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Did you know? Super Mario Odyssey isn’t the first 3D Mario
game planned to have realistic proportioned humans. Real humans were planned to appear in Sunshine,
which can be seen with a brown-haired girl from early footage of the game. Super Mario Sunshine may have been planned
to include multiplayer as well. The game has an unused camera function labeled
“SMS_isMultiplayerMap” that zooms in and out to keep multiple characters in view. If this function is activated while both Mario
and Shadow Mario are on-screen, the camera will automatically zoom to keep both characters
in sight. The Japanese version of the game also has
files that mention an unused Isle Delfino train system. These files contain dialogue for buying tickets
and getting them stamped, as well as a list of train stations on the island. It also seems that the train would’ve been
the primary method of accessing levels. Sunshine was even planned to have a form of
currency known as Sol Coins, which could have been used to buy items, and tickets for the
scrapped train system. Furthermore, the names of several unused or
beta levels exist in the game’s code, including Warship Island, Fire Shrine, Erto Rock, and
Hotel Lacrima. And other assets suggest that Corona Mountain
was intended to be a full level with multiple missions, but was scaled back. Interestingly, a file relating to Gelato Beach
has an obscene name, and is titled “Sand Bomb Base Shit”. Other folders also contain lyrics from the
songs “I Wanna Be Loved By You” and “Stand By Me” as placeholder text. Super Mario Sunshine has at least three unused
enemies. One foe uses the same animations as Strollin’
Stu, and is named “dorokuri” in the game’s files. As this enemy can steal Mario’s hat, its name
is most likely a reference to the Japanese word “dorobou,” which means “thief.” There’s also another, much larger Stu named
“Hinokuri2” that seems to be an unused boss. When put into the game via hacking, it will
spawn other Stus while walking around. In order to defeat Hinokuri2, the player has
to spray water into its body to destroy its shell before stomping on its exposed eye. A 2D drawing of a Goomba named “Kug” is listed
as a test enemy in the game’s data. Kug actually exists in the game itself, located
underneath Pinna Park. That said, it was never intended to be seen,
and is only viewable by glitching the camera through the ground. Every area in the game has an image file that
determines the distribution of goop within that level. For levels that don’t contain any goop, developers
filled the unused images with notes and doodles, including a sketch of Kug. Several of the game’s areas also have unused
music. When Mario rides a Yoshi, drums will begin
playing to the beat of the music. Since Yoshi is absent from Noki Bay, the Casino
mission of Hotel Delfino, or any of the Secret Courses, these level’s Yoshi arrangements
go unused. Another unused idea was having FLUDD use a
gun-like nozzle for shooting enemies. The team cut this idea early on, fearing that
a gun-like item would receive backlash in the United States. Super Mario Sunshine features full English
voice acting in all versions of the game. Outside of English speaking countries, the
game can only be understood through subtitles in the local language. Surprisingly, the Japanese version of Sunshine
features even more English than the game’s western release. When Mario and co arrive at Isle Delfino in
the initial cutscene, Mario and Toadsworth have a brief conversation in
the background. This dialogue was removed from the international
release for unknown reasons. The Japanese version of the courtroom scene
also uses an alternate recording. In this alternate take, one of the voice actors
mispronounces the word “shine” as “shrine”. The in-game signposts in the Japanese version
even display messages written in English. The text itself is just fragments of a dictionary
sample sentence, and was replaced with generic symbols in other versions of the game. International versions of Super Mario Sunshine
had several changes to the game’s difficulty. One example can be found in the sixth episode
of Sirena Beach. The Japanese version required players to clean
99% of the gloop in order to complete the mission, while only 95% percent needs to be
cleaned in the western version. In Europe, there were even more changes to
the game’s difficulty: the ferris wheel in Pinna Park and the windmill in Bianco Hills
both move slower than in other versions. In the Japanese game, the Piantas and Noki
both take their names from Italian words. The Noki are called Mare, which means ‘sea’,
and Piantas are called Monte, which means ‘mountain’. This makes sense, as Piantas are shaped like
mountains, and the Noki are covered in sea shells. These two races also seem to represent land
and sea; two equally defining traits of an island. Although most references to the word ‘monte’
were removed in the English game, the game’s localizers overlooked one asset. The label on the game’s water bottles still
reads ‘Monte Drink’ instead of ‘Pianta Drink’. During the cutscene when Mario meets FLUDD,
an informational display pops up and shows several past Mario games, along with a block
of text. A closer examination of this text reveals
that it’s a list of titles in the Mario series written backwards. However, the titles of Super Mario Kart and
Mario Kart 64 have both misspelled the word “kart.” Though these details are obscure, some of
the game’s secrets are completely hidden. One concealed secret is that the racer Il
Piantissimo has a familiar face under his mask. Removing the mask from the character’s model
shows that he greatly resembles the running man from Ocarina of Time and the Postman from
Majora’s Mask. Similarly, examining the model for Eely-Mouth
reveals that his throat and stomach are fully modeled with a notable amount of detail, despite
never being shown in-game. In 2009, a scientific study by Sage Publications
showed a link between playing Super Mario Sunshine and helpful behavior in people. In the experiment, participants were asked
to play one of three types of video games: violent games, neutral games, or games the
researchers deemed “prosocial,” which included Super Mario Sunshine and Chibi Robo. Afterward, participants were asked to give
their assigned partner a series of puzzles to complete. The participants had a variety of puzzles
to choose from, ranging from easy to hard, and were told their partners would receive
a prize should they succeed. Researchers found that participants who played
the prosocial games were much more likely to give their partners easy puzzles. The scientists concluded that the results
indicate games like Super Mario Sunshine can inspire people to be more helpful to others. Did you also know that Yoshi was originally
planned to appear in the first Mario Galaxy game? Or that for two years straight, Super Mario
Galaxy 2 was the world’s most-pirated video game? For more Mario Galaxy facts, click the annotation
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  1. "games like Mario Sunshine can inspire people to be more helpful to others"

