Taking Charge of Your Health

Super Mario Sunshine is one of the most polarizing
titles in the beloved Nintendo catalog, but in this video game court, it’s Innocent
Until Proven Guilty! “Court is now in session…” Hey, that’s my line! Thanks for messing up my intro, you stupid…judge,
you! Anyway, happy holidays, everyone! I hope you’re all having a joyous celebration
& I appreciate that you’ve chosen to spend some of it with me, so let’s keep the mood
light & festive with an oddball request that breaks from the normal code of conduct. Long time viewers are used to me bringing
Mighty No. 9 & other comparably notorious offenders to trial, but this episode offers
a stark contrast by not only being a first party Nintendo title, but one that was widely
praised upon its release. I was understandably hesitant about giving
this unusual suspect the IUPG treatment, but I later learned that a portion of the fandom
now consider it to be the black sheep of the franchise, so I knew that I had to get down
to business & determine once & for all if Super Mario Sunshine deserves its negative
reputation. Released on August 25th, 2002, Super Mario
Sunshine ushered the big N’s mustached mascot into the sixth console generation with a fresh
take on a familiar formula. The story sends the residents of the Mushroom
Kingdom on a long overdue vacation to the beautiful Isle Delfino, but their rest & relaxation
is immediately cut short as they discover that their peaceful destination has been polluted
with a toxic goopy substance. The perpetrator of the crime bears a striking
resemblance to the plumber, which results in him being tossed in the slammer & sentenced
with the task of cleaning up the island. In order to fulfill this duty, Mario is assigned
a Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device, or F.L.U.D.D. for short. The F.L.U.D.D. projects a steady stream of water that dispels even the toughest of messes, but it also boosts our hero’s already advanced platforming
skills by allowing him to float in the air, blast off to previously unreachable heights
& break through barriers via the Hover, Rocket & Turbo attachments, respectively. The F.L.U.D.D. controls are tight and touch sensitive, meaning that Mario will either spray while free roaming around each area or stand his ground & aim
for specific targets depending on how much pressure is applied to the R button. The F.L.U.D.D. is essentially Sunshine’s
answer to Luigi’s Mansion’s vacuum & its sentient consciousness chimes in with helpful
hints for traversing the seven hub worlds in the pursuit of clearing the protagonist’s
name & rejuvenating the Shine Gate. The Shine Gate is Isle Delfino’s central
tourist attraction & the main source of its radiant energy, but the recent vandalism outbreak
has dulled its legendary luster. To reverse this reckless defacement, Mario
has to collect Shine Sprites, of which there are 120 in total, but only around 60 are required
in order to unlock the final chapter. The Shine sprites can be obtained in a number
of different ways. Some of them are located in hidden nooks,
while others can be purchased for ten blue coins each in the shop adjacent the Ricco
Harbor entrance, but the majority are gathered by following the path of the plot. The first Shine sprite is rewarded after defeating
the monster blocking the plane & the next batch are picked up in the first hub world,
but Shadow Mario, a.k.a. the true disaster artist mucking up the island, steps in to
grind our hero’s efforts to a screeching halt by nabbing Princess Peach. What follows is the first of many chase sequences
where Mario’s artistically inclined archenemy has to be repeatedly sprayed down until he
gives in to the combined force of the plumber & his F.L.U.D.D. unit. These segments can be quite tricky, especially
when the multi-tiered terrain provides the mysterious figure with plenty of hiding spots,
but the audio department clues players in on whether or not they’re on the right track. An updated, uptempo rendition of the classic
underground theme will play when Shadow Mario is in the vicinity and the volume will gradually
increase as his presence draws nearer, so be sure to pay careful attention to the music
if the fiend eludes you. Shadow Mario is a persistent thorn in our
