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My daughter was born in 1993 and, just like
every parent, I took her in to get her vaccines and she had a horrible reaction, although
I didn’t know that that’s what it was. She was having, she had a really high fever,
she had exploding diarrhea, it was really orangy-yellow. I could tell that she was in a lot of pain
by the way that she was arching her back and she didn’t sound like herself when she was
screaming, she sounded more like a primate, I would say. Of course, back in the day, I had to page
the doctor to find out what was wrong with her and tell the doctor and so the doctor
said to bring her in the next day, she said if it was still going on and it was, it was
all night long. I didn’t even think about it being the vaccines
until I brought her in. The doctor specifically said, “Bring a diaper,
bring a dirty diaper,” but she was having diarrhea the whole time, II didn’t even need
to bring a diaper. She said, “Oh my God, she’s not handling her
vaccines.” First of all, that hadn’t even crossed my
mind that it could be that. Then she said, “But just to make sure, we’ll
see if it happens again.” I thought, “Oh my God, well she has to get
all of her vaccines, this is a non negotiable.” The symptoms went away, the doctor said that
they would go away and they did. A few days later she was doing much better
and she seemed to be fine but then at the next round of shots it happened again like
clockwork so same thing; the screaming, the orangy-yellow diarrhea exploding, the fever,
the screaming, arching her back, and so I brought her into the doctor again and the
doctor confirmed, “Oh gosh, yeah, she is not handling her vaccines.” I said, “Well, what are we going to do, she
has to get all of her vaccines.” She said, “Well, don’t worry, we’ll just put
her on her own schedule. We won’t do it exactly the way that the CDC
recommends it, we’ll do it kind of on our own timeline,” and so her vaccines were way
spaced out. She still got all of them but she, and after
every time I brought her in she would have reactions. The weird part was, is that I wish the doctor
would have said, “Oh, you don’t have to do them at all. Clearly, she’s one of those unlucky kids that’s
having a hard time and so I recommend we don’t do it anymore.” I wished the doctor kind of shared more knowledge. II didn’t even think to do my own research,
I was such a young mom and I was vaccinated as a child. I didn’t count how many she got over the years
but it was a lot. Thankfully, because they were so spaced out
and because she had a doctor that was mindful, at least, and didn’t give her so many at each
visit, I think that’s why she’s fine. I say fine because she still has digestive
issues, she still has food sensitivity, she has a hard time with gluten. She has struggled with her weight. We’ve been healthy eaters, for the most part. Actually that’s not true, when she was younger
I wasn’t as healthy, I wasn’t as conscious as I am now. It messed up her sleep pattern for a number
of years. She had a really hard time managing her mood. She struggled in school and she’s a very bright
girl, she’s super bright but life just seemed kind of hard for her and she was always wanting
to be kind of alone. I think doctors in the early nineties were
perfectly allowed and free to express when they had concerns about something but doctors
today are not trained to do that. They’re trained to protect the vaccine agenda
at any cost so if you’re a parent and you’re choosing to vaccinate your child, I have some
advice. Number one, be sure to … I would videotape
my child before and after every doctor visit; not just immediately after but for days after. Have a record of what your child is like before
and after the vaccines. Also, you’re the parent, trust your instinct. If you’re seeing your child having a reaction
of any kind, you might want to get a second opinion. You might want to seek the advice of an alternative
doctor, a naturopathic doctor, someone that’s familiar with treating symptoms of vaccine
related injury whereas in the western medical model they’re just not trained to do that. They’re trained to dismiss everything as perfectly
fine and normal and not to worry. Then, when your child doesn’t get the proper
treatment things could go downhill and we have a lot of evidence of that all around
us. Any slight change in your child should be
immediately dealt with because it can spiral out of control really quickly.

24 thoughts on “The Many Forms Of Vaccine Injury and What To Do Next

  1. A baby in Thailand just got her polio and another vaccine a bout a month ago, now the leg that was jabbed cannot move since that day. They’re in the news right now and seeking help from non-profits.

  2. Yeah well my friend has video of her 2 year old playing with toy trains in the waiting room. He had the sniffles. Less than 24 hours after his jab he was dead. DENIED compensation because….apparently he was already getting sick. FYI people.

  3. It's So Sad that , especially the last 20 years, Med School Students have been Trained in BIG EVIL PHARMA NAZI Med Schools………… Pharmacy comes from Greek Word Pharmakeia….. it means Sorcery, Casting Spells, Witchcraft and POISON POTIONS ……… We was warned about this evil Sorcery in the Book of Revelation from the Holy Bible…… It says Many Will be Deceived by the Evil Big Sorcery Pharma Empire……. Read Revelation 18:23

  4. Thank you for your strength and integrity in coming forward to tell your truth, and add your voice to the thousands and thousands of parents who are trying to get others to wake up and listen to the truth according to parents and reality, not the "truth" according to coked-up "science" produced in association with, and with funding by, the people who stand to profit from vaccines.

  5. OMG how stupid people are come on wake up, these vaccinations are experimental, who knows in Hell what their injecting in our body's as a intuition and very spiritual person I had an experience with getting a vaccination and I pretend I went to the nurse's office cuz I felt something come over me and said don't do it so I went back to class and act like I had it done, and what's so funny is that my whole entire family except me turn out to be diabetics and I'm 62yrs old. Do not trust the vaccinations just telling you, and never believe what all the doctors tell you. I have some experience with some of them and found natural healing methods. They want you to go see specialist and make money off you. Just saying. There's a CD about Dead Doctors Don't Lie look for yourself.

