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Sun Tan removal home remedies | How to get fair skin at home ? | Tamil Beauty Tips Whenever summer comes our skin gets affected. It is essential to take care of our skin. If we maintain the skin with available natural items our skin cells will be healthy and we can get glowing skin. Let us see how to maintain the skin with the things available at home. We are going to prepare a face pack using Tomato, rosewater, Sugar, Lemon. aloevera gel. Dip a piece of cotton in rose water and wipe your face and neck. Rose water contains many nutrients and helps to clear skin problems. Some people have Skin irritation, excess oil secretion, Dry skin,skin darkness. If they use rosewater their skin will look fresh. Cut the tomato into two halves. Dip in sugar and scrub it all around your face and neck for 2- 3 minutes. This scrub is to remove dead cells and to get glowing skin. Some girls have rough skin in face. If they use it thier skin will become bright. Add two tsp of aloe vera gel with two tsp o tomato juice. Then add the liquid in vitamin E capsule . You can get these capsules in Phamarcy Mix them well and make a paste Apply it on face and massage for 5 minutes. Aloe Vera contains more water content. The sugar content in Aloe Vera helps to grow the tissues in our skin and keeps the skin soft. Aloe Vera gel helps to remove dead cells as well as in growing new cells. Mix 2 tsp of Rice flour, 2 tsp of Tomato juice, 2 drops of lemon juice, rose water and make it as a paste. We are using lemon juice because it is rich in vitamin C and helps to fix skin problems After squeezing the juice you can rub the lemon peel in you hands, legs or finger nails. If you do this the dirts in the nails will be cleaned and your nails look brighter. Apply the paste we made on your face and neck. Wash it off after 15 minutes. If you do this everyday our skin will be glowing. The darkness due to sunlight will also change.

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