side throughout the course of Sunshine, and his enchanted paintbrush conjures up a bevy
of bosses to battle, including Gooper Blooper, Petey Piranha, & a rampaging Wiggler. The bosses deviate slightly from their 3D
predecessors, with attack patterns that require a mix of F.L.U.D.D. blasts & ground pounds to combat, but the majority are still beaten after receiving three hits. Interspersed between the bosses are a series
of challenges & sticky situations that put the plumber through his paces. There are the red coin missions reminiscent
of Mario 64, as well as the Il Piantissimo timed flagpole races, but the bulk of the
adventure has the iconic Nintendo mascot performing community service for the crimes he didn’t
commit. He restores & exorcises a hotel, ensures that
the majestic Sand Bird is born, and gives a bath to some hotheaded Chain Chomps, to
name but a few of the seemingly never ending amount of chores that Mario has to complete
during his stint on Isle Delfino. Needless to say, the F.L.U.D.D. adds a whole new dimension to the tried & true platforming formula and it’s the primary element that sets Sunshine apart from the rest of the entries in the franchise…which is why it’s shocking when Shadow Mario leaps
out of nowhere & steals it from our hero’s body, leaving us with nothing but our wits
& quick reflexes to make it through the so called secret stages a.k.a. the bane of my
recording sessions. The secret levels start off innocently enough
in the regular Delfino territory, but lurking somewhere a midst the familiar scenery is
a hidden cave or passageway, & entering it causes all hell to break loose. What would normally be a breeze with the F.L.U.D.D.
is now an arduous gauntlet, requiring the player to bring their A-game or get lost in
the abyss. I applaud Nintendo for coming up with such
a clever diversion & I appreciated the difficulty spike to an extent, but I believe it could
have been implemented better. Sunshine is based around the F.L.U.D.D. mechanic and utilizing it becomes second nature
to us as we delve deeper into the shores of Delfino, so it’s extremely jarring when
the developers suddenly yank it from our inventory & force us to proceed through a string of
stages that tip into the Dark Souls portion of the brutality meter. This was exacerbated even more by one of Sunshine’s
biggest flaws…the camera controls. The camera is manually controlled by the C
stick and placing it in the proper position should be simple & intuitive in theory, but
the reality is sadly the opposite. The camera easily gets caught in awkward angles
& I lost count of the number of times I died due to this. While far from the worst camera controls in
a 3D platformer, Sunshine’s are disappointingly mediocre for a first party Nintendo title
& it really put a damper on the overall experience. In spite of the overwhelming odds, I managed
to progress past the aggravating hurdles & continue onward with the story and I discovered a few
unexpected twists & turns in the process. After his original failed attempt, Shadow
Mario actually succeeds in capturing the princess & the vile vandal unleashes a hulking Mecha
Bowser when the fearless protagonist trails him to the local amusement park. Upon its defeat, the true identity of the
culprit is finally revealed & it’s none other than…. Bowser Jr. The young son of the Koopa king is under the
impression that Peach is his mother & he was freeing her from the imprisonment of the man
whom his father labeled as bad, so he decided to impersonate him, with the help of his magical
paintbrush, in order to get him permanently locked behind bars. The cutscenes that deliver this exposition
are entertaining to watch & the voice cast did a great job of setting the appropriate
vibe, with Charles Martinet reprising the role of providing the various noises uttered
by the titular character during the course of gameplay. The remainder of Sunshine’s presentation
is equally impressive, with rich detailed environments, a vibrant color palette & a
fantastic soundtrack from long time composer Koji Kondo, so it’s a shame that there are
so many problems that bog down what should have been another Nintendo masterpiece. Iwata-san, Miyamoto & the rest of the team
came up with a lot of really inventive concepts, but as with the aforementioned secret levels,