  6. I would get a heavy metal test done before and after every one, IF you plan to inject your child with shots, that is. (The cost to do this would be out of your own pocket), but if your child is damaged after a shot, or dies, you would have a report available advising of the new additional soft heavy metals now streaming through your child that were not there prior to each injection (as the children who are affected by vaccines the most cannot methylate these metals like other people can (detox). Many have MTHFR mutation and this hinders metal detoxification. (metals shouldn't be in our bodies to start with, period).

  7. Excellent! Thank you. 👍👌😘
    South Africa 🌍🌞🦏 … where fewest vaccines are administered. 👍💪

  8. Don't want give more vaccines to see if it happens again. Too late…damage! Has to get all vaccines? Mom is not informed. Still got all of the vaccines? Sad! Many doctors/chiropractors don't vaccinate their kids. The mom's vaccines were not the same amount as the current schedule. Gluten/GMO may hurt people even without vaccines. Gluten maybe hurting the whole family tree! Vaccines may hurt the brain/body and cause Autism. They may put 5 vaccines in one shot. I agree video tape before and after the vaccines. Prevention…wait until after age 3 to give any vaccines. Vit C may help detox. Babies maybe getting adult doses of vaccines.

  9. Same problems like all parents, and there seems to be a plan behind it as there are no viruses! "“My Family Was Devastated By Vaccines” Tasha Dāvid, AVN President" –

    There are even no disease causing viruses at all. They have never extracted one single disease causing virus ever! It's all a big scam from the beginning, it's openly led warfare on the population. Vaccinations are attempted murder.


    "Dismantling The virus Theory – The “measles virus” as an example

    Why should we doubt the existence of viruses? What are viruses and what are they not? How are viruses being scientifically demonstrated to exist? … During his experiments, Enders et al. sterilised the tissue cultures in order to exclude the possibility of bacteria killing the cells.

    What he didn’t take into consideration was that the sterilisation and the treatment of the cell culture when preparing it for the alleged infection was exactly what was killing the cells. Instead, he interpreted the cytopathic effects as the existence and the action of polio viruses, without ever having isolated a single virus and described its biochemistry. The necessary negative control experiments, which would have shown that the sterilisation and the treatment of the cells prior to the “infection” in the test tube was killing the cells, have never been performed. However, for this “performance” Enders received the Nobel prize in 1954.

    1954 is also the year in which Enders applied and introduced the same technique in order to allegedly replicate the measles virus. As he had been awarded the Nobel prize for the alleged polio virus the same year, all researchers believed his technique to be scientifically valid. Thus, to date, the entire concept of measles has been based upon this technique. Thus, the measles vaccines do not contain viruses, but particles of dead monkey kidney tissue or human cancer cells. "
    — Dr. Stefan Lanka – "Dismantling The virus Theory" –

    The health system is a disease industry in reality, making sound people sick and keep them sick until there is no more money to steal. The pharmaceutical industry is a mafia, that tries to make as much money as possible for all involved, and the doctors acting more and more as pharmaceutical sales representatives are part of this criminal system. The pharmaceutical industry is also a possibility, a tool, a weapon of mass destruction of the powers that be and their efforts to control – that is: reduce and kill – large parts the world population and to profit from it. The owners of the pharmaceutical industry at the very top are psychopaths of the worst kind.

    "Urgent! Forbidden information, a must watch! 5G is a kill grid that will lead to forced vaccinations." –

    Visit Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt:

  10. I understand that vaccines were brought in just after running water and cleanliness was brought in. I've seen the charts and so… The Scum running this prison planet are slowly killing us off. Vaccination is being brought in earlier and earlier so parents cannot say autism was caused by the vaccines too.
    I cannot understand how Many people can't see the corruption and outright Lies by the Scum.

  11. We have so many different organisations like this. What we all need is one big United international alliance. We all have to come together as one big voice , otherwise we will be drowned out.

  12. I might’ve been injured by lots of vaccines, I was a military brat growing up, I had the dtp(5),smallpox(6),Salk polio(6),Sabin polio(4),typhoid(6),typhus(3),cholera(6),yellow fever(1),flu(8),td(2),bcg(1) and gamma globulin(1), I had learning disorder,asthma,allergies,mental problems

  13. I don’t think most of the vaccines I got were polluted with heavy metals except for dtp,td, and flu shots, but I do know that depending on your dna, there was/is a lot of autism around military brats, j b handled was one also in the 1970s

  14. This breaks my heart hearing your story. Reminds me of my son the screaming and the arching of the back.
    I love your advice.

  15. …and ask the Dr to show you the informaation on the insert of the vacine.It is for eyes of DRs only but we also have a right to know incase?????

  16. Vaccines are all about having an opportunity to inject toxic liquid resins into healthy people to turn them into permanent pharma clients!
    Learn how liquid resins (succinates and maleinates) used as preservatives in vaccines cross-link (solidify) in contact with lactic acid in tissues thus damaging brains and other organs and how to remove these harmful deposits from tissues:

  17. Vaccines are the only harmful thing parents know cause immediate pain but which they “believe” is for health. Vaccines actively destroy the gut and immune system which is connected to the brain (neurologic system) and endocrine (growth and weight) system. Why play Russian roulette? Why fear the very things (mild childhood infections which occur one at a time naturally and involve a limited rash, a cough and a fever) that nature provides to educate the body? Thanks for the good suggestions.

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