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Nice work, Mario! Mm, quite an unusual device… Is it some sort of pump? I am FLUDD. Glad to meet you. Hey, someone’s coming! Court is now in session! As you are no doubt aware, someone has been senselessly defacing fair Delfino Isle using some paint-like substan. The accused is charged with polluting our beautiful home and yes, endangering our very way of life. Indeed, how can one not be of ware of what is going on? Though it is daytime in Delfino Plaza, our poor residents tremble beneath a veil of darkness. Expert shrine scholars have determined that this darkness has harisen because of all of our guardians, the Shrine Sprites, have vanished from their gathering spot
at the Shrine Gate. The reason? It’s quite obvious. This horrible graffiti is to blame! Behold the sketch of the perpetrator based on eye-witness descriptions. The truth is obvious. The guilty party sits among us. It is none other than Mario! Objection! Overruled! I judge the defendant guilty as charged! I hereby order the defendant to clean this entire island. Until Isle Delfino is completely free of his vile handiwork, Mario shall not be allowed to leave! Court adjourned.

55 thoughts on “Super Mario Sunshine – Court Cutscene (NTSC-J]

  1. That was bowser's idea to frame mario, I believe he sent shadow mario to do the graffiti so that mario would get the blame and would be locked up helplessly while bowser caused more trouble

  2. "The truth is obvious. The guilty party sits among us. It is none other than Mario."

    Love that part!

  3. "Wait a minute, hold on. Wait a minute, so, there was no statement by the defense, no attorney pointed to the defense, no witnesses called, no evidence presented, nobody even bothered to notice that we literally got here 4 minutes and 34 seconds before we were arrested, and there wasn't even a jury? This is more rigged than Saddam Hussein's trial!"

  4. "Due Process, Proper Litigation, Credible Evidence, Right to an Attorney?
    These are stuff the judicial system of Isle Delfino laugh at, as Mario is sentenced to clean up the entire island, and isn't allowed to leave until he's finished." -Johnny

  5. Johnny was right. The judicial system of Isle Delfino laughs at due process, proper litigation, credible evidence and the right to an attorney.

  6. "Shrine Sprites"
    "Because of all of our guardians"
    "of ware"

    How. How did this guy have such a bad take and it still made it into the game. xD

    I know this shouldn't be THIS funny to me but I've played this game so many times that I always quote the scene along with the characters. And hearing them mess up an already kinda funny dialogue… ahahaha it's perfect.

  7. This brings back so many memories! I used to love playing this game on my GameCube when I was little, and this, Melee, and the Thousand-Year Door are the only GameCube games I clearly remember playing.

  8. Judge:That is all, court adjourned.
    Slams hammer*
    Judge:Why it's you!
    Camera moves toward away from Judge and on person*

    Phoenix Wright: This isn't right, I won't allow Mario to go unrepresented, I will defend him and prove his innocence!

    Objection theme plays*

  9. 1:32 What's up with Mario's mouth? Was the model having problems or something? I can't tell if he's happy or sad. Could someone tell me what's up with his mouth?

  10. This version of the cut-scene sounds like someone accidentally used older takes of some voice of clips, as some clips sound exactly like the US ones, but others are obviously different takes.

  11. I think a cutscene like this would've fit perfectly into Sonic Adventure 2. I don't know why they didn't include something like this between the Sonic meeting Shadow and Knuckles and Rouge with the master emerald cutscenes.

  12. So are the Plaza’s residents not going to point out the Red Pipe sticking out of their town’s massive monument? Was that there before the Graffiti, or did the Graffiti bring along these special Red Pipes that transport you to one of the Island’s tourist attractions? And whether or not they were there in the first place, why would they keep that on the monument that PRODUCES THE SUNPOWER FOR THE ENTIRE ISLAND?

  13. Let’s see: Princess peach is not a lawyer she is a princess and is such committing the unauthorised practise of law, Mario would be guilty of mass vandalism and well I will safely assume that those shine stars would be government property and as such guilty for theft of government property. In case he would have to serve some greater punishment. Now back to the prosecutor he did not call up the witness which would clarify if Mario was in fact guilty. And so many other problems

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