they were implemented in such a flawed manner. There are a number of puzzles that are meant
to be creative, but they just end up coming off as annoying, and there’s even a whole
hub world that can’t be accessed unless you know to switch to the first person view
& look up. The timed blooper surfing chase for the red
coins suffers from handling issues that make it about as fun as trying to tame a wild bull
& the hotel pool section was so convoluted that I had to defer to a guide to figure out
where to go. The conclusion at Corona Mountain itself is
the perfect encapsulation of everything wrong with Sunshine as this literal trial by fire
has the beloved mascot surrounded by a sea of hot lava, & one mistake can result in an
instant fiery death. The F.L.U.D.D. gets a workout like it never has before & the player has to use nearly every nozzle at their disposal to survive this blistering inferno,
with the boat ride being one of the most awkwardly aggravating things I’ve ever encountered
in a video game. The subsequent fight with Bowser, while admittedly
pretty cool from a design perspective, was underwhelming after the stressful travail
that led up to it & the ending, minus the really cute & funny exchange between the Bowsers,
was largely lackluster. After having such a terrible time with No
Man’s Sky, I figured that Super Mario Sunshine would be a refreshing treat and a great way
to close out 2017, but that really wasn’t the case at all. Sunshine, in many ways, turned out to be as
tedious as No Man’s Sky, but in a different manner. While Sunshine has structure & a definitive
end point, the individual objectives aren’t always stated as clearly as they should be
& I had to frequently consult a guide after wandering around for minutes on end, wondering
where the hell to go & what the hell to do. The design choices are often ingenious & I
admire the Sunshine crew for their creativity, but those moments of inspiration are outweighed
by their ideas that got out of hand, & it’s no wonder that the titles that followed would
opt for a more straightforward & refined style that I find to be more pleasing. Super Mario Sunshine is not a complete failure
by anyone’s definition of the word & there are a lot of things that I like about it,
but it has serious issues that erode the fun factor for me & I strongly disagree with the
unanimously positive critical consensus, which is why I rule that the verdict is… Guilty! Shadow Cygnus: Excellent! You’ve done well, my son. Let the hate flow through you & use it to
crush that cursed plumber! Judge Cygnus: What? Who are you and what are you talking about? I don’t hate this game. Shadow Cygnus: Oh, really? You sure sounded pretty negative for someone
who doesn’t hate it. Judge Cygnus: My personal take on Sunshine
was largely negative, but I don’t hate it. The plot was engaging, the setting was interesting
& the F.L.U.D.D. mechanic was awesome, though I wish it had
been included in a better game. Shadow Cygnus: A better game, huh? Does that mean you think this is worse than
Sonic ‘06? You gave that & Rise of Lyric innocent verdicts
and those are both unarguably worse than Sunshine. Judge Cygnus: That’s a tough question to
answer. ‘06 & Rise of Lyric are technically worse
games, in that they have WAY more bugs & glitches than Sunshine, so I’ll easily concede that. As far as the gameplay itself goes, I do indeed
prefer those Sonic titles. Rise of Lyric is a short, novelty cartoon
tie-in that’s over long before it wears out its welcome and ‘06 offers much more
variety than Sunshine with its three playable characters & a superior story, not to mention
some seriously rockin’ tunes. Shadow Cygnus: I see. So in other words… you’re a crazy Sonic
fanboy! Judge Cygnus: No, I’m not! I love Mario & Sonic. In fact, I got a Switch recently & I’m having
a blast playing through Odyssey & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, so you couldn’t be more
wrong. Shadow Cygnus: Uh huh…well, if that truly
is the case, then why are you wearing that hat? Judge Cygnus: My hat? It’s Christmas, silly, so I’m of course
wearing a Santa ha… What the? Great googly moogly, I really am a Sonic fanboy! Oh, my God!!!!!! (in best Troll 2 impression) (Maniacal laughter)

