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100 thoughts on “Surgeon Breaks Down 22 Medical Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

  1. I don't understand why Nolan, who wanted to ground Batman in reality as much as possible, suddenly went so over the top with Two Face.

  2. Thank you for caring for others and possibly me someday. I don't care if you jokes while operating as long as you feel calm and I live.

  3. IMMEDIATELY CLICKED THIS WHEN I SAW IT WAS THIS SMOKING HOT WOMAN AGAIN….Something about this lady, she is a dimey dime!

  4. Dr. Annie is: very pretty, intelligent, and has a good sense of humor. I wish she was my surgeon anytime I needed surgery…

  5. 22:14 ketamin is allso a realy funn drug to abuse. you can get complelty paralysed. like you can lay there unable to move.

  6. Thank you guys inviting her and thank Dr.Onishi accepting it. I dont care much about medical stuff but her comments makes this video fun.However i think this "episode , part" or whatever was too quick.Why you choose too many video. Usually less video long view time and talking about those clips much better. I got a feeling she was in a hurry or something.

  7. "Before we get into my examination of TV and movie medical scenes, I want to thank today's sponsor, RAID: Shadow Legends…"

  8. "as an expert in rectal foreign body surgery…" not the doctor we asked for, but the doctor we need ?

    congrats to her for finishing residency!!!

  9. I love your commentary, I wish you would have skipped over Jack N self surgery and done Master and commander self surgery

  10. Thats a very charismatic person and her explanations seems pretty clear and understandable for a person like me that have knowledge close to none on the subject.

  11. "He"s a psychopath, he should really know more about sterile technique."", I mean there is a lot going on here, but really I'm just pretty sure I don't want to hear anyone say that if laid down in a hospital.

  12. I had a Nutella ad for breakfast pop up immediately after (in between clips) Hannibal Lecter was preparing Ray Liotta's brain for consumption, LOL

  13. So on cadavers performing that full removal of the skull cap so that the brain is exposed for college biology students, there wasn't a suction but actually a slight release of gases when the skull was properly penetrated on first cut. This might be due to the formaldehyde used to preserve the cadaver but definitely wasn't a suction.

    I can't think why there would be a vacuum created in the skull that would cause that suction.

    Also so glad you covered the putting you mask on after washing and dawning your gloves. The gloves are packaged as sterile, touching you skin or your mouth invites bacteria on the gloves. Just something dumb Hollywood does to try to shorten gowning and garbing process.

    Another note you are very correct on that Robocop dissection the brain with eyes attached would be nigh impossible. The nerves and vessels go through the sphenoid bone. getting to the sphenoid bone with out damaging any of the important nerves would be hard by itself but then you would need to break and remove the sphenoid bone without damaging any of those vessels or nerves.

  14. She's the best. It's crazy if she didn't have a career saving people's lives she could have a successful youtube channel based on her personality alone.

  15. I remember hearing that the checklist is the most important advance in medicine of the last century in terms of lives saved

  16. She’s weirdly good looking. I don’t really find Asian girls attractive but she has this weird soothing look. Lol.
    Plus she’s a doctor. Crazy.

  17. The surgical tool she was not sure about was a kerrison, it is commonly used in neurosurgery. The tick paralysis is a real disease. It presents much like GBS however, is caused by neurotoxins. Great video btw.

  18. My favourite tv medical show is er. I would be the happiest man alive, if I could watch all seasons with her commentary. At least I want more of her videos and bring more er scenes, please, there were three parts and only one scene

  19. 07:48 the instrument on the left is called Kerrison rongeur and it is indeed a neurosurgery instrument used to bite bits of bone off

  20. it’s so cool to see how much more comfortable she is doing this compared to the first episode. idk if that’s because she’s more confident in herself now that she’s no longer a resident but we love to see it

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