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Yes , Doctor After, Open Heart Surgery & Kidney Transplantation Any Operation of Mr. Malpani will be risky ! that’s why we should inform him . Doctor Harry ! My Means that.. for saving the life of Mr Malpani there is only one solution that he should go to, India and sought Ayurveda and naturopathy treatment he will be good in India Mr. Malpani your case is critical that’s why we can not operate again.. Please Save Me!! Save Me! Doctor .. I have no problem with money call Any doctor in the world call from world Fame Please Save Me…Requesting Mr.Malpani,don’t worry you do not have to go anywhere you should go to your and country India and get your treatment. how is that ?? now Meet this boy Mr. Malpani’s Be Loved son (shu) Grew up in Foreign Culture and far away from Difficulties of life After, Mother Passing playing dad’s duties Mr. Malpani was unable to introduce Indian tradition to his son.. therefore taking his Be Loved along with him.. he come out in search of famous Ayurveda vaidyaraj Umeshsanand in India ! who has great knowledge but in this modern world his existence has been lost.. Son. you don’t know the culture and civilization of India you are child right now This Nature and Greenery These Trails(Pakdandiya) I can’t forget at all Fakkdandiya!!! Pakdandi.. Pakdandi Means…! Small Trails..! which go towards villages you will understand everything where you are going now we are going to vaidyaraj ! vaidyaraj! you don’t know vaidya ?? who treats through herbs.. Jari booti Ha -Ha hho..oh okay!! Jari booti foolish Jadi Booti ! you will understand come !! Hey Man Listen ! where vaidyaraj umeshanand live !! Go that Side okay okay thanks ! hello ! vaidyaraj ji Hello , BaBa Doctor Hello…. yes say, who are you BABA ..!! My name is Sushil Malpani and I have come from abroad and this is my son vaidyaraj ji I have come for Ayurvedic treatment requesting you that I am very sick kidney operation and bypass heart surgery has been done have thyroid.. and also I am diabetic.. suffering from BP etc ….. i am worried Baba I have plenty of money I heard about you a lot you treat people with herbs please treat me too hhh..hhh In This Modern World No one Believes in Ayurvedic & Herbs Would You ?? yes I do baba World Do.. Brilliant Doctors have told me to do so requesting… requesting hmm.. OK I will think about it but this will take a period of two- three months and you will have to follow tough daily routine would you ??? sure Baba… requesting get up man and come with me to my kutiya (house) there yes there.. Pranaam(Hello)…… BaBa !! come inside Baba ! now how are you feeling feeling good how are you feeling inside feeling very good my health is improving just like this one month more to suffer very good vaidya ji one more thing Sure tell if I will be fine completely like I am feeling now I will definitely return your lost respect as you know ,
people say very much but no one follow and obey but ok I will be thankful to you for this I will make ayurvedic centre for you okay okay by God’s grace I have no problem of money but I promise you I will make Ayurvedic Centre from your name and with my whole life I will follow and obey Indian tradition and for prevention of Jadi Buti herbs I will give my whole time and thus Mr Malpani completed his promise and set up a grand Ayurvedic centre where people get their treatment with the low cost And Other Age He Pledge to Serve for Ayurveda

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  2. its very nice concept …and mr. anupam is too good but umesh is nice like umeshanand .. you all work very hard in this short film . this is good message for us .

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