100 thoughts on “Super Mario Sunshine is INNOCENT Until Proven Guilty!

  1. This is one of those rare occasions where I have to disagree with you, Matt. In my opinion, this game felt like much more of a sequel to SM64 then the Galaxy games, and I think it's just as great as SM64 too. This is not at all a black sheep, people just call it that because they didn't like the new gameplay element(FLUDD) or the voice acting. I know that you didn't have a problem with either of those things, but they are what most people complain about. As for the camera, it never really bothered me. It had occasional issues, but few games back then had perfect cameras. SM64's camera wasn't perfect either. People always complain about the difficulty of those FLUDD-less sections, but I've always found them to be just right in terms of difficulty. Some of them I even find to be easy.

  2. Great video but I have to disagree here. Love Mario Sunshine. Yes ill give you the camera can be bad at times but other than that its a great game. To say the levels where you lose the Fludd are unforgiving they do exactly the same thing in Mario Odyssey and I don't hear anyone complaining there. Also I have never played Sonic 06 but from other videos I have seen there is no way its better unless of course your a Sonic fanboy LOL Great Job and Keep up the good work.

  3. I bought this game the day it came out.
    I returned it to the store after an hour to exchange it for Grand Theft Auto III.
    That's what I think of Super Mario Sunshine.

  4. This was when Mario games started appealing more and more to little kids IMO. But now we have Odyssey were right back to appealing to both age groups I love it. When you take away the violence in Mario it isn't as appealing.

  5. I really can't play Sunshine. Something about clearing out the smudges with water gets me really anxious and makes me want to vomit.

  6. Ha, this was awesome! I'm a bit shocked by your verdict. I overall thought Sunshine was pretty good but it is definitely a tough game because of the camera. I guess for a while I was nostalgia blind because I remember playing this when it came out and I don't recall the camera being that much of a nuisance. Looking back on it via your footage though, it totally was! You mentioned using a guide, and I felt the same way, I struggled with trying to figure out this one. I ultimately got stuck on a level with Yoshi and gave up because I couldn't figure it out. The ending to this was great, I love when you do skits in your videos so I am always going to encourage that.

  7. Judge, I strongly suggest this trial is dismissed and all charges forgotten. This game do not belong here in this court!

    This game have for years taken a lot of negative flack for no real reason. Heck my former bother in-law was a game critic and ruled out this game as a "BAD Mario game" despite never played it for himself. This was/is a very unique title in the franchise and I still feel it was a great move to break from the traditional style.

    Besides the camera issues, which to be honest really are no worse than Super Mario 64, nearly every other criticism boils down to practice makes perfect. The secret levels are meant to be a challenge, but also meant to make it so you don't rely on FLUDD like a crutch, keeping your platforming reflexes sharp even without it. Hard levels indeed but they can be beat with sharp reflexes and practice.

    I can agree that a few of the later missions are really annoying, and a lot of the secrets are difficult to find. Trying find all 240 blue coins is no easy match either but with a guide they can be directed to where to find them.

  8. I highly disagree, this was a great entry to the Mario franchise and wish Nintendo would experiment and going beyond with the already well known loved typical Mario platform style, I know the saying of "why change it when it's good"? but here is a good example of Nintendo using it's beloved characters and steeping out of it's comfort zone and well executed. I bought this game when it came out for the Gamecube and I keep coming back wanting more.

  9. Sonic 06 gets an Innocent verdict. Super Mario Sunshine gets a Guilty verdict…….Odd to say the least

  10. This review is getting a lot of "git gud" criticism, and as someone who IS pretty decent at the game (I mean, I'm no proper speed runner but I've tried a couple times and beat it with around 50 shines, one sitting, only two or three deaths, about 2.5 hours), I. . . kinda see both sides, though generally I'd say your review is fine.

    Mario Sunshine is a game that gets better the more you play it. The question is really whether you have the interest to do so – it comes down to your tastes and – in some cases – your connection to the game (I grew up with it). You develop good habits that make your life significantly easier – which jumps to use, when to reset your camera, when to turn the camera to prepare for upcoming jumps (so that you don't have to constantly stop, adjust camera, and continue during climbing or just generally less linear segments), which bloopers to pick for the surfing segments, etc. Your movement also gets better as you learn the proper use of slides, dives, jump dives, etc. This makes stage traversal much faster – which is great if you're like me and get satisfaction out of making such movements more accurate and precise.

