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Hi. Let’s start by settling into Tadasana the mountain pose which will start to engage different body parts We will ensure that the whole surface of the feet is on the mat we can lift all the toes and gently bring them back to the mat the body weight is evenly distributed between front and back of the feet we then make sure that the hips are level and above the knees and knees above the ankles.We will bring the shoulders slightly back to allow for an opening of the upper torso and facilitate the breath. Shin parallel to the ground. Shoulders towards the earth. We will inhale and we deeply exhale releasing tension in the face. We will raise our arms up to the sky, letting the ears away from shoulders exhaling bending forward whilst gently going forward. Inhaling again pushing the floor away, elongating the spine., activating the back of the legs. Exhaling bringing the right leg back. Bringing the hands back to the mat. Left leg back settling into Plank. As not to compress the cervicals, do bring your gaze slightly ahead.
Arms are dynamic and engaged. Space is retained between the shoulder blades.Reaching throught the heels to activate the back of the legs. Inhaling and then exhaling bringing left leg over the right whilst I keep both hands to the ground; I inhale again pushing the floor away and exhaling coming into a twist. Inhaling and pushing the floor away to exhale and going back to a solid plank without collapsing in the lower back. The face stays relaxed I inhale and without dropping the hips i exhale and bring this time the right leg over the left. I inhale pushing the floor away and exhale twist towards the opposite side. I inhale and exhale goes back to Plank. Inhaling and then exhaling i bend the elbows that stay close to the body. Inhaling, I raise up, paying attention not to collapse in the shoulders. I inhale pushing the floor away, bringing the groin up to the sky. I exhale and settle into Addo Mukkha. Deeply inhaling and exhaling. Make sure here as you inhale to keep on stretching the arms, letting the shoulders away from the wrists. Groin going slightly higher up. Exhaling relaxing the back of the legs. I inhale raising the right leg up, opening the right hip trop j’ouvre cette hanche droite, exhaling staying there. Inhaling again and pushing the floor, bending the time on the exhale the right knee and looking under the right armpit. The left leg is engaged. I inhale lifting the left heel, exhaling I bring the right foot between my hands. I inhale, and exhale bending the left knee. I inhale and exhale bringing the body weight slightly more towards the toes finishing the exhale with crown of the head towards the earth. If your hands do not reach the floor, feel free to bend your knees. I inhales hands are gliding along the ground. What I am looking at here is activating the back of the legs by stretching forward, activating the internal fire, agni fire. I exhale A long inhale going back to Tadasana, the Mountain pose A safe posture to anchor, root ourselves And again I inhale and raise my arms high up, keeping shoulders away from the ears I exhale, looking forwards whilst bending down placing my hands, next to my feet. I inhale and this time exhaling bringing left leg back, bringing all the fingers, palms of the hands to the ground. Coming into a safe, secure Plank. Shoulders above the wrists. hnaling gazing slightly more forwards and exhaling bringing the left leg over the righ the hands stay in place. I inhale pushing the floor away, exhaling coming into my twist. Inhaling pushing the floor away, exhaling back into Plank. Inhaling and again exhaling letting the right leg going over the opposite leg. I inhale pushing the floor away, exhaling coming into my twist. With each inhale and exhale I let myself come and stay into the movement Inhaling and then if too complicated to keep the legs straight, feel free to bring the knees to the mat Otherwise, exhaling and bending your elbows, getting closer to the ground Inhaling, pushing the floor gliding over the mat and raising the torso up Exhaling releasing any tension in the neck. I inhale, bringing the groin up to the sky freeing the shoulders, and I settle into the posture Downward Dog- Addo Mukkha. A deep inhale, stay here as you are inhaling in this movement of pushing the shoulders away from the wrists. to then as you exhale working on stretching further the back of the legs. elongating further the back of the legs.I inhale raising the left leg exhaling bending the left knee. I inhale re-engaging the arms exhaling looking under the left armpit. I inhale I push the mat away and lift the right heel, and I slowly bring the left foot between the hands. Shoulders stay back and chest goes forward. I engage different body parts. wihtout losing the breath. I inhale and upon exhaling I bend the back knee to give an impulse helping on the next inhale to bring both feet together. I inhale torso gently going forward, exhaling, folding. Here again, feel free to bend your knees if needs be. On a next inhale we re-engage the breath safely raising up Strong inhalation helped by the internal fire (engaging abdominal belt). Exhaling deeply and going back to the Mountain pose Separating the feet slightly, and go back to your breath.

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