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100 thoughts on “Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough Part 1: The Beginning! (With Commentary)

  1. the reason the paint is in a glob below the ground is because the paint "alters the landscape" it really forces everything it touches underneath it into the little pocket, its harder to explain than it is to understand

  2. I have it set in my account settings to recieve Email notifications of all new comments, replies and messages I get in general. From there I simply go to the video using the link included to respond.

  3. When I first watched this I thought this: "this heading is wrong I thought it had commentary! aw well I'll watch it anyway" then later when I was further into it I was like… "OH SO IT DID HAVE COMMENTARY!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO"

  4. gonna try to watch this series full through then watch your other stuff with time to eat bath room and check if you replied lol 😀

  5. PKGam I also completed this game 100% Love this game very much. Love all of your videos. at least I know there is some who loves video games as much as I do. By the way, how does Mario hold all the shine sprites

  6. +Angelo Torres
    Congrats! This is a difficult game to 100%!

    Thanks! I try to infuse my enjoyment of gaming into my videos. 🙂

    I'm guessing very deep pockets. :3

  7. i have watched the whole walkthrough before, but i just wanted to say, when it ended i always wondered, where was Luigi??? 

  8. PKGAM IS THE BEST! And I love the theme for this! Since it came out (the walkthrough) 3 years ago, I've watched it a whopping 6 times! The whole way through!

  9. i have recently 100%ed this game 🙂 it took me about 50 attempts to get the last shine you showed in the walkthrough. btw nice walkthrough, even though it is old it doesn't mean it isn't enjoyable.

  10. also i am now going to question the game logic by having a project I am working on. Once it is completes I will show it to you.

  11. What if Super Mario Sunshine and LoZ: Windwaker take place, not only in the same universe, but the same ocean? And the Noki are evolved Zora's?

    Why didn't the universe explode?

  12. Your super mario sunshine,luigis mansion, new super mario bros wii,pokemon tcg were amazing! Not just because i like those games a lot but also because you make these videos really good. You make me like the game more because of your walkthroughs they are amazing. Good job.

  13. This was the first walkthrough I watched, looking back at it now I get the nostalgia feels so much!

  14. Well, just came back after 3 years or so, lost my main channel, I loved that channel mainly because you commented in the discussion page :D. Im subscribing on this one now, Love you 😀

  15. Those clips in the left bottom corner of the FLUDD interface are a nice easter egg!
    Ah, that dude on the island is one of the reasons why I decided to watch this walkthrough. Today I finally got there, after a lot of trouble with the Yoshi, to free him, and hopefully unlock a new level. However, I just got to some 8 red coin collection area. I only got five of the eight coins, as it was kind of difficult, but there was a warp pipe there back to the start – I thought. But no. The warp pipe puts you straight back on the default spawn point in Delfino Plaza. Ugh!!!

  16. Man, I remember watching these walkthroughs when I was a kid. Reminds me of a much simpler time lol. Glad to see that you’re still doing what you enjoy PK!

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