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Today I’d like to talk about natural remedies
for radiation exposure. You should always be prepared to defend yourself against harmful
radiation, should you ever come in contact with it. So today I’d like to talk about some
natural remedies for radiation exposure. These natural products will help reduce exposure
from radiation caused by nuclear fallout, or even harmful electromagnetic fields. Nascent
Iodine is converted by your thyroid into key hormones that are used to stabilize your metabolism.
By ingesting Nascent Iodine your thyroid becomes flooded with it, preventing the absorption
of the harm iodine known as Iodine-131, that is released into the air from nuclear fallout.
Detoxadine is the perfect source of Nascent Iodine for such a thing. Another great natural
remedy for radiation exposure is Potassium Orotate. Your body may become exposed to a
radioactive isotope, known as Cesium-137 during a nuclear fallout, and Potassium Orotate helps
protect the cells in your body, similar to Iodine. Some other great natural remedies for radiation
exposure include Calcium and Magnesium Orotate, red clay and other types of clay, activated
charcoal, papain, bee pollen, beets, cold processed or pressed organic vegetable oils,
organic brewer’s yeast, and organic germanium-132. You can never be too prepared for an emergency.
Consider supplementing your emergency survival kit with a bottle, or a few bottles, of Nascent
Iodine, such as Detoxadine and some of the other great radiation detoxifying products
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5 thoughts on “The Best Natural Remedies for Radiation Exposure

  1. charcoal for detoxing, hospitals administer it to chelate chemicals; also cranberry juice does wonders; honey will reverse a surprisingly lot of junk metaphysically; all three are relatively cheap and easily accessable

  2. you should add visual aids like drawings of the parts of the body effected and how. you talk about treating the root of the problem. Part of getting people to care and keep with working for the right solution is getting them to see it and understand it. 

  3. i thought Chlorella was good for radiation exposure but then again i guess you wouldn't find that in your normal household.
    i was wondering if you could do a show on the benefits of algaes like, Spirulina, etc.
    thanks loves the shows been watching them back to back

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