    You also learn how to avoid a lot of the more broken parts of the game: you can hover through the runaway ferris wheel in Pinna 5 instead of going through that annoying climbing segment, and you can get across the goopy inferno by splashing water from the river onto it (I do this). You can also use some more advanced skips if you practice – the goopy inferno can also be gotten across with ghost hitstun (I cannot do this). The rematch against Gooper Blooper in Noki Bay can be skipped by clipping through the cliffside (I do this), and that annoying obtuse vent mission in Sirena Beach can be skipped by clipping over the glass with a banana. Heck, you can skip all but the Shadow Mario segment of Gelato Beach by clipping in to grab the Watermelon shine (I've been practicing this but I can't pull it off yet at ALL).

    HOWEVER, this does not really tear apart your legitimate criticisms of the game. It's obtuse, there are lots of elements of the game that are poorly designed (like that ferris wheel climbing segment in Pinna 5 – funny how some of the absolute WORST parts of the game have ways to be skipped), and for anybody who goes towards 100%… good luck until you REALLY start breaking down the exact inputs, because trying to play the game normally for stuff like the Pachinko Level and boats (though I'm actually pretty okay at these) are a nightmare. The camera – which, again, really has no issues for an experienced player – can be really annoying if you're just moving it around trying to find the best angle on a first go. Finally – well, there's no getting around it, the game DOES lack that Nintendo polish. For some of us, we ignore the jank – for others, it becomes endearing over time, but it is a serious problem that cannot be ignored in a review context.

    Not saying your review was perfect either – you're really going to knock it for the Shine Sprites being too similar to 64's stars? It's a collect-a-thon platformer, what did you expect? There's also your criticism of the secret levels – Mario's moveset in this game is still complex even without FLUDD, and a quick look at the level design shows the value in having both types of levels. Designing linear platforming challenges around FLUDD would be extremely difficult to make, well, challenging, because hover gives you so much room for error. It wouldn't even work with super long pits, as holding the R button for a long time isn't anything particularly engaging, now is it? The only way linear challenges with FLUDD works is in a speedrun, because the difficulty is in the speed, not in the level design itself. This is why giving the player FLUDD works for the secret level red coin challenges, because a timer means that you can't take an eternity making corrections with hover.

    Additionally, I think that your format just hurts the game a bit; hopefully you can see where I'm coming from as for how other people like myself love the game pretty much unconditionally despite its flaws, so having a black/white rating system really hurts for this sort of game – after all, there are plenty of other good games that suffer from this same sort of cycle. IN FACT, Sonic games are a great example – for many of the games, but the 2D ones in particular, subsequent playthroughs become the main appeal for many players because they develop level memorization and good habits allowing them to hone their speed.

    (Also, the game is infinitely better than Rise of Lyric or Sonic 06 and your argument otherwise was the worst part of the video. They aren't just technically worse, their gameplay also never reaches the same peaks as Sunshine. Rise of Lyric's short length doesn't give it value as a game, it just makes it harder to have an intense hatred for. One of the worst things a game can be is bland and forgettable – I'd rather have a broken game with high points than a shovelware title with nothing going for it.
    On these merits 06 > Rise of Lyric, but 06's glitches are SO in the forefront as to make regular gameplay impractical and frustrating in ways far worse than Sunshine, a problem which is only compounded by the sometimes awful level design. Also, you've GOT to be kidding me if you say that game gains anything from its story. Yes, it has MORE story than Sunshine, but sometimes a complete lack of story is a lot better than a story & world with plot holes, bad exposition, bad presentation, missed potential, out of place elements, and awkward AF inter-species relationships. Sonic 06 only has its music going for it – which is, admittedly, phenomenal – but Sunshine is at least solid in the music department, which is an element you never even touched upon aside from in a gameplay context with Shadow Mario).

