Taking Charge of Your Health

Arin: Hey I’m Grump
Dan: I’m not so Grump A: and we’re the Game Grumps
D: and we’re the Game Grumps A: Hey welcome D: Hi there A: How are you? D: We are – I’m good, I’m good, how are you? D: I hope you’re not in a fuckin giant river of death pudding A: That’s ok D: Oh it’s unfortunate, you are A: It’s cool cause your jetpack cleans it up too A: cause it’s all water
D: Look at that A: I know right
D: Ohhhh god no A: Another one A: It’s like, he just ate something so he’s like, [gulping noises] A: or you know when there’s like a baby A: you know, and they have like a spit wing and they just don’t care because they’re fucking babies D: Yeah or old people A: They do care, they just don’t care D: Yeah they’re like, ‘I know I’ve got shit in the corner of my mouth, leave me alone’ A: I guess that’s worse
D: Yeah A: cause babies like, aren’t even capable of being aware A: but old people are aware, they just don’t care D: Yeah D: When I’m old, like when I’m super crusty old D: I can’t wait to be like, ‘HUH?’ D: Like no matter what anyone says to me, even if I understood perfectly what they were trying to get across A: You gotta do it with like a New England accent, like, ‘HENH?’ D: ‘WHAT?’ A: ‘HENH? What was that? Huh?’ A: ‘Speak up’ D: ‘Grandpa I just wanted to say that I love you and I know I don’t get to see you often’ D: ‘but it’s just always a pleasure cause you mean the world to me’ A: ‘HENH?’
D: ‘HUH?’ D: ‘Who are you?’ D: ‘Raisins?’ A: ‘Are you – are you from the war?’ A: Just so explicit like, I’m senile D: ‘I haven’t seen you since nineteen aught six’ A: ‘Play The Entertainer on that piano’ D: ‘Are you world famous pugilist Tommy Ray Handley?’ A: ‘Eisenhower’ D: Oh my god D: This was a special time D: ‘What’s your phone number? Mine is seven’ A: And? A: ‘HUH?’
D: ‘That’s it’ A: ‘HENH?’
D: ‘What?’ D: Oh man D: I’m gonna start just doing that at like 35 A: Yeah you should A: and then just be like, I age fast A: I, you know A: I’m a fast learner D: ‘Hey Dan, you’ve been working at this company a few years, we think you’re doing a good job’ D: ‘and we just wanted to let you know, uh, you might be getting a raise’ D: ‘HUH?’ D: ‘Where am I?’ A: ‘Who are you?’ A: ‘Communist’ D: ‘Are you a Red?’ D: Oh my god A: Then you say some like really fuckin outdated racial slur or something A: and people are like not even offended A: What’s like an outdated-
D: I can’t even think of one A: They’re all still relevant D: Yeah all of them have held pretty true A: Wait am I aiming to catch him or? D: I don’t know
A: I guess I should just try that D: ‘You haven’t been hanging out with those pineapple boys, have ya?’ D: I think that just means Hawaiians A: Pineapple boys A: Cmere D: Aw man, that dick
A: I know, he’s fast, he’s a fast ‘un D: So he stole your girl, he’s undoing all your work, and he’s just shitting Ms everywhere A: Uh, “stop the criminal in his tracks with some water” oh ok
D: Oh yeah D: Shoot him down A: This is what happens
D: Yeah A: when we talk about old people for too long A: shit D: The whole town goes to shit A: Literally there’s all this shit everywhere with fuckin my name on it D: I gotta tell ya, this guy hasn’t thought out his escape route very well A: ‘Maybe I’ll get away’ D: ‘They’ll never catch me’ D: ‘until I lap around’ D: Who is that guy? A: He’s uh A: He’s uh, baby Bowser D: Ohhhhhhh ok A: Bowser’s fuckin like New Yorker son A: He’s like, ‘I hate you Mario’ D: ‘Yo Mario who the fuck you think you are?’ D: ‘you fuckin douchebag’ A: He’s like way too adult for this fuckin game D: ‘I’m gonna draw fuckin Ms all over your cock and fist and fuckin island’ A: ‘Go fuck yourself Mario’ A: ‘Go stick your head in a dick’ A: ‘That’s right, the hole that the dick has at the end of it’ A: ‘stick your head in that’ A: ‘ya pinhead’ A: When is this motherfucker gonna die? D: ‘Welcome to our happy island’ D: ‘I hope you enjoy your stay’ D: ‘HEY. PUSSYLIPS’ D: ‘GO FUCK YOURSELF’ D: Barry please edit that out thank you A: yes A: “Ow ow ow. You shouldn’t be allowed to-” oh don’t by the way Barry D: Yeah
A: I’ll kill you if you do it A: I will fucking kill you D: I’ve asked Barry to edit things out like three times and you’ve superceded me every time D: No Barry, don’t just do that but make a small rap around it A: Yeah
D: Many visuals [rap to ‘hey pussylips go fuck yourself’] A: Cock-loving slut A: Barry edit that out A: No Barry, in fact find a visual representation of a cock-loving slut D: This Super Mario Sunshine episode has taken a strange turn A: I guess I need to go inside now D: Whoaaaaa didn’t expect that
