Taking Charge of Your Health

And people not knowing that they can’t use a minty toothpaste and then put the homeopathic pillules in the mouth. The drops and coffee as well. And that kind of thing, right? You have to educate them because it absorbs through the mucous lining, most of it. And that’s how you get the message, so the palate needs to be clean. So, a good 15/10min before a meal and 15 to 20min after a meal, you shouldn’t have coffee, toothpaste, food in your mouth. That’s with a homeopathic remedy. You can have the same name, you could have Valerian as a homeopathic remedy and as a herbal remedy. You need to know that there’s a difference, not just that it’s made differently but the methodology and mechanism of action is completely different in the body with the homeopathic preparation compared to a herbal.

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