  11. Wow, didn't even know there was a sub-group of gamers who disliked Mario Sunshine. Whether you're defending LJN published games or picking apart a beloved Mario game I always like that you're not afraid to hold viewpoints contrary to most people. I personally disagree but you laid out your points in a straightforward and reasonable way…but comparing it to No Man's Sky was going too far.

  12. How to fix Super Mario Sunshine:
    -add a list of blue coins where you can check in which world you need to search for missed blue coins

  13. I like the exploration, the cohesive world and the numerous ways there are to reach some objectives in this game. The Galaxy games by comparison are too guided, linear and disjointed. They are smooth and spectacular, but also dumbed down. Sunshine demands more skill and is a rougher experience overall, but I see Galaxy as Nintendo giving up and making a more cinematic platformer rather than fixing the problems from the previous game.

  14. Cygnus Destroyer,
    Thank you.

    This game was a massive disappointment to me back in 2002 and while it wasn't horrible, it simply could not live up to the standards set by it's N64 predecessor.

    Hearing you declare it guilty was the highlight of the day. It would've been the highlight of the week (and month) if it didn't have to compete with christmas, lol.

  15. Super Mario Sunshine is super-difficult… and that's why it's so good! I love your videos, Cygnus. Your enthusiasm is contagious! My favorite Zelda game is Majora's Mask. What is your favorite Zelda game, good sir?

  16. So a game in Mario sunshine that works is guilty but sonic06 which is fully bugged out is innocent….OK I guess idk what’s is a good game is 🤷🏾‍♂️

  17. I just discovered this channel, and this series, but I'm pretty surprised how many people misunderstand the guilty/innocent system. It's not a measure of if a game is good or bad, it's a measure of how it holds up to its reputation. If a bad game is bashed more than its amount of badness deserves, Innocent. If a game is praised as almost flawless despite some pretty darn obvious jank? Guilty.

    Keep up the good work!

  18. I don't get why people criticize his game so much I mean all Mario games all the f**** saying saying this game is bad you're basically saying 64 is D all those games are bad they're the same s*** you collect coins Stars same s*** every Mario game why people say this is bad is beyond me

  19. HA! Mario is such an overrated series. Most of it's games are sub-par and mediocre. The only reason it gets attention over better platformers e.g Crash bandicoot is because Nintendo shove it down kids throats with pretty colour overload.

  20. My biggest gripe with Sunshine was completing it 100%. The blue coin hunt soured me on the game, and that I had to work that much harder on a tougher game to get the same ending as Mario 64 (getting a Hawai’ian shirt for Mario was as useless as getting max lives AFTER beating the game) legitimately angered me at the end of it all! It’s the only Mario game I’ve ever traded in! The gameplay and controls being either picture-perfect or infuriatingly touchy & imprecise was another factor that I had as well. Plus being kinda bored with all the beach settings; no matter how good the game still looks, I’m still just on another part of the beach. Sunshine isn’t a bad game, but it’s not one I’d play again.

  21. Wow, seems like you cannot appreciate good games, always pointing… Meaningless fact? Yeah, just because whoever wanted to have that game in your format of video.
    GUILTY for you.

  22. i know it got a bad reputation later on,but it still should be called guilty until proven innocent for games like this xD

  23. With the sheer amount of people saying it's flawless, I would also say it's guilty. I had a lot of fun playing it years ago, but I don't know if I could play through it all now. It does have a good number of strikes against it. A Hat in Time did those FLUDD-less levels better, I think I'd prefer to just play that again.

  24. This makes me sad. Sunshine is one of my favorite Mario games. It’s almost perfect in my opinion. But everyone is different.

  25. It's still one of my fav Mario games since it's one of the few Mario games that even have a storyline and I actually loved traveling around the summer city.

