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[Music] hi everyone I know it’s been a long time well today I’m going to take you on a journey to explore the ten fundamental rules of eating this is something again it is very important to eat only when you are hungry it’s funny because most of my clients they eat when they are not hungry and most of them actually don’t know what it is to be really hungry they just guessed it okay now it’s time to eat so I’m gonna eat but very where are those who tell me yes I eat when I feel that fire there in Nevada all the enzymes involved in digestion as well as the different metabolic processes are referred to as agony or the digestive fire also a UV that relates tension to cooking rice on the fireplace fire is the transforming agent that enables the rice to go gradually from raw to cooked likewise with the help of the gastric juice and other enzymes the food that we eat goes gradually from gross nutrients to micronutrients so when you eat something why your stomach is still processing what you’ve eaten previously it gets confused it has to deal with food which are in two different stages and at that point your digestion slows down so what happens what you have used to mark days there for a longer amount of time more than it should be and it starts fermenting there is this sort of masturbation and fermentation creating toxins gas and stopping the further breakdown of food into nutrients if you don’t feel hungry it probably means that your stomach is still digesting your previous meal so next time before you start eating make sure that you do feel hungry well in today’s society we don’t really pay attention in the environment in which we eat and this is something very important because if you don’t feel calm and relaxed when you eat your digestion doesn’t occure efficiently nowadays we like to indulge in nice food not necessarily healthy as long as it’s nice in the back we don’t really pay attention to the quantity that we take in it only the quantity of food that you can hold into your palms put together nevertheless it is important for you to be aware of when you start being full and try not to go beyond that point because it might means that you overload in your stomach just remember how it feels when you pass overload you with work are you happy can you work efficiently why our stomach is the same try not to overload it and it will work at its best eating is such a pleasurable activity it is important to put all your five senses into it well do you know that just by looking at you plate your brain sends signals to your stamatis okay get ready because you might start digesting some food very soon so at your next meal take the time to really enjoy looking at your clip and make sure it looks nice just be inspired in addition to the look of your meal it smell as a very powerful effect on your digestive system okay get ready because you might start digesting some foods very soon I know it’s not something that we do in the West but in some country people eat with the hands while some of you may think that it’s dirty it is actually very essential because you get to appreciate the texture and the temperature of your food before it reaches your mouth do you appreciate the sound that you make when you eat for most of us this is the reason why we need so be mindful get all your five senses involved when you eat and also do take time to be thankful to nature for providing us with take a look around you see that which is in a warm and hot environment gets stimulated evolves and get transformed whereas that which is in a cold environment slows down it becomes stagnant and region [Music] [Music] yes I’m just not dry otherwise your food will absorb the mucus secretions from your stomach and might make you wanna drink while you eating ideally your food should be moist and a little oily this will ease the digestion and prevent how Brandon stomach ulcers you can have up to two teaspoon of raw olive oil or melted ghee on your food [Music] [Music] why because first your meal will get cold and then your stomach will be at another stage in the precipitation so find the right speed really the concept of incompatible food is very fast innovative for example cooking fish and dairy products minded to the formation of toxins that might create skin condition but this subject is so vast and might have to do a video specially on this [Music] well just like the universe just like nature output in life’s regularity everything in the universe according to cycles and it’s the same thing for our digestion so try to be it at regular times every day you will see that your digestion will be easier

54 thoughts on “The 10 Fundamental Rules of Eating – Ayurveda (Sous-titre Français)

  1. The way you have explained in your video conforms to the practises of The science of Ayurveda. You would be surely encouraging the believers in this way of life especially in Guadeloupe and Martinique. Keep it up and Good Luck!!

  2. Howdy!
    How can I combine Rule #1 with Rule #10?? Will eating at regular times develop my feeling of hunger at those times??I had the bad habit of skipping my morning meal. Eating breakfast when I was not hungry trained my body to wake up hungry. My lunch break is at noon, but I am not hungry until 2:30 or 3 when I get 15 minutes off. Talk about fast food…WOW!! Hope you can help…..

