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Hello, welcome to our showroom. My name is Maria and I’m gonna be helping you. So I think I have all the information here I gather you’re interested in Tesla? Correct. Yes. It’s a very unique, very eco-friendly vehicle And I’m pretty sure you’re going to be impressed and pleasantly surprised with all that it has to offer So, um, can I ask you a quick question? However. At this time Would you say that you were shopping around? Or you’re pretty set on Tesla as your next purchase Wonderful news! Great! So today I have a few vehicles to offer you for a test drive if you wish Yes, it’s gonna give you a great opportunity to have hands-on experience with a vehicle as well as see all the features up close and personal actually test them out and Just watch the performance, feel the car Good. Let’s see what I have on the floor here. You know what let me show you on my tablet instead Okay. There is it. So, let me just come closer to you and I’ll show you up close So first you go my offering yes model three and this is the latest one in Tesla’s collection It is an all wheel drive vehicle The metal structure. It has a combination of aluminum and steel for maximum strength And This vehicle has a dual motor so has two independent motors unlike traditional all-wheel drive Systems these two motors digitally control torque the front and rear wheels for better handling and traction control and you will notice that once around around today you Can go anywhere in Tesla Model 3 months in any of them. Really? If you get to charge Your card home overnight you wake up difficult battery every morning and during the trip that you will see a lot of Your supercharge us pop up on the map So you’ll be able to charge it anytime you did there are more than 10,000 sus superchargers Worldwide at the end about um, six new ones every week And you will notice that all of our cars have futuristic way of driving We have an autopilot feature It’s an autopilot advanced safety in a convenience feature And they decide to assist you with the most important some parts of driving And you will appreciate that on the rotating itself Now the dash is a little more different than you would expect The insight is unlike any other car? You can use a smartphone as a key to access Oh driver controls or use the central 15 inch touchscreen Said one option for us. Here’s some specs for you So here’s the second model that we offer model ass more of a sedan As a great rating as well also, very safe guards the safest car on the road It’s achieved the highest safety rating of any car ever tested. So you should feel protected and secure in it Yeah, its acceleration. I think sticking being all electric powertrain Say you will not just that to today And just like the previous one Superchargers aren’t everywhere along the routes of the world. So you should be fine with the battery charge Also offer is the autopilot advanced to safety and convenience features, it’s just the car standard package This one has a little more different – Indian side. Guess you might notice As it’s built with best glass storage seating for up to five adults and two children and We have an expensive 17 inch touchscreen Okay, here’s some specs for your here And last option is model acts with falcon winds we It’s one of the customers favorite Does the safest quickest animals to keep a ball to sport utility vehicle ever? With the best Driving in the class storage sending four to seven adults It is the safest SUV ever built from the ground up as an electric vehicle ass you you don’t forget And one of the technology provides the load of the lowest probability of any injury There’s room for everything Yes, the most comfortable seating for up to seven adults and capability to tow up to 5,000 pounds quite impressive As always in a test where you can go anywhere Supercharged battery Stevens are all over the world and available in your navigation as well to find them easily and Of course the future of driving his Tesla Autopilot safety convenience features Are enhanced in this one? And they provide you features for full self driving in the future, which is quite exciting It’s the quickest SUV On the road today from zero to 60 miles per hour in under three seconds. Yes. That’s the electric powertrain The inside looks similar to Model S Most of 17 inch screen Very comfortable seating Sits up to seven adults. Some specs for you So what do you think? Which one would you prefer to test drive today? I Can tell that The Model X Is your preference today, correct? Great So let me grab the key fob, and I’ll meet you outside. Mmm-hmm Here’s our Tesla Model X P 75 As we approach the vehicle You will notice that the car locks mirrors swing open and the running lights appear From the key fob quick get in the boot patch as well as the Falcon wing doors, I Can play with it all day? Now let’s take a closer look at this beautiful As you see the TAS the logo is prominently displayed on this ultra-modern front and The LED lights soup around the headlight And help frame the cars overall Stan You may notice that the handles are recessed flush on the doors So open simply press on the handle and the door will swing open Once seated simply press slightly on the brake and the door will automatically close By simply pressing on the handle you can this similarly open the rear doors These open vertically and passengers can Easily access this sitting which is available on a few setups These doors are push-button close Which makes me feel like I’m in a spaceship added planning Inside you’re greeted with soft and supple material Hugs your body as you sit comfortably inside the quiet cabin Craftsmanship can be found in the sitting and bolstering That make these seats so comfy and squishy Safety of course is just as important as comfort you get all the standard safety features including the seatbelts They keep you nice and snug I ove the glossy finish of the shell that is the back of the seats The black Composite contrasting the white leather looks very sharp in my opinion As we move our attention to the dramatic slopes of the dash Cannot be denied that the star of the show. Is this 17 inch LCD Center entertainment system. Not to be outdone, is a leather wrapped, 3 spoke, multi functioning wheel That offers tactile control for the gages and infortanment Designers have showcased the logo predominantly in the center of the wheel It has tender features such as wipers turning signals and powertools Can be found on the stock Behind the wheel you have to display – for your gauges and real-time traffic around you I love How the wavy lines flow throughout the cabin from the dash to the door That has your window and door locks The greatest feature is the 17-inch LCD Capacitive touchscreen with media Communication cabin and vehicle controls All located within a few taps Here we have pulled on Google Earth and can navigate with satellite imagery of our route on this enormous display screen. No need to be worried about running low on battery As the route will pinpoint charging stations along the way From the navigation we can jump just some of the vehicle settings Including power doors, cabin, and headlights seat controls and other settings The Model X also has a few Easter eggs that are fun and different options hidden within the media center One of my favorites is this dry erase board where I can finger paint all day long Lets color in this heart Just like so Specifically for those who love ASMR just like me If that gets boring I can always search online for my favorite creators Or just browse Voila Lots of access online through satellite a computer in a way Of course all these features you would use in a parked vehicle The back-up camera is so gigantic it makes it feel as if you are right there The audio system is very responsive and Being able to check the battery will help on many occasions Okay, now let’s go for a drive The cars is so quiet Since there isn’t a gas engine pushing it forward Rather duel motors Getting power from lithium-ion batteries Not only is the noise muted But the smart air suspension with GPS memory Gives the vehicle a super smooth ride You will love the huge viewing perspective from the panoramic Windshield That stretches to the Falcon wing doors It allows for great viewing of the surrounding nature Or the sky full of stars Now just lean back, relax As i take you back to the show You’re welcome to nap Or just look around And enjoy