  26. I will admit, I am extremely thankful Odyssey fixed a lot of my problems with Sunshine. My issue with the game is inconsistent difficulty; what should have been the last boss of one level ended up being the very first thing you had to deal with, and only then could you go to the fun stuff, and the fact that the main levels are not optional at all; if you don't like a part of the game, you'll HAVE to put up with it. You can set it aside for another day, but you do have to deal with it, which only makes the inconsistent difficulty even worse.

    Odyssey could be a bit too easy, but at least its hardest level is one that isn't required for the main story. In fact, I'd argue it's placed right where it's supposed to be, which is after you've already beaten the main plot. Odyssey basically fixed so many problems I had with Sunshine.

    Not to say Sunshine isn't nostalgic for me; having played it as a kid, I remember loving it, and I still occasionally go back to it, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't see where you were coming from.

  27. Finally got around to watching this review (six months late), and while I enjoy Sunshine, it's far from being my favorite Mario game and it definitely has some flaws (I totally agree that the camera sucks). I always enjoy your balanced review style and the ending of this vid was hilarious.

  28. Opinions respected, but I still stand by my rule that no one bashes one of the best games period. And besides, you actually like Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde so I cant expect much.

  29. The biggest problem I had with Super Mario Sunshine is the camera it was something they should of fixed from the N64 it made the game more difficult

  30. This game was awesome! Who would say its bad? It was a complete improvement on the Mario 64 build with completely different level routes in the scenarios

  31. While I disagree (Sunshine is actually my favorite main series mario game), i'm glad that you actually made points to describe why you disliked it rather than just "it's not like 64"

  32. Waaaaa
    If you don't like it as much as other mario games that's one thing but to bring it to court is a little much.
    Awesome game

  33. Not a great review.
    When you have to gave to do a seen at the end to explain how you verdict made no sense then prob. Shouldnt have done it in the first place.

  34. Still excited for the next one and the hat switch nooooooooooooo made it worth it.
    In fact for some reason I laughed hard enough that it balanced out the review. 1 thumbs up

  35. 100% agree. Who wants to play a game where you clean?! The reason to play games is to escape reality.

  36. Super Mario Sunshine isn't for the faint of heart. I'll give you that. The difficulty and near impossibility with some levels can be very off-putting and infuriating. I cite the watermelon level as a clear example of how Sunshine fails in that regard. To this day, I have not 100 percented Sunshine because of that level. But saying that Sunshine is a bad game? I can't agree with that. Sunshine is difficult in the same way that Super Meat Boy is difficult. As you said, it's a gauntlet that requires you to bring your A-game or be left in the dust. But once you get through that gauntlet, once you overcome those obstacles, you feel like the king of the world. It's such a satisfying feeling that reminds me of an older age of gaming, when games didn't hold your hand and help you every step of the way. I come back to Sunshine every couple of years or so and replay it. And I'm always blown away by how innovative, smooth to control, and beautiful it is. I feel like I grow as a person every time I play. So, overall, I heavily disagree that Sunshine is "guilty". It's not always forgiving, but that's why I love it so much. It delivers a gaming experience that trumps all Mario games before or since.

  37. Mario is dumb. Has been since the 90's where it should have stayed to die. Matt is right, GUILTY, that ugh I bet he disagrees with my over arching nay saying. Nay. I say. Nay.

  38. One of my favorite Gamecube games ruined by my favorite Youtuber!
    Paper Mario Thousand Year Door is considered to be the best Gamecube Game!
    Screw that stage where Shadow Mario steals FLUDD though!