  3. Eat only when you are hungry, that's the most important thing.
    If you are hungry in the morning eat something then. If not, you may sip on some warm drinks (herbal teas or hot water) until you feel hungry. According to the time you will feel hungry in the morning, you have to adjust the portions of what you eat so that you digest it in time for you to be hungry again around noon, not later.
    Does that makes sens?

  4. Thank U so much Linda, you gave me some advices that I could not find . It's so precious. Plus, you re so beautiful and it's a pleasure to listen 2 U.

  5. I learnt somewhere that we should not combine milk/yogurt with fruits. Can we eat fruits along with a meal which has yogurt rice? What fruits are okay to combine? Also smoothies and milkshake are yummy but are they not good? I know you said rule #9 is vast but can you clear this specific doubt please? Thanks.

  6. @Fleora-  I speak English and I could understand her just fine; some people speak Spanish, not everyone speaks English. 

  7. This rules are not right according Ashtangahridayam of Maharshi Vaghbhat.He gives time for eating.The first is from sunrise to 2 and a half a hours for breakfast and so on.Please make sure you are giving the right advice or not.

  8. Rule #1 Eat only when hungry and Rule #10 Eat at regular times are not really compatible, are they??

  9. Nice video. Beautifull woman. Clear, easy to understand explained.Can you make more videos with fundamental rules for other activities? Like sleeping? Body cleaning? Etc.

  10. Hi Sir,
    I am 44 single suffering from OCD and ADHD since last about 20 years. My concern is I also badly suffer by excessive sleep,weakness,fatigue,tiredness, body pain,law mood, nervousness, weak muscles etc. I tried vitamin D3, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B12, multivitamin and minerals,omega3 fish oil. Guarana but I think it doesn't work. My body doesn't work like normal people and not allow me to tasks regularly, it keeps bothering me and I can't do daily necessary tasks. My GP and other doctors even treated me but haven't got any benefit so far.I am so tired and sad please help me. I am on Paroxetine 30mg for OCD and Ritalin 20mg for ADHD. It has lodes of side effects so am very tired. Using water largely frequently to wash hands and while taking shower – it takes lot time. I am fed-up and want to leave these all drugs.
    Please advice me.
    Many thanks.

  11. Did you say 20 spoons of oil/ghee? if yes, then please don't promote unhealthy stuff. People may follow you and might face severe health problems.

  12. in the beginning you said eat when you are hungry but at the end you say to eat at regular times!!? it is a contradiction!!

  13. Thank you for the video 🙂
    I'm rarely hungry and I'm already a little underweight.. should I still only eat when hungry? People are always telling me to force myself to eat 🙁

  14. U said don't eat fastly or slowly but if smbody knows what is the tight pace why he will do that so please tell the right pace.

  15. 1. Eat only when you’re hungry when you feel Agni a fire and drink a cup of water half our before meal
    2. Choose the right place to eat ( where you are calm and relaxed your digestive system will not work efficiently if you aren’t relaxed or calm )
    3. Watch your portions be aware when you are full and don’t go past it you will stress the digestive system
    4. Be mindful of when you eat (just by looking at your plate your brain will tell your stomach to get ready for digesting. Smell, look, listen taste and touch foods . Get all five senses involved when you eat.
    5. Eat warm meals ( cold slows metabolism warm stimulates metabolism and digestion )
    6. Make sure your food isn’t dry make it moist or else it’ll slack up the mucus lining in stomach which slows digestion and leads to ulcers and heartburn
    7. /8. Don’t eat too slowly ( find the right balance not in a rush and not too slow.
    9.. Avoid eating incompatible food.
    10. Eat at scheduled time. Our body like regularity. Everything works in cycles so does digestion.

  16. What if you need/want to put on weight?
    If I were to eat ONLY when hungry I wouldn't lose weight that I want to keep.

  17. Thank you for this video. I was looking into aryuvedic teachings of nutrition and this saved me a lot of time to have a good idea of what it's about

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