Taking Charge of Your Health

Homeopathic medicine was founded by Samuel
Hahnemann, who was born in 1755 and grew up in Germany. He would later recieve his medical
degree in 1779. Hahnemann was a physician who struggled deseperately to make a living.
One day however he made a discovery, he started using qunine which is a bark that comes from
the cinchona tree. After taking regular doses he produced the symptoms of Malaria, but to
a mild degree. With experiencing this he came up with the idea that if a patient had an
illness it could be cured by giving a medicine, which if given to someone without that illness.
They would produce symptoms of it to a slighter degree. This idea was published in 1796 and
was followed in 1810 by his most famous work ” Organon of the rational art of healing”.
These findings and publishings would turn Samuel Hahnemann from a struggling physician
to a millionare. Who would later die in paris in 1843. The process of creating homeopathic
medications is done by homeopathic dilution, which was also founded by Hahnemann. It involves
taking a substance and diluting it with distilled water or alcohol. It is then shaken vigorously
in a process called “Succussion” In which Hahnemann believed activated the vital energy
of the diluted substance. The healing powers of Homeopathic medicine is based on water
memory. The concept that water has the ability to remember the shape of the medicine it once
contained. Yet this concept beyond the realm of known physics and there’s no studies proving
this concept. Homeopathic medicine using dilution is considered pseudoscience, at commonly used
dilutions. Because no molecules of the original material are likely to remain. Americans still
use homeopathic medications today and a report from science daily found that the majority
of people who use these products tend to be satisfied with the results. The food and drug
administration oversees homeopathic remedies yet doesn’t check to see if they’re safe or
effective. Due to most being so watered down they don’t cause any side effects. Market
research firm Mintel reported that in 2013 the us homeopathic medicine market made 6.4
billion dollars in sales. Thanks for watching this episode of Anthony’s blackbox! If you
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