    That's one of the greatest things a video game could ever accomplish.

  2. lol "I. S. Multiplayer", that says "Is Multiplayer", that is how you name variables such as bools (true or false), it's checking if the game IS in Multiplayer

  3. Mario has the sillyest names don't he
    like Stupid Fuck Shit Water Turtle Level in Mario Odyssey
    Or Michael Jackson's Thriller in Mario 64

  4. Wario should've been the boss of the game instead of Bowser and Bowser Jr.

    The multiplayer option should've also been there with the second player as Il Piantissimo (too bad Nintendo doesn't have the common sense to do a split-screen multiplayer).

  5. 4:12 so you're telling me. There's a code in a Mario game with a swear word. Mario is no longer family friendly

  6. Here's a crazy idea…
    Someone made a Mario/ Jimmy Neutron crossover where after the events of Super Mario Sunshine and Mario Party 4, Mario is tired that the gang says that he isn't THAT smart, so he meets Jimmy Neutron so he can be smarter like Jimmy.

  7. bonus fact! in 2017 i found a glich in rico harbor that i called the starman glich. it no longer works as of 2018 tho. heres a google doc thingy i made at the time with more info

  8. When i was little i used to think this was Mario and Peach honeymoon. I saw that Peach was wearing a ring during the game

  9. 2:55 This Brief conversation between Toadsworth and Mario shows that a Mario Movie where Mario can speak is do-able, so long as Mario has people to conversate with, like Toadsworth, Peach, Bowser jr, Luigi and all kinds of other Mario Characters

  10. This episode was as delicious as the food I'm eating. Thanks for making this episode In particular so orgasmic!

  11. "Fearing the gun like item would recieve backlash in the usa"? Doesn't japan know america loves guns? Just look at how often everyone shoots each other.

  12. I wish they’d release a Super Mario Sunshine 2, I think some of the cut content from the first along with fresh ideas would be cool as hell

  13. That was an ABSOLUTELY STUPID EXPERIMENT. For some reason, they didn't take into account the possibility that ppl who play pro social (i.e helping the world) games would naturally be more likely to be nicer to other ppl. This is why I hate that ppl make assumptions that if scientists said it's true- it must b true. Idiots.

  14. I would like to hear Mario talking in a Mario game…not just small dialogues…I mean litterilly…I don't want another character to make only sounds…first one was Link.

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