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39 thoughts on “Tennis Elbow? Absolute Best Self – Treatment, Exercises & Stretches (Updated)

  1. Question: Is it the same rationale when you get elbow pain from weight lifting? BTW, you cracked me up with the "we're having a love fest here." LOL!!!!!!

  2. I have this in both arms, lateral and medial. It hurts worse on the inside (medial). It never seems to go away. I went to see a surgeon and the cure was to cut the head off the bone and just leave the tendons lying on top of the muscle. I went with cortisone injections instead, but it never really heals and you get "tendonosis" once you've had it for while.

  3. There is an exercise that I used to cure my tennis elbow. You can do it with your tennis racquet. Hold the racquet (or any similar cylindrical object) before you with both arms extended. Use the good arm to twist the racquet away from you and try to resist the torque with the bad arm. You are supposed to use a special rubber rod but I didn't have one so I improvised. Guaranteed to work. I went from not being able to lift a two litre bottle of soda by the cap to pulling weeds with my finger tips. Which is what caused the problem in the first place.

  4. Wish I had this last year. Had tennis elbow for 6 months in left and as soon as I got that one good my right one flared up for 6 months.
    Know I'm still working on sciatica. Please help!

  5. Add turmeric to your diet. It reduces inflammation. Sprinkle in tea, on potatoes, salads, meat dishes, etc. Make sure you add pepper, says Fullerton Informer, Joe Imbriano. That's what activates the turmeric.

  6. a sports therapist recommended i sit on a chair and do liftups using the arms of the chair. felt immediate relief, but the pain comes back almost as immediate. just repeated a few times a day till it was totally gone. you dont have to lift your entire body weight by using your feet to support you upwards. dont take painkillers, they are bad for your heart.

  7. 5 days a week, I swim. Wringing out my trunks and swim top (less than 2 minutes) cured my elbow problems without me even targeting them.

  8. I did my elbow in November last year doing Brazilian jujitsu. I didn't' submit to an arm bar. So my injury was the elbow, arm muscle and ligaments in back of hand. I found myself waking up with the whole arm set solid in a morning. The only way i got everything working again, was to carry on using it.

  9. I had it for months and decided to use to hand grips holding my arms up in the showing biceps position-then turning my hands back and forth! It was painful so I left it for a day and did it again!! Result — back to normal!!

  10. What actually happens in this area that causes the pain? One day my left elbow, and that little bone started hurting. I stopped weight lifting for a while. I'm trying to get back into weight lifting. It's amazing how it just started happening.

  11. I had severe tennis elbow for years. Thought I'd never play tennis again. Tried everything, including what these guys have said. None of it worked. Found Trigger point therapy and completely cured my tennis elbow and it cured it quickly. The real problem is because of the tightness in your forearms and triceps from whatever you've been doing to tighten those muscles. When the forearms and triceps get tight, they pull on the ligaments in the elbow. The gist is to use a tennis ball or any other ball and break up all the scar tissue and tightness. But you have to go through the whole forearm, especially the top of the forearm. The second muscle is the triceps. Do the same thing with that muscle as well. Trigger Point Therapy is the real cure to tennis elbow. All these stretches and their side muscle massage does pretty much nothing. Then anytime you play tennis or something that puts a lot of strain on your forearms, do the trigger point therapy before and after and your tennis elbow will be held in check.

  12. That rubbing technique came naturally to me for my "housemaid's" elbow from mopping and such at work. That's what kicks the pain when it flares up, for me.

  13. Hi BobnBrad. I would like to say thanks for alot of the videos this team has uploaded for anyone to discovered, they are very informational, thanks. Rene is my name. This comment should be on a back,shoulder, hip and scapular video for my symptoms lie in those areas. I had tested some suggestions you both suggested. a couple of my soreness question areas were further explored with a better under-standing now after after watching. Thanks some more guys

  14. Love your videos they are so helpful and fun. Bob would you consider spiking or just giving the top of your hair the messy look for a video? Come on just for your viewers?

  15. Are you saying, thatyou could put the bladder in the brace ON the painfull place, when you can accept the pain it gives, in stead of on the non painfull muscles? Could that give quicker results?

  16. I have an injury under the tennis elbow umbrella. The injury isn’t from repetitive motion. It’s February 2020 now and I’ve has severe pain since May 2019. It was sudden onset.
    I saw the orthopedist & he sent me to physical therapy. My therapist worked on me once a week for almost 2 months (she was wonderful and VERY knowledgeable!). She tried all the usual tennis elbow therapies and over the course of treatment the pain got worse and my grip became weaker. She sent me back to the orthopedic dr because she was very apprehensive of doing anything else around my elbow.
    The dr gave me a steroid shot in the joint which had no effect whatsoever. X-rays showed nothing.
    He sent me for an MRI a few weeks ago and the imaging showed a partial tear due to degeneration.
    So now I meet with the surgeon tomorrow (February 10) to schedule surgery.
    I am NOT looking forward to post-op PT!! 😭😭😭
    But I know in the long run I’ll have the pain relief I’ve been looking for for almost a year.

    Point being, if the treatments or exercises don’t help over the weeks or if it gets worse, SEE AN ORTHOPEDIST!!!

    Also Bob & Brad, would you do a video on simple pain relief for post operative tennis elbow surgery?
    I’ll definitely be in PT, but while at home, are there any specific, gentle methods or modes for easing the initial (week one & two) discomfort?

    Thanks if you read this far!

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