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Namaskar, I am Dr. Manaan Gandhi and today I will give you ayurvedic Home Remedies for Bad Breath Bad breath may be due to multiple causes Number 1 – Intake of gutka, cigarettes, tobacco etc products Number 2 – Intake of onion, garlic, eggs, meat etc. Number 3 – Due to improper digestion Number 4 – Cold or kapha production increased in the mouth Bad breath could be caused by any or all of these reasons If it is because of cigarettes, zarda, gutka, etc, then kindly reduce the intake or stop the intake totally Onion, garlic, eggs, meat etc items’ intake should be reduced for a few days If it is caused due to weak digestion or due to cold and increased formation of kapha then kindly follow these home remedies Number 1 – Take 1 tsp of triphala powder and mix it with water. Gargle with it to clear your mouth and throat Do this twice a day and you will find a substantial decrease in bad breath Number 2 – Mix 1 tsp of triphala powder and 1 tsp of sooth (dry ginger powder) and have it at night with warm water. This will improve your digestion power and hence bad breath will cease. For any doubts, questions, or consultations you can contact me on 9664024377. Dont forget to subscribe to this channel. Thank You!

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  1. Good one. Triphala aur sonth kitne dino ke liye lena chahiye? Har din lenese koi side effects hote hai kya?

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