A: Mhm A: I did because I’ve played it before D: [accent] Bianco Hills A: I think it could be Blanco? D: [accent] Welcome to the road to the big windmill D: [accent] BIANco D: [accent] BIANco A: [accent] I once knew a lady named BIANco A: [accent] She had a nice…a-tushy tush A: [accent] It was plump A: [accent] and juicy A: That’s a bit like van Damme D: J.C.V.D.?
A: Yeah A: He always has that kind of like A: [accent] Bison A: [accent] I’m going to get you bison D: Jean-Claude van Damme is my favorite of all those guys D: primarily because he kept getting sued D: by uh, the other people, like the stunt doubles A: in his movies because he refused to not kick them in the face for real D: He was like, [accent] ‘I am an artist’ A: [accent] ‘This is what it takes’ D: [accent] ‘Your face is not worth this shit on my shoe’ A: [accent] ‘Haven’t you ever seen Bloodsport?’ A: [accent] ‘one of the greatest movies of all time’ D: [accent] ‘I’m sorry, have you not seen Street Fighter II: The Movie?’ A: [accent] ‘the game’ A: Have you ever played Street Fighter: The Movie the game? D: I- oh you mean the game based on the movie based on the game?
A: Yeah D: I have not, I think I saw someone play it once D: It’s got like that digitized kinda A: Yeah it’s got that Mortal Kombat real people look to it
D: Yeah D: It’s bad right? A: I should check this with the… road to the big windmill, alright I’m going to the windmill D: [accent] Have you forgotten what Bianco told you? A: [accent] I was too busy looking at her tushy tush D: [accent] her hills, as I say A: [accent] oh Bianco A: Aw cool, I got a blue coin A: That merits a save D: Does it?
A: I should save my progress D: Great
A: for that blue coin D: What- did it say you could go to the boathouse? A: The boathouse? D: I think that’s what it said, if you collect ten blue coins something happens A: Oh that’s nice
D: I didn’t pay attention A: You can use it to pay off your fucking mortgage that your wife keeps nagging you about D: Peach… A: You bought the castle for her A: She’s one of those girls who’s like, ‘treat me like a princess’ A: She’s not actually a princess, she’s just like super delusional D: She just gets kidnapped a lot A: ‘I’m gonna bake you a cake Mario’ A: he’s like, ‘yeah fuckin bake me a cake, I don’t give a shit’ A: ‘I’ve got shit to do, fuck’ D: ‘I’ve got-a better shit to do’ D: Has it ever been established that they’re married? A: No
D: No – are they dating or? A: No he just wants to save her D: Ok
A: And she gives him a kiss on the cheek every so often D: Ugh what a load of horseshit A: I know D: I’d be infuriated D: If I fuckin went through a hellish landscape D: Mario Sunshine not included cause this happens to be very happy D: but every other Mario D: If I went through a nightmare world of fuckin turtles and dragons and all that shit D: like, and I got a peck on the cheek D: She better be fuckin tongue on balls the second I see her A: tongue on balls D: There better be a lip to sack connection A: lip to sack D: Hey alright A: What wire would you use for that? D: Pardon me? A: like, it’s a lip to sack connection D: Oh oh
A: it’s like, what wire D: Yeah I dunno A: would be used to D: We could go wireless A: I’m thinking, I’m thinking, uh, Bluetooth A: Better not use it though D: Don’t graze me with the Bluetooth D: swear to god A: Oh damn, my fuckin D: You’re getting close
A: Yeah A: It keeps transporting D: I can’t uh A: trying to get that blue coin D: I can’t wait to find out what those actually do for you A: I like that about the 3D Marios, you know A: I’ve been hard on Super Mario 64 in the past
D: Uh huh A: I still think it’s kind of a lame game A: but I like that you can kinda do a couple things A: even though the mission isn’t to do those things
D: Right right A: It’s like, aw I’m collecting blue coins even though they want me to go to the windmill D: Well it’s funny cause like, I um D: I was such an old school gamer when things star- I’ve never played Mario 64 D: shockingly enough
A: oh yeah? D: No I kinda skipped it because D: I was so passionately in love with sidescrollers D: and that’s all I had ever known like my whole life D: so Mario 64 was kind of the first D: game where you could, you know, run foward – there’s a word for it, I can’t remember the word D: Platformer? Is that it? Yeah yeah
A: Yeah D: where, you know, it was 3D and everything and I was like D: No one can live at this speed A: Oh yeah I remember my brother used to like get sick D: Yeah
A: when he watched me play Ocarina of Time D: It was very confusing at first, it took a while for me to get used to D: oh god A: Fuck these goddamn pieces of shit
D: Yeah right? D: Next time on Game Grumps Arin fights the same enemy again

