Taking Charge of Your Health

Namaskar I am Dr. Manaan Gandhi and today I am going to give you Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Insomnia Many-a-times we dont get sleep on time Because of this the next day’s work suffers Also because of this we feel tired and heavy in the body If you are suffering from any of the following problems and do not get proper sleep at night, then please use these 3 home remedies First – Just before sleeping, take a glass full of cow’s milk in this add one tablespoon of cow’s ghee (clarified butter) and mix it. Take this at night before sleeping Second – Melt cow’s ghee and put it into a dropper. Put 3 drops in each nostril But remember, this is to be done only during the day time and not at night Third – In bed if you suffer from anxiety or too many thoughts Then apply cow’s ghee(clarified butter) on both sides as shown. Close your eyes and try to sleep. Keep away from phones, TV, light source etc disturbances Thank you. Kindly subscribe to my channel.

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