Taking Charge of Your Health

Let’s raise our arms over our head and lower our shoulders we will interlace our fingers bringing the index together towards the sky whilst stretching each side of our body. Upon exhaling we separate our arms and bring them towards the back. We interlace again the fingers but bringing them towards the back NOT the earth. Upon inhaling we bring the chest towards the sky, trying not to collapse in the lower back. We then can let the fingers pointing towards the earth Upon inhaling, engage the abdominal belt lI exhale I bring the arms forward, shoulders stay back slightly bringing the body weight towards the toes I inhale going gently forward. I exhale I twist towards the right trying not to bring too much body weight onto the heels. I inhale and exhale rotating towards the other side I inhale come back to facing forward, spine is straight. I exhale bring the right leg back and hands to the mat. I inhale come back to facing forward, spine is straight. I exhale bring the right leg back and hands to the mat. Fingers are spead out. I come into Ado Mukkha. Here we inhale and elongate arms and exhaling relaxing back of legs. Making sure not to collaspe in the shoulders I inhale and raise the right leg, not losing the arms and exhale stay there. I inhale again pushing the mat with my hands to reengage the arms, lifting the left heel and exhale comfortably bending the right knee and bring right foot between the hands. I inhale lifting at the end of the inhale from the upper torso, and exhale bending slightly the left leg i inhale activating the left leg to exhale bringing hands to touch the earth. If the hands do not touch the floor, please bend your legs. Not touching de floor, do bend the knees I inhale whhen raising up and activating the abdominal belt and inner fire I exhale and come back to Tadasana. Next inhaling I raise the arms again, bringing dynamism all the way to the fingertips bringing fingers towards the sky gentle strecth on each side of the torso. I inhale and on an exhale I open my arms bringing them far back, looking at opening the front interlacing the fingers pointing towards the back not the floor. This is a strong fondation. I can inhale and bring the torso to face towards the sky. I let the fingers go towards the ground hips stay as much as possible aligned facing forward. I inhale and on the exhale raise up letting navel going towards the spine to protect the lower back, finishing the exhale hands to the earth. Upon inhaling, I bring the spine back to being aligned I create space in the neck and exhale rotate towards the left. What I want here is to stretch the right side of the torso I do not go too far back and on the heels. I inhale back to center and exhale toing to the other side. Then back to center. Back of legs is strong. I inhale spine is straight and exhale bring left leg back. Hands are solid on the mat. I inhale pushing the mat raising groin up and exhale going back to Addo Mukkha On the inhale, we engage the energy in the hands, along the arms, geting the groin towards the sky and on the exhale i can relax the back of the legs the heels going towards the earth. Not important if they are not touching for the time being. Inhaling I raise the left leg, staying there on the exhale. Usually we tend to lose a bit on the arms. I inhale again and push the mat, getting more stretch at the back of the right leg. Reengaging the energy, Reengaging the energy, bringing the left foot between the hands I inhale both legs are activated If you are more advanced with your practice, feel free to bring the right hip more forward Exhaling I gently flex the right knee, activating muscles on the right thigh. I inhale trying to keep both legs elongated and engaged. Exhaling bringing the body slightly more towards the toes, and if your hands do not touch the ground no worry, just bend your knees. I inhale up and exhaaaaaale!

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