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We all use two three or four devices every day… and have tons of pictures and videos all scattered do you still go through the hassle of uploading and downloading to a cloud? Now the sky is clear and sunshine has come! you can directly connect all your devices to stream transfer and share all your files no more wasting time no more file converting and no more size limits let me show it to you! how do you watch movies when you’re away from your computer? all you gotta do is drag and drop your 100GB movie collection on Sunshine! and instantly stream from any device my iPhone only has 16 GB storage… but I can access my Mac and stream any movie including mkv. and avi. formats without converting isn’t this amazing? when I’m about to go on a trip I can quickly download them on my mobile at the speed of sunshine! to enjoy the movie offline what about instant sharing 1000 pictures from your last trip with your friends? add your friends on Sunshine and share all your files in seconds with sunshine your friends can instantly access all the pictures download only the pictures they want imagine how dragging in a beat to do this in a messaging app or cloud service you can also cast a smart TV from any device any device any format no size limit Sunshine, directly stream and transfer all your files

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