Taking Charge of Your Health

We’ve got approximately 1100 to 1200 students at our school. We can only incorporate 48 within the excellence in surfing program. The behaviour and the contracts that these students need to fulfil their responsibilities to be part of this program tends to breed a fairly high degree of excellence in the program. During the 12 years the program’s been running we have had quite a high success rate with surfers going on to make a living from the sport they love. Our ultimate aim really at the start of every year is to get as many surfers as possible onto the Queensland school surfing team which then goes away to the national titles. Out there right now in the water we probably have at least six surfers very much capable of getting themselves on the Queensland team this year once they’re on the Queensland team and heading into the National titles, the Australian titles, anything’s possible. Surfing definitely gets you motivated to come to school. School can get pretty hard at times. It’s a good subject. It’s definitely the way you want to get up in the morning before school and go for a surf and it’s always good to get refreshed. No one is really left out at Sunshine. The teachers put in a lot for kids for their education and it’s good. Well right now this year and in the next few years while I’m still under 16, I just want to do a few grom comps; just the local ones, a few of the bigger ones and just surf against the best girls. See where I’m at, see what I need to improve on and eventually I want to go on to the pro junior series. And if that goes well then the qualifying series and then hopefully the world tour. I do maths, science, English and a fashion study course. At the moment we are designing a dress that we’ll make and it’s lots of fun. We have a we have a portfolio that we take a lot of pride in and paint in it and all that sort of thing and it’s a great class, I love going to that class.
We have a we have a portfolio that we take a lot of pride in and paint in it and all that sort of thing and it’s a great class, I love going to that class. Tazma has been involved in the program for two years now, she currently is a fairly entry level surfer but her skills are definitely improving. I believe she’s benefiting from her program not only her surfing skills but her overall life skills. I have a lot of aspiration I want to maybe compete when I’m older. I play flute and I sing. This is my lesson. I’m also in concert band and I do choir every Wednesday. Our excellence program has around 80 students that are involved in our choir and different eisteddfods in our stage band and concert band. Which means they have a huge commitment to make to be at school practising after school and that commitment needs to be steadfast, because it effects other people along the way. Our school is 20 years old so we have a number of staff who have been here and have developed a commitment to an individual culture about our school, which is extremely supportive. The school itself has a cross-section of subjects. Vocational educational programs for students, they can do school-based traineeships and apprenticeships and we have a person who helps them along that journey. It’s a very calm environment and the reason for the calmness I believe it is because the teachers do ‘own’ their students and their whole wellbeing, not just their academic wellbeing, because that’s a part of an adolescent’s growth. It’s them as a whole person, ethically, morally, their value sets, helping them to be the best they can be. I think every day is pretty rewarding. You know, going down the beach and seeing the kids improve and the smile on their face when they manage to pull off the drill that we gave them. This program is just a part of what Sunshine does. The teachers have always been really caring and if you want to learn they’re there for them, so as a parent, as opposed to a coach, I’m really stoked in that school. I know what ever you want to do, if it’s music, sport, academia, they’re there for you.

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