  39. I really enjoyed the game myself, but even I understand the game has plenty of noticeable flaws that I found difficult to ignore. I've played the game for so many years, that I have grown quite used to its flaws, but I know some parts of the game are downright frustrating, and it can be a real slog to get through at times, but I loved most of the boss fights, the gorgeous environments, the tight controls, the Fludd mechanic, and I find this game to have strong replay value, but I will NEVER complete this game 100% after seeing SomecallmeJohnny's video of it. It isn't worth the frustration. That being said, I fully respect your opinion on this game, even though it differs from mine. You made plenty of valid points, although I have to respectfully disagree with you on some points of the secret levels. While they can be frustrating as sin, and can become very annoying, I did find it a nice change of pace that gives you a chance to test your skills and not have to rely on the Fludd mechanic as a crutch. I despise The Goopy Inferno level though. That level had no right to exist, and I apologize for the language, but it can go fuck itself!

  40. A Mario game is found guilty? Damn. Well, it had some ideas that I liked but it could've used some time to fix the bugs and glitches. It's not a bad game but future Mario platform games would top Sunshine.

  41. I remember when the ps2 was coming out and everyone was praising the water effects and the graphics of Dark Cloud. I feel when they brought out the GameCube and Mario Sunshine they based the whole water gimmick on the ps2 praise. Don't get me wrong though I owned both and had and liked Mario Sunshine ✌️🏼

  42. Sorry Cygnus, but I'm going to have to penalize you for this, in fact I call it a mistrial. Super Mario Sunshine though not as popular as SM64, Galaxy or even Odyssey. But it still retains all of the great gameplay mechanics of it's predecessor and successor.

    Though, what I like about Sunshine over, say Odyssey is that it doesn't rely solely on business driven fillers. Meaning, you don't pay actual money to get the sunglasses or the Shine Sprite shirt, you actually have to collect all 120 Shine Sprites in order to get it. The music is incredible as it had a great island beat to it (hint hint, the metal drums). Though, yes those annoying jump stages do get repetitive and frustrating, but with a bit of practice, they're not that difficult, with or without FLUDD.

  43. Surprised at your conclusions. I consider it the weakest of the "main series" 3D Mario games and it leaves a lot to be desired, especially with the blue coin hunt taking up a crazy amount of sprites that could've been won elsewhere, but it's not a bad game by any means. I also disagree on the camera controls, I thought they were better than SM64's, for example. Either way, it's refreshing to see more measured, neutral analyses of games thought of as "bad". Cheers!

  44. THANK YOU!

    Sunshine is garbage. Finally someone has the balls to say it. There's a reason Nintendo stopped making the sandbox-based Mario games for 16 years; because Sunshine was awful.

    On the plus side, Oddysey was PHENOMENAL.

  45. Just discovered your channel great work also have you reviewed the matrix games that would be a good innocent until proven guilty

  46. …were your parents related or something I've never heard of anybody with this many consistent flat out wrong opinions.

  47. Anyone else watch this kid just for cringe. He intentionally goes against the general consensus. The head nod at the end is so horrible cringey

  48. Worst 3D Mario. Only Mario game I never bothered finishing and I have tried 3 different times over the years.

    Lol the Nintendo/Mario fanboys in the comments getting defensive 😂

  49. Unlike what most people say about it. I actually enjoy the game, sure it's not Super Mario 64 and it's quite repetitive. But, it still plays very nicely. The Island setting is why I like the game as well as the soundtrack.

    Oh, and for me, Sonic Fanboys are the least of my worries. There are people today (even hardcore Nintendo Fans) that just outright hate the Super Mario franchise, even more so than Sonic fans.

  50. Most people give Sunshine shit, I like the game. It's playable and I like the difference game mechanics instead of the same old shit.

  51. Ehh this game is alright but theres some moments where i want to throw this game in the void, yeah i’d also vote guilty on this one

  52. Well, I agree with the verdict as I also get mostly irritated while playing Super Mario Sunshine even though it has great graphics,(the water!!) music, interesting locations and a story for once. However, I can still happily say that it's several times better than Sonic '06 and Rise of Lyric.

  53. If Sonic '06, one of the most reviled video games of all time is good enough for you to rule it as innocent, then I don't see what's wrong with Super Mario Sunshine.

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