It’s level one but still taking a lot of energy out of me. My biggest problem is leg pain. Usually on my sheen and ankle. Any suggestions or solutions?

  15. I have hypermobility syndrome and spondylolisthesis at the L5-S1. Sleeping, even with a bolster, is getting more and more painful. I don't get leg pain but lots of lower back pain. All 3 medical opinions I have received so far have told me that a fusion is my only treatment option. Any tips on sleeping better?

  16. I injured my spine playing baseball and swinging for the fences. Swung the bat so hard I gave myself a spondylo. Bringing my knees to my chest for about 2 mins or so will bring relief during a flare up for me. Great advice here. Thanks guys!!

  17. I KNOW this is what I have been suffering from and it has been increasing pain wise within the last year and I am a heated a yoga instructor and I believe square hips splits was the catalyst to this flare that has seemed to be so prolonged.

    My question is WHOM do I see first to be diagnosed with this? What specialist?

    Thank you guys this was such a breath of fresh air – I have been going to a chiropractor and just diagnosed with an anterior pelvic tilt with a distended sacrum .. but I HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN it was more than this and chiropractic work has done nothing and I am a very active fit person so I need to get this figured out ASAP.
    Sitting for long periods of time as a night nurse before I chose the career path of becoming an RYT I would have to bring a donut to sit all night bc the pain was so severe.

    I refuse any pain medicine so holistic is my preferred method. I live in Kansas City Missouri GIVE A GIRL SOME REFFERALS!

  18. Is there anyway by which i can get the slipped bone i.e. ( Spondylolisthesis) to it normal position and cure it completely as before.or surgery is only option to make it normal.

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