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Namakar, I am Dr. Manaan Gandhi and today I will give you Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Headache Headaches are of 2 types, consider yourself type 1 – where there is pain in these regions If there is no pain in these regions, then consider yourself to be of type 2 For type one headache, use this home remedy – make a paste of dry ginger powder mixed with water and apply on the forehead and lateral side of nose Do this 2 times a day and was wash it off once it dries up. Doing this, you will get relief from headaches If you are in type 2, then use this home remedy take 8 to 10 dry black grapes (with seeds) and soak them overnight and have it early morning on an empty stomach By following these home remedies, you will get a substantial relief from headaches Thank You

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