100 thoughts on “Super Mario Sunshine: Bianco Hills – PART 2 – Game Grumps

  1. This video made me actually realise why wireless was called wireless. Wire-less XD WHY DID I JUST REALISE THIS NOW?!

  2. I work with seniors and I can tell you that one of my residents always has a 'spit wing' and after watching her attempting to eat a napkin multiple times I can whole heartedly say….she does not know and does not care at all, 100%. Love em though, my little babies.

  3. I've neva seen anyone be THIS bad at Mario Sunshine…I've seen 8 year old children play this better wtf….How do u spray those X's and the game shows u where the blue coins are at and then just ignore them completely as you talk about how u like collecting blue coins??? I just…dont understand…

  4. Wait, I thought Arin loved Mario 64? I can't keep track with all the games Arin hates or loves. There's no logic or reason to them.

  5. Wow, for a guy who's played this game before, it sure took Arin a loooooong time to figure out how to use the game's primary mechanic to finish the game's first encounter with the villain.

  6. 2:06 "WATS YA PHONE NUMBAH?! MINE IS SEVEN!!!" "AND?!" "HUH, THAT'S IT!!!!" O MY GAWD!!! I DIED!!!! LOL!!!!!

  7. Barry DID NOT find a visual representation of a Cock-Loving Slut.
    In Fact..! He actually put up a visual representation of a SLOTS-LOVING COCK !!!
    Which is arguably better, but that’s not the point, he did not do what his boss requested…
    Do you think that’s why he was DEMOTED?!?

  8. I think I play overwatch too much; somewhere around the 2 minute mark I was like "god, when is he gonna reload?"

  9. "If i went through a fucking nightmare world with turtles and dragons…" -Danny Sex-bang, 2013. 2018, You fight dragons. Dan predicted the future

  10. ~10:17 If you really want to do things that you aren't technically supposed to do, you can skip the shrine from this level and get the Episode 2 shrine.

  11. …rewound the beginning because I missed what all the "HEHING?!" was about…I regret it….they're making fun of my people. DAMN YOU GRUMPS! WE SO SOUND LIKE THAT AND YOU KNOW IT!…..and what's worse is my grandpa did exactly what they immitated…I love you grandpa. HEH!?

  12. This needs a remake on the switch. It’s a masterpiece. Come on Nintendo this would bring in the big bucks

  13. One day, a older me will meet a much older Dan, sitting on the porch with Arin looking at the wheat fields in their farm they bought with their own money. I'll slowly walk to them, drop the bag i have on my left arm and say my name is Damian and I enjoyed your content growing up. If i dont get a HUH WHO ARE YOU? A MEXICAN I THOUGHT YOU WERE WALLED OFF? I will be highly disapointed.

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