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  1. Today let's test this TESLA model X for all the triggers and tingles we can take 🙂
    Welcoming – 0 (typing)
    Models Overview on Tablet – 02:00 (looking at 3 models that TESLA offers) (soft tapping)
    Vehicle's Exterior – 08:35 (mechanism sounds)
    Vehicle's Interior – 11:15 (cabin detail sounds)
    Infotaiment Overview 15:27 (touch screen tapping, pointing)
    Driving – 19:39 (road ambiance)

    Please let me know how you like this video! 🙂 ♥ I was always curios about TESLA and was over the moon to be able to rent it and explore it's cool features for this video. Enjoy 🚘

  2. Maria: “If I get bored I can always look up my favorite content creators…”

    Searches Ceeday

    Maria: This is now an 13+ ASMR video due to Ceeday’s language.

  3. You have to admit, the motors that power the doors and rear hatch really do sounds like something from the future, straight out of some spaceship movie

  4. Bro The first few minutes is her pretending she is a salesman, If I went to a dealership and the salesman started whispering to me I would be so creeped out.. and relaxed I guess.

  5. Just imagine this
    You:taps and touches car
    The car:hmm I’m gonna jerk her off
    You:keeps tapping and touching it
    The car:beeep beeep beeep
    You:oh jeez
    The car:hahaha beeep beeeep

  6. I have a really bad head ache 😖 but this asmr has made me feel so much better and I am able to go to sleep now thank you soooo much for you tingly sensational videos ❤️

  7. Kinda wish this channel would make the VERY easy transition onto Pornhub… be the same thing…just… you know. Less clothed.

  8. Who else wants to go to sleep, but also watch the video, and every time they try to just watch the video, they end up falling asleep… Also does anyone ever find them selfs becoming an asmrtist out of know where and just start making soft noises?

  9. I want a darn tesla so bad…. unfortunately Spain is way behind isn terms of electric cars and there are too few charging spots… if anythig you can get a hybrid… 😡

  10. I love the sounds the seats and the steering wheel make. I woke up early in the morning due to anxiety and this is helping me go back to sleep.

  11. I wonder if this was done in a public place? Can you imagine pulling into a car park and there’s just this woman there stroking and tapping her car

  12. I’m not the biggest Tesla fan ( I don’t know ) but this video is beautifully done and gave me an immeasurable amount of tingles😌 what’s your guys favorite car? Please don’t be rude🤗 I personally like the Porsche 911 or the Land Rover defender👌

  13. The car is great and all but is it possible for the back doors to open and not hit the cars next to me if I was in a crowded parking lot

  14. Just imagine driving by and stopped at a red light just to look to your right and just sees her messing around with the car

  15. Какбудто космический корабль) стекло лобовое высокое мне показалось, необычно очень)

  16. This was the first asmr I watched.
    I loved it and now I’ve been watching asmr for a year. Your whisper is just so calming and so sweet it’s so helpful for calming people or helping people fall asleep. Thank you. ❤️❤️

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