Taking Charge of Your Health

Hellow Friends Millions of people suffer from various teeth problems all over the world. Teeth are the gateway of our health. Teeth problem can become cause of diabetes. And Diabetes is the growth engine of many diseases. How to keep teeth healthy in a natural way? Here are two remedies: (1) We can chew 25 to 50 leaves of neem for 5 minutes once in a week. Clean the mouth with water after chewing neem leaves. Neem contains sulphure in natural form and also contains anti bacterial chemicals which kill bacteria and remove the cause of infection and protect our teeth from decaying. If a patient is having severe teeth problem, decaying then he can repeat it daily, even two times in a day. Better to do it when stomach is empty. In morning and In evening. (2) To strength our teeth, another proven and effective natural remedy is here in service of mankind. Keep 2 tea spoon sesame oil in mouth for 20 minutes. And then remove it. If this remedy is done before going to sleep at night, Over the night, Oil will work in the roots of teeth and strengthen it. One can split after removing oil, but avoid drinking water or anything. Due to side effects of diabetic medicines and other allopathic drugs, Our teeth looses its power and strength, With the help of two great proven natural remedies, We can keep our teeth healthy and save it from decaying. It will become strong and solid again from the root. Have a heal-thy time, God bless you.

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