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The colon is an essential organ that takes
a beating in the body. It houses toxins and harmful chemicals. Not surprisingly, by the age of 50, colon
cancer becomes a real and concerning threat to the body’s health. Keeping the colon clear of toxins and clean
of harmful substances is imperative to good health. Today’s video will discuss the colon and
how to keep it clean in order to maintain your overall health. It will also provide an all-natural recipe
to rid the body of toxins with just one drink. The best way to ensure good colon health is
to eat a diet that is high in dietary fiber. It is recommended that one consumes upwards
of 20-35 grams of fiber. Most people do not get anywhere near that
much in their daily diets. At times, food can become stuck in the intestines. This can leave someone feeling sluggish and
tired because their body is literally being weighted down by toxins. Luckily, a drink has been discovered that
can clear out the colon and leave the body feeling clean and refreshed. This drink contains apples, flaxseeds and
chia seeds, among other ingredients. Apples contain both soluble and insoluble
fiber, both of which keep bowel movements moving in a healthy way and help to cleanse
the colon of any stuck food. Flaxseeds help to fight cancerous cells from
developing and help to kill any existing cancerous cells. This is because the flaxseeds contain both
antioxidants and important fiber. Likewise, chia seeds contain a healthy amount
of essential fiber. They also contain phosphorus, which helps
to grow and repair tissue and cells. So, how is this miracle drink made? Here is the recipe! It is especially important to consume extra
water throughout this cleanse, as extra fiber can cause constipation. You Will Need: 1 organic apple;
1 tbsp. Chia seeds;
1 tbsp. Ground flax seeds;
1 tsp. Honey;
1 cup water; Directions:
1. Cut core from the apples and chop into small
pieces, leaving skin. 2. Place all ingredients, except the chia seeds,
into a blender and blend well. 3. Then, add the chia seeds to the smoothie and
let sit for five to ten minutes. 4. After ten minutes or so, stir the mixture
and enjoy. It is recommended that this drink be consumed
twice per day, morning and night, for the duration of two weeks. In this time period, be sure to cut out any
added sugar, alcohol, and red meat. Do you struggle to get enough fiber in your
diet? Will you be giving this recipe a try? Let us know in our comment section.

47 thoughts on “The Best Way to Clean Out Your Colon at Home

  1. Chia seeds, like all seeds, contain phytic-acid, which binds to minerals and vitamins and prevent them from being absorbed, as well steal them from other foods you eat.
    One way to reduce phytic-acid is by soaking the Chia seeds overnight in water or juice in the fridge. Also important, do not exceed more than 1 table spoon per day, as it may cause adverse reaction to the colon and cause inflammation. take care.

  2. Thank you so much for all of your videos! Theyre extremely helpful and such an amazing person! ❤?Btw, are you a doctor or sth? 🙂

  3. Great combination. I actually take narrow gentle fiber supplement that is almost the same ingredients. China, flaxseed and inulin-FOS. China can be expensive. This supplement is only $9. Quick and easy for home! Thanks for sharing

  4. I make flax crackers and eat them almost everyday. And I love Chia " pudding" for breakfast sometimes. This recipe sounds delicious and very filling. Thanks.

  5. Kinda misleading. At the beginning you said you can do this cleanse with just one drink. By the end you're saying drink this twice a day for a week. So now we're up to 14 drinks.

  6. This sounds perfect I have all these items because I drink smoothies and I'm going for a colonoscopy soon it's that time ?

  7. if you don't have those seeds, try to order from amazon; or check the name translation to your own language, look what people say it takes like and look for it! Try to get it from a spice vendor or describe what you looking for/show picture to them and follow up! If you live in a small village, sometimes a medicine doctor(natural) is a good place to check! Good Luck!

  8. even enema (coffee/Epsom salt/lemon) works great as well for deep colon cleansing, btw your videos are great??

  9. hi thank you for the home remedies. they have been quite effective. I have a question for colon cleaning, should one do this on empty stomach or can have breakfast or dinner before or after. The applpe juice is important or it should be in pulp form?

  10. also, only because it's important to note, drinks like this can be further broken down to help digestion if you (and i don't think it's gross) add you own saliva to the drink during the waiting period. Since drinking things adds little, but crucially needed saliva to the digestive process, this will help tremendously in halting any kind of indigestion.

  11. #Thankyou for this video. I bought some blackseed oil, but before I can take that I have to detox my body,beofre I can get the full benefits of the blackseed oil .

  12. What happens after 2 weeks then? Do you keep doing it forever,,or wait a certain amount of time, and then start agaiin???

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